Friday, February 22, 2013

Antique Boxes


I wish this 19th century English  antique lapdesk could talk. Who did it belong to? How did it get to the states and when? I bought it from an antique dealer about 18 years ago.

It has a beautiful patina and is in good condition.

To read more about antique lapdesks click here. 

I love antique wooden boxes. It is unusual now for boxes to be made of wood. I have several antique boxes I have collected. One is a sewing box, several tea caddies and several are all occasion I guess you would call them. Some have mother-of pearl inlay that I like. Because they are all old they have a history but all I know about them are their approximate age probably 19th century and I bought them at different times over the last twenty years.

The bottom box is not old maybe 50's or newer ~ just guessing. The way the light is shining the box looks worn but it isn't.

Do you like old boxes?

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Al Fresco Tea


I am actually drinking a cup of hot tea as I type.  I have especially enjoyed hot tea this winter more than ever. Trying different teas has been fun. What is your favorite kind of tea?
I have been intrigued by the  English custom of having daily tea recently watching Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre. It has been interesting doing a little research which I plan to share on a future post.
I bought these sweet tea napkins at an estate sale recently. They were lovingly ironed and folded and penned together with safety pins. It was the sweetest estate sale I have ever seen. Everything was so neat and a great deal of work was evident. I did not personally know the lady whose home contents were being sold but several of my friends fondly remember her as one of their elementary teachers. She decided to move closer to her children and sell things she or her family members did not need.
She was not present at the sale but her sweet spirit was. I also bought an enamel pan, silver candelabra, some books and another set of solid linen tea napkins.

I would love to have tea with all of you reading this post. 

Metawa Pewter ~ Holland

 Barouther Walosassem, Bavaria GERMANY

This tea set has eight cups and belonged to my mother-in-law. She gave it to me recently and I was thrilled. I believe she bought it on a trip to Germany in the 70's.  

Hope everyone has a great week!  Blessings to you.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


                                       Have a wonderful day everyone!  Thank you to all those that are followers and for your sweet comments that make my day!  Bonnie

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Cloches


I love it when Mary has a cloche party.  I enjoy viewing all the creative posts.
This cloche was inspired from Pinterest. Mine didn't look as good as their's. It always looks so easy! 

Winter camellias from my garden.

I made this pic at Monticello. It was exciting to me to see cloches used in a real garden. My experience has only been seeing them in books until last fall. You can see a little of the beautiful fall foliage in the background. I want to go back in the early summer and see the garden in its prime.

This cloche was in the town of Williamsburg at a small nursery.

Notice the bell cloche at the end of the row! All of the cloches were pricey especially the green ones!!!!!
You can see another post I did on outdoor cloches here.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Dinner for Two


In anticipation of Valentine's Day, Thursday, I decided to plan a special table for the two of us. I haven't decided on a menu yet. 
I thought it would be cozy by the fire and brought my bistro table and chairs in from the patio for the occasion.
Cut some camellias, pulled cushions from the sofa, found some matching fabric and fringed it for napkins. Everything else was on hand too.

There is something special about a cozy fire, candlelight, reminiscing, and good food.
I have some ideas about some music too!  My husband has seen the table already so he can't forget! Of course, he never has. Now, I must get to work on the food.

What are you planning for your hubby?  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blogger Questions? Please help!

Can anyone tell me how to get the printing off the screen on the right side ( Post settings , Labels, Schedule, etc.)while you are composing a post? I like having a larger screen to be able to see your work and these items are annoying. It would be great if someone could tell me how to fix this.

This is a question about Picasa. Since I got a new laptop when I open Picasa it names my events and individual pictures with long numbers and letters like HDML instead of the event name in iPhoto. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Sorry this photo is crooked.

Looking forward to your answers.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Broken Candlestick


I broke my candlestick today vacuuming. It makes me sad. Have you ever broken something you really liked? You can see it in my header.  I know it is just a thing but I am disappointed. There is no hope glueing it back together.