Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paris, On MY MIND!

Oh, I hope "Midnight in Paris", wins tonight. I love the opening scenes- they are so beautiful and meaningful to me. I recognize and can name the location of most of the scenes. My husband and I have lost track of how many times we have watched this movie. It inspired my husband to read one of Hemingway's books and I enjoyed reading more about many of the artists and writers depicted in the movie. I have a special affection for Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams.

Some of my favorite Paris snaps.

Fingers crossed for "MIDNIGHT IN PARIS" and "THE HELP!"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Part Two: Aqua Love~Vintage Heaven!

Part 2: Aqua Love ~ Vintage Heaven!

If you missed Part 1 you can view here. It was exciting to be featured on: Wow Us Wednesday and Potpourri Friday. Thank you Kim and Honey. 

Bookcase in the hallway filled with collections.

There are so many layers of "eye candy"to explore everywhere. I love the metal flower sconce on the wall!
She has "a thing" for clocks.

Little table in the dining room.
The house was built in the 50's. You will recognize the  pink and blue tiled bathrooms associated with that time period. I love how she has embraced the time with her collections. Image how much fun she had shopping and the thrill of finding just the right item. She loves estate sales and garage sales.

Bedroom number one I will call the pink room.

Start counting clocks. I bet she has no idea how many she has! 

Blue bathroom.
Have you noticed vintage fans are everywhere?

There are three bedrooms upstairs all with different color schemes and filled with vintage accessories! This is the pink bedroom mentioned above.

 As I was making pictures Pam was tweaking vignettes faster than I could take pictures. We had a great time talking and laughing. My grandmother had a set of dishes like the cup and saucer above. I remember them fondly. I think the reason we like vintage things is because they trigger a happy memory.


Bedroom number two and my favorite.

Another interesting candlestick! I am putting her on a mission to find one or two for me!

Bedroom number three.

Bottles in bathroom window. Sorry, the light was not good.

These are items for her antique booth.

Thanks for the tour, Pam! I had to sneak in one more shot of those cute chairs in your living room. There is a matching chair on the other side of the chest with another cute vintage hat!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Aqua Love ~ Vintage Heaven!


This is the lovely home of a friend of mine. My friend, Pam is a talented painter, designer and collector.  Her home is full of vintage collections, her oil paintings and family photographs in vintage frames. Her love for travel, antiquing, great eye for design and her gift for finding interesting pieces makes her home unique.


 Pictures of her trip to Kenya ~ Masai people.
 Shells from Tanzania.

 My friend Pam, and some of her creamer collection.

 Canisters were her mothers when she began housekeeping in the forties.

 Paddle belonged to her father, a high school principal!

Pam's picture in elementary school and some of her toys from childhood. 

Stay tuned to Part 2. Blogger would not load the rest of the pictures. I did not realize there may be a limit to the number of pictures you can post.

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