Thursday, February 7, 2019

Catching Up

Hello friends! I have missed you. I have been sick so long and January was a hard month losing both my brother-in-law and a dear friend. 
I have missed commenting on your blogs since before Christmas. 
Finally, I am feeling better and this is a catch-up post. 
My camellias have been pretty and there are so many buds yet to open. Today, the high is 72 so they will be opening fairly quickly. We have had several consecutive nights below freezing so that is good. In south Alabama, you can have summer one day and winter the next. 

This vase is a favorite because it is so easy to cut blooms and drop them in the vase in a few minutes. There are four varieties pictured here. From left to right the first variety is called Romany. Second from the left is 'La Peppermint'. It produces white flowers that are randomly striped with streaks of red. Occasionally, I see an all dark pink blossom on the bush. The third camellia is a small pink variety called 'pink perfection' which was one of the most popular camellias in Victorian days. In the center is a' Professor Sargent'. It's rich red color and peony type blossom start blooming for me in December.

I shared this pic of another arrangement of my camellias recently on Instagram. It was fun to use the milk glass vases I bought at the Country Living Fair back in October in Atlanta.
I think 'Pink Perfection' is so sweet.
Since it is close to Valentine's Day I wanted to show you an arrangement I did several years ago using 'Professor Sargent' camellias and succulents. The container is a copper heart from Martha Stewart from the late 80's.

This was one inspiration photo from Southern Lady 2015.  I find so much inspiration from Southern Lady.
This is another inspiration photo from Southern Lady January/February 2018.

This is my Valentine blog post from last year that the picture above from Southern Lady inspired. You can view that post which is one of my favorites here.

I had a delightful time recently at the Nashville Antique and Garden Show with my daughter. We signed up to hear Bunny Williams speak and was glad we did. She is a talented designer and a great speaker. My daughter especially enjoyed viewing all the artwork and was greatly moved by a painting that she ended up purchasing. She is quite the artist herself. You can view her work at amschnorrenberg_art on Instagram or google it. For some reason, I can't get it to link on Blogger. I have a new painting she did for me that I'll show you later. I am changing some things in the room right now.

I've been busy as well in sharing my passions for butterflies and tablescapes in programs I presented to two of the clubs I belong to.
A friend gave me the butterfly scarf I am wearing and it was perfect for the butterfly program.🦋

We have had spring-like weather for the last few days. I worked in my garden all morning yesterday and it was wonderful to be outside. It felt good to tidy up from several storms picking up limbs.  It was fun discovering daffodils and new growth on my bridal wreath bushes. Hopefully, spring is near! 💐