Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Fall Cloche Party


 This is my first cloche given to me by a special friend. I love the rustic base. It has a faux pumpkin but real muscadine vines from the natural area in my yard. Should have cropped out the plug outlet.

Dining room buffet. This pair of cloches came from Hobby Lobby.

This is from a post I did last year and this cloche was purchased at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. It is tall and at first I found it hard to work with but now I am enjoying using it. Also used it in the next photo.

Tiger pumpkins.
From previous post this year before I knew Marty was having a Fall Cloche party. You may view here.

I like this bell shaped cloche and thought on this vintage english cake stand it looked like fall. I like the reflection in the mirror too.  Does anyway else out there in blogland have trouble with your cloches getting dusty?  I have looked and looked but can't find the blog I read about putting old pages of books in them to absorb cloudiness. NOTE: I found the post !!  Becca @adventuresindecorating. Wish there was a trick to the dust!!!

On our trip last spring to Provence we stayed in a wonderful chateau and this cloche was in the library. Isn't it beautiful?

Chateau Roussan in St.Rémy, Provence dining room mantel.

Thank you Marty for all your great cloche parties. I am joining Marty for her Fall Cloche Party.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can't get enough of FALL!


Wanted to share and show off my daughter's fall centerpiece. I love the colors of her pumpkins. The blue gray and green pumpkins are new to me but I found out that they have been around for a long time just not available in our area until now. I like the creamer lighter orange color because it would blend in my house better and doesn't scream orange.

My daughter is so artistic and makes wonderful pictures. 

The teacher in me became curious about pumpkins and I remembered a great book , Carolyn Roehm's Fall Notebook. It is a lovely book with beautiful pictures and so much information. She has written winter, spring, and summer notebooks also. They were published in 1999.

As you can see in the top left basket the pale pumpkin is a Long Island Cheese pumpkin and the pale greenish blue next to it is an Australian native pumpkin called Jarrahdale. Carolyn says since sugar pumpkins and winter squash belong to the same family, they can be substituted for each other in most recipes, as long as the cook compensates for the fact that some cooked squashes(usually the larger ones) are wetter than others and may have to be drained or squeezed of water. I enjoyed looking up pumpkins and squash. My goal is to buy each variety and cook them and enjoy eating some new foods. Have you tasted all of these varieties?

This picture is on my kitchen island. Can't get enough of fall!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Enjoy fall it is speeding by.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fall Ride out in the Country


Have you ever seen more beautiful cotton? This huge field is in front of a friend's home.

My friend allowed me to cut some branches for fall decorating. I will show pics in a later post.

I stopped all along County Road 606 and throughly enjoyed the fall scenes and the gorgeous sunset.

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