Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Late Summer Tablescape

 A centerpiece of peonies was the inspiration for this summer table on my patio. Today, I am joining 20 other bloggers for a late summer tablescape blog hop sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate. Throughout the year, Chloe has tablescape themes that inspire amazing creativity. Friendships have developed and it is inspiring to be part of such a talented group.

These English hand-painted butterfly plates went perfectly with the pink peonies. There is a story about the plates I will tell later in the post.

Each plate has a different butterfly and flowers. The scalloped edge and two green borders are so pretty to me. I layered the plates with another gold-bordered plate to accent the gold in the butterfly plates and gold flatware.
My mother's Fostoria Meadowrose wedding crystal from 1945 felt right for this tablescape and I always love using it.
I added ferns from my garden in the flower arrangement to pick up the green in the plates. I really wanted some fuchsia napkins for this tablescape but none were to be found in our little town.
 Butterfly napkin rings complemented the butterfly theme.  It would have been fabulous if a butterfly had landed on my table while I was photographing it!
My granddaughter was visiting while I was styling this tablescape and she wanted to have a tea party.  We actually did before I dismantled the table. It was a hot day and she suggested having ice cream. It was a great idea to have something cool. We enjoyed eating our chocolate mint ice cream that just happened to match the butterfly dishes but we were not dressed for photographs. However, the ice cream inspired another tablescape........ fast forward a month.
In the summertime, I crave ice cream and chocolate mint is a favorite. Add some pound cake and I am a happy camper.
I have a friend who is an antique dealer. She brings back many lovely things from trips to England. I was pleased to buy these butterfly plates from her that inspired this tablescape. My eye went right to the plates as I viewed her new purchases. I immediately began planning a tablescape in my mind using the plates in front of my summer phlox before I purchased the plates.
 If you live near Atlanta, her booth, The Spence Collection, shows monthly at Scott's Antique Market. Her Instagram account can be viewed here

Bougainvillea placed on the napkin added another pop of color and took the place of a napkin ring.

Phlox is a perennial that faithfully delights year after year in my garden. You may remember me mentioning my sweet garden helper cut my phlox down with a weedeater before it bloomed last year. So I am very grateful to have it blooming this year. It makes a great cut flower and multiplies. Soon I will have enough to move to another spot in the garden. 

I love this sheer embossed vintage tablecloth. It was used here some years back for a Valentine post.
Pink lemonade, chocolate mint ice cream, and pound cake are refreshing and make a good summertime treat served in the garden.
 Thank you for joining me today. The blog hop schedule with links to other summertime tablescapes is listed below. Stop by and leave them a comment. I would love one as well. 
Wishing you a lovely week. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Remembering Notre Dame before the fire


Notre Dame is loved and admired by the entire world. It is Europe's most visited monument and emblem of France. Twelve to fourteen million people visit the cathedral each year with an average of 30,000 visitors daily.

 Notre Dame is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. These pictures were made on May 2018. Note the scaffolding being used for repair of the building.

The size and perspective of Notre Dame are easily viewed from a Batobus on the Seine. We enjoy riding the Batobus every time we visit Paris. You can sit back and view the beautiful buildings and bridges and give your weary feet a good rest.
The tricolor is flown on the back of each Batobus so here I captured two iconic symbols of France.
Here Notre Dame is viewed from the rear where the Île de la Cité ends and the Seine cuts through to form the Île St Louis. 
Viewing this picture and noting the spire makes me realize how much we take for granted. I am so glad to have these pictures.

Little did I know, when I photographed this picture of Notre Dame on May 9, 2018, that there would be an unimaginable fire on April 15, 2019, that destroyed the spire, and severely damaged most of its roof and the upper walls. According to Wikipedia, the stone vaulted ceiling contained the burning roof as it collapsed preventing extensive damage to the interior. The cathedral's three 13th century rose windows and two pipe organs were spared with little or no damage.
The entire world watched with horror as flames engulfed the famed building of Notre Dame. Thankfully there was no loss of life and there is a unified effort to repair and restore and improve many safety aspects of the cathedral. Contributions have poured in from the entire world for this effort.
May 2018 was our fifth trip to Paris and there are many more pictures to share. I intended to link this to a Paris July link party but missed the deadline since we were on vacation so stay tuned for much more.
Join me for other posts with Notre Dame pictures from other trips here.
You may also be interested in viewing my Pinterest board on Notre Dame as well as my personal pictures of Paris I photographed titled Living with Thanksgiving Paris Pinterest board. More pins of Paris from various sources are labeled on the board called Paris.  I pinned pictures of the fire that are very interesting. 

Also, join me and other tablescape bloggers Monday-Friday of this week for a summer tablescape blog hop.

My table is on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

America the Beautiful

We will all be celebrating the birthday of our country soon. We proudly bring out the red, white and blue of our flag in our decorations to remember our countries heritage. 
America means so much to us! 
Today, I am joining a blog hop sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate with a patriotic theme. I am always amazed at the versatility and creativeness of each tablerscaper that participates in these blog hops. The schedule for the blog hop will be listed at the bottom of this post for your viewing. Thank you, Chloe, for organizing these blog hops.
The song," America the beautiful "is so meaningful. Sing along with me and think of the meaning of the words. I thank every leader of our country, every soldier who has fought and served our country, and I acknowledge God's guidance and protection all these years.
Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! 

O beautiful for pilgrim feet, Whose stern impassioned stress 
A thorough-fare for freedom beat 
Across the wilderness! America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self control, Thy liberty in law!

O beautiful for heroes proved
 In liberating strife, Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life! America! America! May God thy gold refine Till all success be nobleness and every gain divine!

O beautiful for patriot dream 
That sees beyond the years 
 Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears! America! America! 
God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!

My granddaddy was very fond of Dr. Pepper. He always kept a large supply of drinks on hand for all the grandchildren. I remember cases like this one with bottled Dr. Pepper in his storage room. I bought this crate at a thrift store years ago but have never used it. It came to mind that it would be a great centerpiece for my patriotic table and I have enjoyed recalling childhood memories. There were no soda cans for many years of my childhood, only glass bottles. And there was always pound cake available to go with our Dr. Pepper at my grandparent's home.

I enjoy looking back on previous themed tablescapes and it is fun to see them again. The continual challenge to myself to use what I have in a different way sometimes is hard. You can see other patriotic tablescapes here,  here, and here.  There are several more there and I am thankful they are gathered together titled tablescapes under my header picture on the navigation bar for easy reviewing. 

Having enough light is always a challenge in my home so I opened the shutters but as you can see that was not a good idea.  I am always learning! 

This red and white runner has proved versatile. I used it Christmas and now in this patriotic tablescape.  It was fun to get out my Johnson Brother's Blue Willow transferware dishes for this table since I haven't used them in a long time. I remember well ordering these dishes from Southern Living when we lived in Alaska and that's been thirty years ago! 

The small cobalt vases with gardenias are actually pill bottles that I repurposed. They are the perfect size for a few blooms and I still had a few gardenia blossoms left. 
I love white hydrangeas and have two small bushes in my garden but I didn't want to cut them so I was glad they were available locally to buy for this tablescape.

I have been craving pound cake laden with fruit and whipped cream so this tablescape was a great excuse to have some cake. When I served six servings I realized I needed help eating all this cake so I snagged a few friends on short notice to "eat the props." I texted them a picture of my table and they hurried right over and said they had never "eaten the props before."

Table Details:
Dishes-Johnson Brothers Willow
Glasses- Wal Mart years ago
Flatware- Williams Sonoma
White Chargers- Ikea
Placemats-Wal Mart
Napkins-  Cynthia Rowley, TJMaxx
Runner- Country Living Fair
Transferware Pitcher- Consignment Shop 
Dr. Pepper crate- Flea Market


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dreaming about Provence

 What triggers a memory? Many times a color or scent brings thoughts to my mind of places and things I've seen. Early one morning as I strolled through my garden the subtle lavender shades of the hydrangeas set my mind back to memories of Provence. My mind has been on lavender for several months now after seeing a beautiful picture of a lavender field because I know the lavender blooms in June. My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Provence in April, 2011. Before the trip, I ordered the book shown in the photo above. On the cover is a gorgeous lavender field in front of Sénanque, a Cistercian monastery at Gordes in Vancluse.
I remembered I had a lovely french dishcloth that I bought at a street market in St. Rémy with a scene of a lavender field.  

In fact, I had two pretty dishcloths that inspired a vignette in my garden.   I move this bistro table and chairs around in my garden frequently. A vase was chosen and hydrangeas clipped for a small arrangement. 
The aroma of lavender is truly a mood enhancer. I use lavender hand soap everywhere in my home. I remembered a sachet of lavender buds I had and added them to my vignette. All the while, I am dreaming one day to see the lavender blooming in Provence. You see, our visit was in April and the lavender blooms in June. 

And to finish my little vignette my Provence book with the lavender field on the cover sealed a wonderful memory. On our trip, totally unplanned we came upon this very abbey and I gasped in delight when I recognized it from my book.
If you are interested in Provence I have a number of posts about our trip: 
Provence....One trip is not enough
Provence-Part Deux
Provence-Part Trois
Viola! A gift to you from France!
Does this street market make me look fat?

Next week, I am participating in a Patriotic tablescape blog hop with a group of talented tablescapers. I hope you will come visit. My table is Tuesday.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summer on the Patio


We spend many pleasurable hours on our porch and patio year-round. Right now the weather is perfect for relaxing.  Today, there was little humidity and  it was fairly cool. It would be a stretch to say it is summertime quite yet in south Alabama but I am serving watermelon and iced tea that are quintessential summer favorites. Join me and a group of talented tablescapers for a blog hop celebrating summertime sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate. Thank you Chloe, for sponsoring these hops which are so much fun! The schedule and links for each day this week is listed at the end of this post. Each blogger has a unique style that you do not want to miss. Inspiration abounds!

I adore flowers! My arms laden with flowers, I announced to my husband that he didn't have to buy me a Mother's Day gift because I had already bought mine! I could get used to having fresh flowers all the time. 

This tablecloth that I found at Home Goods instantly spoke summer to me. The soft pinks, apricots and blues and greens provided plenty of possibilities for styling. Trying to use what I had I was pleased that my aqua Paula Deen plates worked well as did my trusty, reliable cutlery and glasses, which I use quite often. New to me is the water hyacinth placemats that give texture and anchor the place settings. View another summer tablescape with these dishes here.

I love this vintage crisp white napkin with the sweet lace and embroidered flower.
 The lone blue and white, checked placemat placed under the flowers I found at Big Lots.  I sure wish there had been more. 
Mother's Day this year provided the best selection of flowers I've seen in our little town! I was very excited to find peony or parrot tulips (not sure which), apricot, and pink roses, and pink hydrangeas all at my local Publix grocery store! I added a few gardenias from my garden that had opened a little early. There are many buds which are ready to open. The scent of these flowers has been so lovely.
I settled on this white pitcher as a vase after trying several containers which did not please.
It was hard to wait for the light to be just right to photograph the table. Does that happen to you?

I wish you could smell the fragrance of the flowers. It is quite nice.
This is a new color combination for me that I've not worked with before for a tablescape. It's been fun to do something different.

I am definitely ready to invite some friends over while the weather is so nice! 

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