Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Summer Blessings

Happy June! Our weather has been glorious, with beautiful spring-like weather. As Southerners, we know the humidity is coming soon, but we will enjoy it for as long as possible.
Today, I am joining blogging friends and fellow table stylists for a summer tablescape blog hop sponsored by Rita @Panoply.  Twenty total bloggers are participating. Thank you, Rita, for organizing these hops.

I've set the table on the patio today using my favorite colors, which are blue and white. I've added a little green color and texture using Bordello Pinheiro chargers.

I chose an Asian planter with a footed saucer for the centerpiece container. 
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, and cutting them from my garden brings me much joy.

Johnson Brothers Blue willow plates coordinate with the blue and white floral tablecloth and say welcome summer. Officially summer begins June 21, but everyone will agree that summer activities begin when the kids are out of school.

You can see a little of my garden in this photo. I have a few white and pink hydrangeas but mostly blue. The last time I counted, I had over 80 hydrangeas of various kinds.  With the extreme cold at Christmas, I was afraid it would affect the hydrangeas, and grateful I did not lose any.

I do have a story to share about the Blue Willow plates. In the late '80s, we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. There was no Amazon, or eBay, then. Southern Living magazine offered a mail-order sale on these dishes, and what a great blessing that was for a young army wife who loved dishes and did not have a source. I am still enjoying them. According to Google, The Blue Willow pattern's exact origin is unknown; however, it's believed it was first made in England during the late 1700s. There are conflicting stories about who created the pattern, too-some claim that Josiah Spode invented it. While others say, John Turner did.
There are key motifs in the Blue Willow pattern. These include willow trees, pine trees, the bridge with three men on it, a fence, a boat, a teahouse or pagoda, and two birds in flight.

Bamboo cutlery adds more texture and contrast. Blue goblets from an estate sale complete the tablescape.

This is my favorite napkin fold. It is Carolyn Roehm's signature napkin fold. 

"All which we behold is full of blessings." 
William Wordsmith

I wish all my followers and table stylist friends a restful and happy summer. I named this post "Summer Blessings" because I am thankful to enjoy a slower pace. What summer activities do you have planned?

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Wishing you many summer blessings! By the way, the as I close this post, the humidity has arrived!



  1. Bonnie, words don't do my feelings for this table justice. The blue and white with the touch of green amidst the garden setting is so cool and inviting. I want to sprout wings and fly right in to join at this alfresco setting. Loved reading your story about your Blue Willow. I have a sweet story about my mother's Blue Willow children's tea set. I will share it sometime. Your hydrangeas are fabulous. How special to have so many plants full of blooms ready to be cut and enjoyed. I planted 3 hydrangea plants in my garden last fall. They are blooming, but not many blooms on each plant. They are blue!
    No summer plans as yet. Friends in Santa Fe and cousins in Colorado, have invited me to visit, but I'll need to wait and see how Sadie is doing.
    Unfortunately the humidity has also arrived in Austin along with triple digits. I had hoped to set my table out on the terrace, but it was too miserable. Grateful for AC!
    Happy Summer!

  2. Good Morning Bonnie! What a beautiful table and celebration of summer and hydrangeas! How wonderful that you have over 80 hydrangeas in your garden landscape, so many to cut, enjoy and share. I love your handsome footed compote as a vase for your gorgeous hydrangeas. Your tablecloth provides the perfect foundation for your Blue Willow plates with your bamboo flatware. I love the pop of green from your Bordallo Pinheiro, so appropriate for a garden table with your lush green yard. Your patio looks so inviting and cool with your hanging plants, ivy topiaries and pop of white from your impatiens. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table. Happy Summer. ♥

  3. Bonnie, I had no idea that you have over eighty hydrangeas in your garden. That is amazing and must be a glorious show each spring and summer. I love Blue Willow and also have the Johnson Brothers. It looks handsome on your Bordallo Pinheiro charger. I also like the napkin fold. Your setting looks cool and inviting. Who doesn’t love blue hydrangeas?!

  4. Lovely! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, mine are not blooming yet. Your blue and white theme with green accents is an airy look for a hot summer day.

  5. Wow - what. gorgeous hydrangeas, and they are lovely in your planter! Your table is so pretty and welcoming and i would enjoy sitting there admiring all of your plants in your pretty yard! Living in Alaska must have been an interesting time in your life! Enjoy the summer - no humidity here in NY yet!!

  6. Bonnie, your table is so lovely. I am green with envy over your gorgeous hydrangeas, The Asian planter is perfect with your Blue Willow plates and Bordallo Pinheiro chargers. Your Carolyn Roehm's signature napkin fold is so pretty and elegant. How lovely to sit out there and take in the beauty of your gardens. Always a pleasure hopping along with you Bonnie. Happy summer.

  7. Oh, that blue and white. Those hydrangeas are just out of this world. I love the story of how you got your blue willow dishes. They've always been a favorite of mine. And the tabletop cloth -- perfection. I love it all!

  8. What beautiful hydrangeas you have! And you have so many to choose from! I enjoyed hearing your story of the blue willow dishes. But most of all I enjoyed seeing your gardens as well. Happy Tuesday!

  9. Wow Bonnie, 80 different hydrangeas in your garden?!! Looks like blue (and white) heaven to me! Love how your beautiful table setting and floral centerpiece compliment the flowers, pots, pillows, etc. in your landscape, patio setting. Really creative and lovely styling of the PB green charger plates with the blue willow dishes! They look stunning layered on the print of the tablecloth.

  10. So beautiful Bonnie, such a serene setting in your garden with your table set with blooms all around you! Your blue and white pieces are gorgeous and the plates hold a special memory of the past. The green accents are perfect with all the blue and white, your table is a garden in itself! I so admire your very green thumb!

  11. Bonnie, your blue and white table is gorgeous - so crisp and cool. The Blue Willow plates look lovely on the BP chargers and the tablecloth is so pretty. Your hydrangeas are absolutely stunning in the Asian vase and oh my goodness- more than 80 varieties in your yard. I'm so glad that the Christmas frost didn't hurt them. Your garden is gorgeous and what a lovely backdrop for your table. I hope you have the slower paced summer that you desire. It was great hopping with you!

  12. Bonnie there is something about blue and white...it is always stunning and your table is no exception. I am envious of your 80 hydrangea bushes in different colors but the blue is gorgeous. I also have the blue willow by Johnson brothers and used them for years on my every day table. I believe I got mine in the late 70's, early 80's. I need to put them on my Bordallo Pinheiro chargers as I really like that look. I also appreciate your napkin fold as you showed us that one other time and I have copied it from time to time as it is timeless and classy. You have inspired me many times. thank you and hugs my dear friend. Happy Summer.

  13. Stunningly gorgeous tablescape, Bonnie! I can't believe you already have hydrangeas. We have tons of buds, but none have bloomed yet. I love your patio setting, and I notice that you have some pretty blue and white planters. Your Asian centerpiece with the footed saucer is so unique and pretty. I also like your touch of green in the majolica that breaks-up the blue and white. Blue willow is a favorite china pattern of mine: It's so classically gorgeous. The lighter blue in the tablesquare matches the blues in the hydrangeas. So lovely! I hope you have a happy summer, Bonnie! If you come to Birmingham, I'd love to see you!

  14. What a beautiful table and setting, Bonnie! Wow, with 80 hydrangeas, there's no guilt in cutting those beautiful stems. Just gorgeous! I better the overall look of your garden is outstanding. The table itself is so pretty with the green accents to the blue & white. The bamboo flatware gives a dressy look as opposed to how I used them for a more casual look. Beautiful linens and estate sale glassware. Bonnie, thank you for bringing your style to our summer hop. I'd love to stroll your garden! Happy summer (and I agree, spring weather has been outstanding).

  15. Just loving the blue and white dishes and those beautiful Hydrangeas. You always do such beautiful tablescapes Bonnie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Eighty hydrangeas!! Oh my, I'm having a serious case of garden envy. I love the enduring willow pattern and I love the way you've adapted it to alfresco dining with elegantly traditional table details. The mix of blue and white patterns is lovely and using the green Bordallo Pinheiro plates is perfect. May you have many a relaxing day/evening in your garden!

  17. Bonnie, your hydrangea centerpiece is stunning and complements your blue and white table setting beautifully!

  18. Bonnie your table is so beautiful! I am a big blue & white fan too. Your hydrangeas are lovely but oh my goodness - your garden is a scene stealer!! What a blessing that space must be! Our yard is in a state of transition so pretty gardens like yours definitely inspire me to keep going! Your story about the mail order plates is so sweet - what a wonderful memory! Thank you for sharing your yard and your table!! They are a lovely retreat!! Happy Summer! ❤️ Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life ❤️

  19. Hi Bonnie, Your Blue Willow Collection is stunning. It has an elegance to it like none other. As an outdoor setting it really pops among all of the greenery and your lovely hydrangeas centerpiece. I enjoyed your information of the history of Blue Willow. I am sure it has captured the hearts of many women for many generations and will be around for a long time. I love the vibrant color and how you added a bit of green to your setting for contrast. Such a classic. Happy Summer!

  20. Bonnie, your hydrangeas are so gorgeous. My one big hydrangea has produced only three blooms so far this summer. 😩 I am now seeing several new buds forming so hopefully we will have more blooms. I love your Blue Willow dishes. How lucky you were to get them back in the day. Your garden setting is always a treat to enjoy.

  21. What a lovely summer table Bonnie! Your hydrangea centrepiece is stunning. We have to wait a few more weeks at least before ours start to bloom. The planter you have arranged them in is perfect. I especially love how you have layered your blue willow dishes on top of the green plates. They make a nice break between the patterned blue tablecloth and the blue willow plates!

  22. What’s beautifully and serene table you’ve set, Bonnie. How fortunate you are to have over 80 hydrangea bushes!! I can only grow oak leaf hydrangeas in my yard. I loved the story of how you started your collection of the Blue Willow pattern. They’ve withstood the test of time. πŸ’™

  23. What a beautiful table and garden!! Hydrangeas don't grow in this part of the country and how I wish they did. It is my favorite flower.


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