Sunday, December 18, 2016

Delighted Giveaway Recipient

Recently, I received a beautifully wrapped package from Linda @ More Fun Less Laundry. I am the happy winner of her birthday giveaway.

Inside the package was a beautiful Radko Christmas ornament and an autographed book written by Frances Schultz called The Bee Cottage Story. See Linda's post about her giveaway here:

I adore Radko ornaments and how Linda knew I collected churches was an amazing coincidence!

The ornament looks beautiful on my tree!

The Bee Cottage Story book cover reads,"Frances Schultz popular blog at is a revealing window into her lively and sometimes laugh-out-loud writing as well as her inspiring style and taste. She is the author or coauthor of several books, including A House in the South, and for six years was on-air host of the award-winning cable television show Southern Living Presents. A contributing editor to House Beautiful and former editor at large for Veranda, Schultz has also written for the Wall Street Journal,and and appeared on The Today Show, CNN's Open House, The Nate Berkus Show, and others. A North Carolina native, she resides in California and New York."

The garden room....

The dining room

The garden.......

I can't say it better than the cover page does," Inspired by Frances Schultz's popular House Beautiful magazine series on the makeover of her house, Bee Cottage, what began as a decorating book evolved into a memoir combining the best elements of both: beautiful photos and a compelling personal story.  Schultz taps into what she learned during her renovations of Bee Cottage-determining how each area in the house and garden would be used and furnished-to unravel the question of how a mature, intelligent, successful woman could have made such a mess of her personal life. As she figures out each room over a period of years, Schultz finds a new path in life. She comes to learn that, like decorating a home, our lives must adapt to who we are and what we need at different points along the way.
The Bee Cottage story is part heartfelt memoir, part practical home decorating guide. Schulz discusses the kinds of useful, commonsense design issues professionals take for granted and the rest of us just may not think of. In doing so, she discovers her own "truth" in decorating, and in her life, and gently prompts the reader to do the same."
Thank you Linda, for the delightful ornament and the book, The Bee Cottage Story.
I'm a little late acknowledging this delightful giveaway due to the holidays and some entertaining obligations. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Entertaining Ideas for Christmas

Join me today for some great holiday entertaining ideas. I'm part of a talented group of ladies in a garden club who know how to entertain.  A french cutting board styled with chicken salad with choice of croissants or crackers and crudites and dip sits on top of a gorgeous lace tablecloth. A small cake stand holding grapes also sits on the cutting board giving height and color.

Candles add that special holiday ambience.

Salty sweet magic cookie bars with pretzel 
crust came from Lynn @Happier than a Pig in Mud's blog. You can view her post here for the recipe.  Using a Christmas china tiered tray for the bar cookies added to the festive atmosphere.

Even the tops of the kitchen cabinets were decorated in our hostess home.

Simple candy cane candles made an elegant statement on the kitchen island.

Attractive decorations were used throughout the home.

This beautiful wreath greeted us and was made by our hostess, Gail. The following pictures were made in Gail's home the previous Christmas.

 A delicious Christmas luncheon.

Love the centerpiece and the food.

 Fabulous dessert inspired from Pinterest.

From left to right is Addie, 90 years young, Sherry, Nita, who gave our program and our hostess, Gail.
 Because we were having a wreath making workshop and our club is so large, tables were set up in Gail's garage. And Gail's garage is VERY NICE.

 I am the first on on the left followed by Peggy, Bonnie, and one of our charter members, Frances, also ninety years young. A great program by Nita on wreath making and creating centerpieces was enjoyed by all the members.

We learned so much about decorating trees, making centerpieces and wreath making.
Hope these ideas will spark one of your own for your holiday decorating and entertaining.

Merry Christmas,