Monday, May 28, 2012

Blessings on Memorial Day

 We are blessed to enjoy the abundant blessings in our country today because of the sacrifices of service members who have served our nation and especially those that gave their lives so that we could live in freedom.

My husband and I have appreciated a restful and quiet holiday weekend at home. We enjoyed special friends for dinner Sunday night.

This was a yummy appetizer that was featured on Home is Where the Boat Is. Mary, I loved the sweet of the watermelon and the salty of the feta cheese just like you said! You can view Mary's wonderful blog here.

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Jim Scott's Garden on Lake Martin


Jim Scott's lakeside garden on Lake Martin in Alabama is amazing and spectacular. As you view the garden rooms keep in mind all of the rocks were
brought in. None of the rocks you see were part of the natural habitat.
This garden has been evolving for twelve years now. Southern Living magazine has featured this garden. You may view article and pictures here. Quoting from Southern Living " this garden is a labyrinth of intersecting trails, meandering streams, hideaways, and surprises. And while (Jim Scott) is not a landscape architect, he could teach a professional a thing or two. Each waterfall, wildflower, and moss-shawled boulder looks like it's been nestled here since God made Earth. "

Our guide explained to us that a road was cut in the beginning from the top of the hillside lot to the lake. Many large rocks like you see in this picture were brought in with heavy machinery. Then they were placed to create beautiful waterfalls and garden rooms as you will see throughout this post. 

Can you hear all the questions the gardeners were asking?

Going down the fireman's pole behind the playhouse. Good job, Karen.

Entrance to the wine grotto.

As you enter the wine grotto you are keening aware of the change in temperature. Of course your eyes are enchanted with the gorgeous hand hooked rugs atop stone floors and bottles after bottles of wine!

Felt a little like I was in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie as I turned the corner in the wine grotto.

I believe I remember hearing that art students from Auburn University painted these beautiful walls inside the grotto.
View leaving the wine grotto the arched doorway frames yet another lovely view.
Jim Scott's home. The view of the lake is so lovely.
Delightful roof top garden.
Isn't the water pretty?

This photo was made by a friend of mine. I missed this pretty shot. It is fun to view pictures others made and see their prospective of all the beautiful vignettes. Are you counting all the times I am saying beautiful and gorgeous!

Jeannie, our guide (with the ponytail) was so helpful and knowledgeable! She and her husband, Chris, take care of the garden full time with extra help as needed. I wish I had gotten a picture of both of them together.They were so patient with all our questions.

 You can't see it in my picture because I did not have my zoom lens but look at the slit in the table. The next picture below is from the Southern Living link I gave you at the beginning of this post. 

This close up photo of the table from the previous picture is from Southern Living.  What wonderful photographers they are! You can feel the coolness of the water and the taste the grapes and figs!

The timing of our tour hit the hydrangeas at their peek and luscious blooms like this were everywhere in many varieties.

I was privileged to attend this tour with a group of Master Gardeners. We ate our sack lunches here. It was an educational and delightful day that will be remembered for a long time. 
Pictured is Mr. Jim Scott who happened to be present because a group of magazine photographers were there the day we toured his garden. Thank you Mr. Scott for a gardeners and photographers dream day. Your gardens are unbelievable.

Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and incredible garden located in central Alabama.
 I wish I could post every picture I made. This is just a few of many great scenes in Mr. Scott's garden.

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This post was originally posted in May of 2012. It is an amazing garden unsurpassed in our area that I receive inquiries about all the time because when you google Jim Scott's garden my blog post comes up.
I am on a family vacation this week but wanted to participate in Pam's@ Everyday Living Garden's Galore Linky party and thought some of you might not have seen this post years ago. Going back in your archives is fun and makes you realize how quickly the years pass. I started blogging in November of 2009!