Saturday, May 29, 2021

Landscaping Project


April and May have been busy months in my garden.

For a number of years, our centipede grass has been declining due to shade and mole problems.  In April, we sought professional help with a landscaping project and replaced our damaged grass with zoysia grass which is more suitable for shade. I am especially proud of my new brick paver walkways. Today's post shows before and after pictures and the amazing transformation.

Very sad!

We have cut a lot of trees and replaced the centipede grass several times, to no avail. Finally, I knew we had to replace the damaged grass with zoysia.

Brick pavers standing ready for the walkways.

A huge trailer was filled with the old grass and hauled away. The area was leveled out better and preparation made for the new sod.

Paths were dug out for the walkways. Improvements were made for better water flow.
I was amazed it took five men only five days to complete the project.


The pea gravel and crushed granite is a neater look and doesn't have to be replaced like pine straw. 
What do you think of the transformation?
I am enjoying the new walkways and having grass again. It has greened up nicely since these pictures were made. 

This is my happy place, tablescaping in my hydrangea garden.