Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Practicing loading larger pics


Since I am practicing enlarging photos let's guess where the pictures were made. Some are easier than others.
This enlargement did not work.  

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Dream Come True-New Patio

Finished patio: Yeah!

The step has been much kinder on the knees and added extra seating.
Step 1: Laying the sand foundation and mortar edging.
The bed pictured below was pretty planted with azaleas, lirope, and cinnamon fern but was taking up valuable real estate.
I wish I could find a picture before we moved all the plants in this bed in preparation for the new patio.
The grill situation was very unsatisfactory as you can see. I recycled all the stones in other parts of my garden.
Before patio- Table and chairs sat in pine straw. We found out it was going to be problematic to pour concrete to extend the porch. The large heavy cement mixer machinery would crack our driveway so we opted to extend the step the length of the porch and lay bricks in sand for our patio.

Today, I am joining Susan @ Metamorphosis Monday.