Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summer on the Patio


We spend many pleasurable hours on our porch and patio year-round. Right now the weather is perfect for relaxing.  Today, there was little humidity and  it was fairly cool. It would be a stretch to say it is summertime quite yet in south Alabama but I am serving watermelon and iced tea that are quintessential summer favorites. Join me and a group of talented tablescapers for a blog hop celebrating summertime sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate. Thank you Chloe, for sponsoring these hops which are so much fun! The schedule and links for each day this week is listed at the end of this post. Each blogger has a unique style that you do not want to miss. Inspiration abounds!

I adore flowers! My arms laden with flowers, I announced to my husband that he didn't have to buy me a Mother's Day gift because I had already bought mine! I could get used to having fresh flowers all the time. 

This tablecloth that I found at Home Goods instantly spoke summer to me. The soft pinks, apricots and blues and greens provided plenty of possibilities for styling. Trying to use what I had I was pleased that my aqua Paula Deen plates worked well as did my trusty, reliable cutlery and glasses, which I use quite often. New to me is the water hyacinth placemats that give texture and anchor the place settings. View another summer tablescape with these dishes here.

I love this vintage crisp white napkin with the sweet lace and embroidered flower.
 The lone blue and white, checked placemat placed under the flowers I found at Big Lots.  I sure wish there had been more. 
Mother's Day this year provided the best selection of flowers I've seen in our little town! I was very excited to find peony or parrot tulips (not sure which), apricot, and pink roses, and pink hydrangeas all at my local Publix grocery store! I added a few gardenias from my garden that had opened a little early. There are many buds which are ready to open. The scent of these flowers has been so lovely.
I settled on this white pitcher as a vase after trying several containers which did not please.
It was hard to wait for the light to be just right to photograph the table. Does that happen to you?

I wish you could smell the fragrance of the flowers. It is quite nice.
This is a new color combination for me that I've not worked with before for a tablescape. It's been fun to do something different.

I am definitely ready to invite some friends over while the weather is so nice! 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Vintage Dogwood Dishes


My mother had these dishes when I was growing up. They are nostalgic for me. I bought these at an antique shop some time ago. I gave them to my daughter and thought I would do a tablescape at her house using them  but time passed and that never happened. I kept thinking about these dishes and asked if I could bring them home and do a table. I think that was two years ago and now I have finally done a table. The vision in my head for a tablescape had to include fresh dogwood flowers. So this year I found flowers at the right time and got a table together.
I love the shape of the cup and saucer.
 The dogwoods were found in the woods. I felt so blessed to find any. Anthracnose has killed all the dogwoods in my yard and they have suffered severe damage in our area.
Aren't the blossoms beautiful? 
The glasses I'm guessing are probably from the '60s or '70s. I haven't checked that. I drank a lot of sweet tea from them at my MIL's home. I just googled dixie dogwood dishes and found the glasses that were handpainted that went with these dogwood dishes.  Here is the link. They are so pretty and delicate so it is amazing there are still some out there!
 The tablecloth was loaned to me by my dear friend, Charlotte. I thought it was just what the dishes needed. 
The silverplate flatware is Simeon L. and George Rogers Company. I had to use a magnifying glass to read it. I was pleased to find the silverplate flatware in a Liz Claiborne shoebox that my MIL had given me a number of years ago. It was badly in need of polishing. I felt I needed flatware that was a little vintage for this tablescape but  after googling I think it is older than the dishes.
The dogwood dishes were made by two companies.  I have four plates and two say Dixie Dogwood handpainted by Joni. The others just say handpainted and underglazed. 
If you can't read this above, it says, "The legend of Dogwoods dates back to the Crucifixion. Early lore likens the dogwood petals, shaped like a cross and stained with red, to the Cross of Calvary. "
The other company was Blue Ridge/ Southern Potteries. The prices vary and some sources say vintage 1950's and others say vintage 1940's. It was interesting to read on one plate it was oven proof.
I saw the sugar and creamer online and they are such a cute shape. I can visualize sitting at the breakfast table and my parents putting sugar and cream in their coffee. 

By the way, I was happy to find the fourth napkin that  I mentioned  I could not find in this tablescape last summer.
Seems like I have been reminiscing a lot recently. Is that a sign of getting older? I have fond memories of picking dogwoods in the woods around Easter as a child that I blogged about in an Easter tablescape here.
Easter is this Sunday. May this Holy Week be especially meaningful to you this year. Have a blessed Easter. He is Risen!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Celebrating Easter

Welcome to an Easter Tablescape Blog Hop sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate. The blog hop schedule and links to the participants are available at the end of this post. Chloe started these tablescape hops in 2016. Thank you Chloe, for all the hard work you do organizing these hops.

My childhood memories of Easter include straw Easter baskets filled with green paper straw and dyed Easter eggs, early sunrise services, starched stand out dresses, and new white Sunday shoes with lacy socks and sometimes a special hat.
Later as I grew older I came to appreciate the true meaning of Easter - the cross and the empty tomb.

The flowers growing around Easter in our state of Alabama are azaleas of various varieties and colors, dogwoods, and irises. It was a visit down memory lane planning my Easter tablescape using memorable flowers. 
I  love using my mother's ceramic rabbits which she painted herself. I treasure them along with my fond memories since my parents died over 35 years ago.

I was pleased to find some dogwoods in the woods near my home and azaleas from a neighbor since mine bloomed early. It is special for me to use the vase for the centerpiece that was a gift from my friend who passed away in early January. It is hard to see, but  I also have a few sprigs of bridal wreath in the arrangement. They bloomed early this year also. 

 I remember walks with my parents every year at Easter going to a particular spot in the woods to pick wild violets.  It was a treat to find ones with velvet petals. It was like finding the golden egg. I would consider my tablescape perfect if I could have a nosegay of wild violets on my table. But the memory and sharing that with you will have to suffice. 

My Franciscan Platinum Renaissance wedding china goes well with the spring garden flowers. The floral napkins complement the floral arrangement and little egg cups holding Easter eggs are placed at each place setting.
Green Depression glass sherbets hold raspberry sherbet garnished with sprigs of mint from my garden.

This view shows off the new abstract painting my daughter painted for me. (amschnorrenberg_art) I just love it!

I have fond memories of Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit gracing my mother's Easter table. I think they have so much personality. Mr. Rabbit's neon green coat was very stylish in the '70s!
This picture also has a good shot of the etched crystal glasses that were my father-in-law's aunt's. I believe they are Austrian. 
Are family pieces special to you? They are to me.

Azaleas not only have pretty spring colors but have a lovely aroma also. 
The sherbet started melting on me as the light was fading so there was no time to do the sherbet over for pictures.

Wishing you a blessed Easter. I've been singing the chorus to the hymn "At the Cross "as I set this table. The words go like this.....At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away. It was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day! 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring Blooms

Welcome to Living with Thanksgiving. You are invited to step into spring today with fresh flowers, flowering dishes, and a spring garden salad. 

I'm joining a group of bloggers for a spring blog hop sponsored by Chloe Crabtree from the blog, Celebrate and Decorate. Chloe began a series of blog hops for each season in 2016 and it is still going strong. 
You can view my two previous spring tablescapes below with the following links: Spring is in the Air and Spring Girlfriend Luncheon.

Thank you, Chloe, for all your hard work organizing these fun blog hops. A schedule is listed at the bottom of this post with links to numerous tablescapers with spring in mind.

Now with spring in mind, my tablescape features Botanic Garden Portmeirion plates with flowers and butterflies. 

I don't know which plate is my favorite because I have never met a flower I didn't like.  Sweet peas remind me of my daughter-in-love's bridesmaid's bouquets. 
Green cabbage Bordallo Pinheiro chargers, white Ikea chargers and rattan chargers make up the plate stack.

The napkins were a gift from my daughter-in-love. I was touched that she went to the trouble to search on Etsy for vintage napkins that matched my purple stemware. It was also fun to use my butterfly napkin rings again since all the plates have butterflies. It won't be long before butterflies are fluttering through our gardens. 
At first glance, I thought the flower on this plate was a lily but it is an azalea.
The azaleas in my garden are a little early this spring. I believe we are about two weeks ahead of our usual flowers.

Portmeirion is made in England and is dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven to table safe.
It pairs well with the Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dishes I think.
Foxgloves are high up on my favorite flower list. I haven't grown any in a number of years and have missed them.
Primroses which are harbingers of spring seemed to fit my table as a choice for a centerpiece. I was fortunate to find some on a trip out of town last week. 
I love the variety of primrose colors. 
Primroses are hardy in zones 3-8 and perform best in humus-rich soil in partial shade. I plan to plant them in my garden with hopes they will survive our hot summer weather. 

My spring salad was picked partially from garden flowers with violas, marigolds, and sprigs of fennel. Butterhead lettuce and grapefruit slices combine with the edible flowers for a light spring salad. 

 An article in a recent issue of Traditional Home magazine was my inspiration for my salad as well as this salad with edible flowers I enjoyed in Amboise, France, last May.

I have to confess I forgot that Chloe had planned an Easter tablescape blog hop, for April 1- 5, when I added the bunnies to my table. Since I will be out of town for the blog hop at least I got to use my new bunnies from Home Goods. We have a new store in a nearby town and I am a happy camper.
And... since I am confessing. I broke my rule not to buy any more dishes! The Portmeirion plates showed up at our TJMax store last fall and I succumbed to temptation.

In my neck of the woods we have been enjoying spring flowers and temperatures complete with pollen but it is in the forties today with a forecast of 33 tonight and 28 tomorrow night.

 Yesterday, I was attending a funeral very near the area in Alabama hard hit by the tornadoes so I am not complaining about a little cold weather. My heart hurts for the loss of lives and property of the people in areas of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida on Sunday. 
 I am also well aware that many of you reading this have been dealing with record snowfall and harsh cold weather for a long time this winter and others have suffered from severe flooding. It does seem as if the weather has been severe this past year with fires, hurricanes, and storms.  

I am so glad you joined me today. The friendships I have made blogging have been very rewarding. 

Please enjoy visiting the blogs below and leave them a comment so they will know you enjoyed their tablescapes. 


Living Thankfully,
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Catching Up

Hello friends! I have missed you. I have been sick so long and January was a hard month losing both my brother-in-law and a dear friend. 
I have missed commenting on your blogs since before Christmas. 
Finally, I am feeling better and this is a catch-up post. 
My camellias have been pretty and there are so many buds yet to open. Today, the high is 72 so they will be opening fairly quickly. We have had several consecutive nights below freezing so that is good. In south Alabama, you can have summer one day and winter the next. 

This vase is a favorite because it is so easy to cut blooms and drop them in the vase in a few minutes. There are four varieties pictured here. From left to right the first variety is called Romany. Second from the left is 'La Peppermint'. It produces white flowers that are randomly striped with streaks of red. Occasionally, I see an all dark pink blossom on the bush. The third camellia is a small pink variety called 'pink perfection' which was one of the most popular camellias in Victorian days. In the center is a' Professor Sargent'. It's rich red color and peony type blossom start blooming for me in December.

I shared this pic of another arrangement of my camellias recently on Instagram. It was fun to use the milk glass vases I bought at the Country Living Fair back in October in Atlanta.
I think 'Pink Perfection' is so sweet.
Since it is close to Valentine's Day I wanted to show you an arrangement I did several years ago using 'Professor Sargent' camellias and succulents. The container is a copper heart from Martha Stewart from the late 80's.

This was one inspiration photo from Southern Lady 2015.  I find so much inspiration from Southern Lady.
This is another inspiration photo from Southern Lady January/February 2018.

This is my Valentine blog post from last year that the picture above from Southern Lady inspired. You can view that post which is one of my favorites here.

I had a delightful time recently at the Nashville Antique and Garden Show with my daughter. We signed up to hear Bunny Williams speak and was glad we did. She is a talented designer and a great speaker. My daughter especially enjoyed viewing all the artwork and was greatly moved by a painting that she ended up purchasing. She is quite the artist herself. You can view her work at amschnorrenberg_art on Instagram or google it. For some reason, I can't get it to link on Blogger. I have a new painting she did for me that I'll show you later. I am changing some things in the room right now.

I've been busy as well in sharing my passions for butterflies and tablescapes in programs I presented to two of the clubs I belong to.
A friend gave me the butterfly scarf I am wearing and it was perfect for the butterfly program.🦋

We have had spring-like weather for the last few days. I worked in my garden all morning yesterday and it was wonderful to be outside. It felt good to tidy up from several storms picking up limbs.  It was fun discovering daffodils and new growth on my bridal wreath bushes. Hopefully, spring is near! 💐