Saturday, February 27, 2016

Easter Decorations

A high school girlfriend luncheon was the occasion for  this cute Easter tablescape at  the home of one of our classmates. I love her cute Annalee rabbits and how she used her english dogwood or some call it sweet mock orange.  Her centerpiece was simple to do but perfect.
 Googling Annalee dolls, I was intrigued by their history. Sharing with you from : The tale begins with a young woman meticulously dyeing felt fabric and the freehand painting of doll faces during the Depression. The tale continues daily in a design room, a short stroll from Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH.
Annalee Thorndike and husband, Chip, lived on a chicken farm in Meredith. After the chicken farm failed in the early 1950's, Annalee was forced to get serious about her childhood hobby of doll-making. The old chicken coop became a design room. Chip became a salesman. Annalee became a doll maker. The mischievous and whimsical faces for her dolls began a great business still active today. The interesting complete history of the company can be found at
I apologize my pics are a little blurred. It is hard to discretely make pictures at a function. 

 I love this container and have a similar one. It is easy to arrange and doesn't take too many flowers. Sweet mock orange or english dogwood is a very hardy shrub with long lasting, citrus-fragrant white blooms. It blooms in late spring to early summer. It can be invasive so it has to be kept in check. My goal this spring is to get one of the babies from my friend and plant in my garden.
There are varieties that only grow 3-4 feet high and others that may attain a height of up to 8 feet or more.

 Food is always an important part of social functions.
 A huge bowl of chicken salad and my favorite~ marinated carrots
 Drop biscuits...Yum!

 Where there are old friends there is always laughter and fun conversation.
 We get together about three or four times a year at each other's houses.
 Lime sherbet parfaits always are a hit. You know, I just donated my parfait glasses when I redid my kitchen. Why did I do that? Now, I wish I had kept them.

Everyone can not always attend but pictures are shared on FB. I have wonderful memories of these sweet ladies during our high school years and heartwarming thoughts of our present friendships. This luncheon was last spring in April. I think I'll start documenting our lunches from now on.  I'll post nearer to Christmas our Christmas lunch so we'll all enjoy getting decorating ideas.

Living Thankfully, Bonnie

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Spring Days

 Spring is blooming everywhere in our area. Flowering Japanese Magnolia Tree is one of the first trees to bloom.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Our First Date


Battenberg lace, flowers and candlelight spell romance to me. Valentine's Day is a time I can set the table in the dining room for a quiet dinner away from the television and enjoy the ambience of candlelight, reminiscing and good food.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Garden Club~Love Is In The Air

       Valentines's Day was our decorating motif for our Garden Club meeting I hosted in my home this week.  Garden camellias were placed in goblets under cloches. Crystal candlesticks were also used as vases. My BF and co-hostess, Charlotte, had the clever idea of using candlesticks as vases perfect for floating a camellia blossom. I loved the idea! She also gathered most of the camellias on a very cold morning. A special program on growing orchids was presented by a local expert and friend.  Beautiful pics of her orchids to follow.