Friday, January 13, 2017

Current Decorating Trends

Mecox is a home store with indoor and outdoor furniture, custom pieces, antiques, art and accessories. Today, I'm sharing photos taken at Mecox in Dallas, Texas. Other locations of Mecox stores are: East Hampton and Southhampton New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, and Pittsburgh.

Glass top tables trimmed in gold, blue and white Chinoiserie, urns in many colors, coral pieces, brass candlesticks, lamps, pillows and real fiddle leaf fig plants were seen in various groupings.

Contemporary art was abundant.

Great looking chest.

Many coffee table books caught my eye as did the boxwood topiaries.

 Love this table styled with urns, books and a photo. I like the warmth a personal photo adds to decor.

Obelisks were clearly a current trend in decorating.

 Framed personal photographs personalized the decor. Vignettes included geodes in various stones and colors.

 Many picture frames made from fabric in various patterns with blue being the predominate color were seen. 

Note the crystal obelisk grouping and all the texture going on in this pic. 

Trays of all sizes, shapes and textures held accessories and along with lanterns seem to continue to be popular in decorating. 

Are you incorporating any of the trends I observed in Mecox in your decor? I want to add an obelisk and some contemporary art to my home.
Hope you have enjoyed viewing the decor at Mecox.
  Mecox has a blog available at  and they are available on Instagram and Pinterest. More room ideas here.

Happy New Year,



  1. Bonnie, what a wonderful post! I see so many pieces I could easily bring home. Everything looks so new and updated, exactly what I need to do with a few new pieces. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip, one of my favorite things to do! Have a great Saturday........

  2. What a fun post! I guess my dining table is back in style because the coffee table looks so much like it. Mine is an eighties original, and my aunt gave it to me when she redecorated. I've kept it for over twenty-five years because of the glass. it cleans-up so easily after projects, and I have many tablecloths!

    The bronze-y gold hand sculpture is interesting. My MIL made one of her hand and had it cast when she was a student at Sophie Newcomb. I should probably take it out of hiding, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your field trip with us, Bonnie!

    1. Oops! It's me, Ricki Jill. I see my husband is still logged-in on this computer. I'll change that now!

  3. Bonnie, what a wonderful post and store. There are so many things that I see that I would love, the blue lamps, obelisks, and the contemporary art. I could stay in a shop like this for hours...did you bring anything home?

  4. Hello Bonnie, what a great looking store, I like their look, a lot! My favourite pieces were the large ginger jars and some of the furniture and photo frames. I would certainly enjoy having a browse in there! Wishing you a happy week! Linda xx

  5. Looks like a great store Bonnie! I am loving the cobalt blue, especially that abstract!

  6. I've heard about the obelisk thing. It just wouldn't fit in my space but they are interesting. I do love all the blue!

  7. The obelisks do work so well in the groupings. I think I have to find a place for one (or a few...)

  8. I enjoyed my tour of the store with you, Bonnie. I have a fiddle leaf fig and just bought one today for my youngest son and DIL, as an early anniversary gift.

  9. I love the blues. My daughters turned me onto some blues when we I was re-doing my living room. Thanks Bonnie for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Our daughter is in Dallas and I'll be sure and find this store the next time we visit.

  11. The blues are gorgeous. I might have to do a piece of contemporary art. It's such a great way to add color. Thanks for linking to Monday Social. Are you a North Texas blogger? We'd love to have you at one of our meet ups.


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