Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fall Snacks with Granddaughter


Our Alabama granddaughter spent five days with us recently during her fall break. Since she was a little girl she and I have cooked something, decorated a table, and had a nice visit eating the fruit of our labors. We call these times " having a tea party". Our menus do not meet the standards of Tea Time magazine but we have a great time.

This is a flashback to our first tea party in 2013. It really warms my heart.

You can read the entire post here.
Leftover pumpkin roll from my Garden Club and candy corn came in handy. 
A copper pitcher holds orange Alstromeria surrounded by several snacks. My granddaughter made the festive franks and puppy chow mix from recipes from her Home Economics class.
 My grandmother's quilt that I had forgotten I had provided the perfect tablecloth for us.

The weather cooperated and we enjoyed hot apple cider and all the snacks on the patio. 
We also baked peanut butter cookies but they didn't last long!
This tea party is from October 2017. Click here to view the entire post. 

Tea Party with Sophie 2017
This post started out only about fall snacks with our Alabama granddaughter but then I started reminiscing. Looking back at former tea parties is fun. Our hearts are full that God willing we will have all our grandchildren at our house this year for Christmas. The parties aren't elaborate but they enjoy them.

This party was the day after Thanksgiving 2017 and they wanted to decorate for Christmas. 
Frequently I hear, " Oh, I remember that." 

Texas tea party in November 2018. It can be viewed here.

And this tea party was held recently in Texas in early October. We started outside but it was 98 degrees so we moved inside. Her brother was playing golf with his granddaddy and Dad. We shopped for ingredients, baked, and decorated the cupcakes, and barely had time to eat them before everyone was home. 

I almost forgot Leesy Loo( her nickname from her granddaddy) picked and arranged the flowers all by herself. I posted this party on Instagram but haven't blogged about it.

I'm a child at heart that remembers making tea cakes with my grandmother and her serving Russian tea from a quaint inexpensive teapot. Memories are special!  
What memories have you been making lately?