Sunday, July 29, 2012

Circa 1913-30

Please think about and idenify what you see.  
 Of course, lighting makes a difference in the plate colors but can you idenify the eras of the various elements?  Can you idenify the time period of the glassware?  What item is the oldest in the tablesettting?

I am sure your answer was the plates. The plates are circa 1913-30! They belong to my good friend Charlotte and were her mother-in-law's plates from New Mexico.  Green glasses are my 70's wedding gifts and if you have read my blog you have seen a number of times.  Everything else is new. Chargers are from World Market. Silverware from Williams Sonoma, tortoise shell vases from Ross( a gift from my DIL)and clam shell from Ballard Designs. Napkin rings were a gift from my blogger friend Monica@texasfiestafan used previously here.

This is the back of the plate circa 1013-30, Solian ware- Soho pottery Cobridge from England. It looks like she paid $20.00 for each plate and since she has been deceased a number of years it had to be a long time ago. I have to wonder if the Memory Lane shop still exists today and where it is. They originally lived in Arkansas and moved to New Mexico. Several of my friends joke about leaving price tags on things especially antique pieces so their children won't sell them at a garage sale for nothing.  Thank you Charlotte, for allowing me to photograph Marion's dishes. They are special. Correction: Sorry, I got the story wrong. The white plates I used as a layering plate belonged to my friend's MIL. The Soho pottery belongs to my friend, Charlotte. She bought them at Renniger's. It is such a small world someone from Memory Lane might have read this post and recognized their label. I just googled Memory Lane Antiques and there are nine or so sources in different states and of course, their are two Renniger locations. I will have to ask her which Renniger's location she purchased her plates.

 Plates are different in this photo. Can you identify the plates and their age? The plates are mine and are  Royal Caldron from England probably early 40's or so.  I need to do a little research on them. I like using the same centerpiece and like using a different plate for an entirely different look. Changing the napkins would really make a difference too.
 Each plate has a different floral pattern.

Working on lighting here trying to photograph the vases so you can see the pretty tortoise shell design. They look much prettier with the light shining through them don't you think?  Thank you Johanna, for suggesting these vases as a gift for me. Now, I need to have some people over before the hydrangeas wilt. Sometimes they dry beautifully and sometimes they don't.

 My floral plates usually reside here.
Many times, I think about a blogger tablescape throwdown and laugh to myself. Wouldn't that be fun! When I am struggling trying to finish a tablescape I always think about now what would all the great tablescapers do?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garden Metamorphosis

 The stone wall has made so much difference. It helps hold the water for the plants.

This is a pic from early spring before the wall was begun.

Bed in progress. Bedding plants waiting to be planted and straw to be added.  I like how the wall unifies the space. It is no longer floating but defines the space.

What do you think?

Added this after posting yesterday. My daughter -in-law gave me the pretty tortoiseshell vase. Sadly, my hydrangeas are fading due to the heat.  They are now a beautiful green and some are tipped in purple shades. I love all color hydrangeas.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting Son's Family

We had a wonderful visit recently with our son's family.
Our grandson loves the peacocks.
There is a park near their home with a lake, peacocks, ducks and  geese. Our grandson loves feeding them all.
Not sure of the temperature this day but it was early in the day and a nice breeze. The temps were very high (106) while we were there. The hot weather followed us home and for the first time I can remember we had triple digits of 106 for a few days in Alabama!
Our daughter- in-law is so patient and allows an eighteen month old to help make a salad. I wish I could show the video where she lets him crack eggs and scramble them. It is a sight to see. He doesn't get any shells in the eggs nor does he spill any.
Hope this video loaded because it is so cute of Will (18 months old cracking eggs! )

He is wearing his Daddy's cowboy boots here. There is something very special about that!

What a picture!

The peacocks were beautiful, very tame and roaming everywhere.
We enjoyed this little boy. Is he in for a surprise when baby sister arrives in a few months!  We had a great time. Thank you. We are so blessed!

We had a great time visiting, eating wonderful food and seeing KA at Cirque Soleil.  That was a special treat. Thank you.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4, 2012


I was delighted to use the shell napkin rings Monica from Texas Fiesta Ware Fan gave me.
My daughter make the table pictures. I like her 50mm lens. I made pictures   but liked all of hers better than mine.

Fantastic describes the ribs son-in-law grilled. They just melted in your mouth.

I didn't get the whole family in pictures because I was busy cooking etc. Activities for the last few days included walks with Granddaddy, tennis, marathon game of monopoly, watching fireworks, movies, and mostly enjoying each other and I must admit eating. Not pictured are homemade peach ice cream, first time making of eggs benedict and the kind of burgers hard to get your mouth around.  Another great time of Thanksgiving for our country, for bountiful food and family. May God continue to bless America.