Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring Break Tea Party

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This Grandmother enjoyed having all her grandchildren but one for a tea party. It has become a tradition to have a tea party when we visit. I always think I will plan ahead and have really nice food.

But that doesn't happen because there is always so much to do.

I had made chocolate chip cookies ahead of time and the kids helped make a pound cake. And we had leftover Valentine candy. 

Ice cream is not your typical tea party food but it was requested.
Texas grandchildren, Will and Elise.
We had a great time and that is what is important, making memories.
Alabama granddaughter, Sophie.

Jean Pièrre enjoyed the tea party, too. 

I wish I had made a picture of my daughter. She made the pictures and we were having such a good time I did not think to make one of her.

Texas grandson, Will, and my daughter-in-law, Sarah.
 I would not take anything for these tea parties with family. So glad to have it recorded with pictures. Thanks, Amy.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Blue and White Love


Spring has arrived in South Alabama! My azaleas have been blooming for two weeks and they have been enjoyable. I hope to do a post soon about my garden.

Fresh spring flowers growing in your garden  and beautiful weather inspires you to set a table outdoors. I also wanted to use several new gift items. I was thrilled to receive a number of milk glass pieces that my daughter-in-law brought me recently that she found at an estate sale. It was perfect for this table. I will use the compote for flower arrangements often. 

The raised grape clusters are different on each piece. I googled names of milk glass patterns and found out there is a world of information out there. That research will have to wait for another day but my interest is piqued. There are no markings on my pieces.
 Everything you see in the centerpiece arrangement is from my garden. I started with pittosporum, dusty miller, and a perennial fern for greenery. Then added white azaleas and bridal wreath. Simple and easy. 
I used my Horchow blue and white plates and each plate has a different pattern. Last week was my birthday so I received these budding leaf napkin rings in the mail from my son and family and I absolutely love them. The gold popped on the navy napkins.

The tablecloth I ordered from Pier 1. I'm still mourning the loss of their store closing in a nearby town.

It was a nice surprise to learn how cold milk glass keeps iced tea.  
My birthday felt like Christmas this year. The sweet tea towel on the tray was also a gift from my daughter. 

When I bought the wrought iron console table years ago I pictured using it for food when entertaining but I have not done that much since it was always full of plants. 
However, I wanted to show you the beverage set as well as the flowers I found on the way home from my birthday celebration at my daughter's home. 
Costco has the very best quality roses and good prices. They also had two bunches of larkspur. Three bunches would have been perfect but I was happy to find any.

I have had larkspur growing in my garden in years past and am planting some more this year. It has held up nicely for over a week in this arrangement.

It was fun to set a spring table using my new gifts and play with flowers. 

" I must have flowers always and always."Claude Monet.

 I feel the same way!! 

Blessings to all today!