Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Vintage Dogwood Dishes


My mother had these dishes when I was growing up. They are nostalgic for me. I bought these at an antique shop some time ago. I gave them to my daughter and thought I would do a tablescape at her house using them  but time passed and that never happened. I kept thinking about these dishes and asked if I could bring them home and do a table. I think that was two years ago and now I have finally done a table. The vision in my head for a tablescape had to include fresh dogwood flowers. So this year I found flowers at the right time and got a table together.
I love the shape of the cup and saucer.
 The dogwoods were found in the woods. I felt so blessed to find any. Anthracnose has killed all the dogwoods in my yard and they have suffered severe damage in our area.
Aren't the blossoms beautiful? 
The glasses I'm guessing are probably from the '60s or '70s. I haven't checked that. I drank a lot of sweet tea from them at my MIL's home. I just googled dixie dogwood dishes and found the glasses that were handpainted that went with these dogwood dishes.  Here is the link. They are so pretty and delicate so it is amazing there are still some out there!
 The tablecloth was loaned to me by my dear friend, Charlotte. I thought it was just what the dishes needed. 
The silverplate flatware is Simeon L. and George Rogers Company. I had to use a magnifying glass to read it. I was pleased to find the silverplate flatware in a Liz Claiborne shoebox that my MIL had given me a number of years ago. It was badly in need of polishing. I felt I needed flatware that was a little vintage for this tablescape but  after googling I think it is older than the dishes.
The dogwood dishes were made by two companies.  I have four plates and two say Dixie Dogwood handpainted by Joni. The others just say handpainted and underglazed. 
If you can't read this above, it says, "The legend of Dogwoods dates back to the Crucifixion. Early lore likens the dogwood petals, shaped like a cross and stained with red, to the Cross of Calvary. "
The other company was Blue Ridge/ Southern Potteries. The prices vary and some sources say vintage 1950's and others say vintage 1940's. It was interesting to read on one plate it was oven proof.
I saw the sugar and creamer online and they are such a cute shape. I can visualize sitting at the breakfast table and my parents putting sugar and cream in their coffee. 

By the way, I was happy to find the fourth napkin that  I mentioned  I could not find in this tablescape last summer.
Seems like I have been reminiscing a lot recently. Is that a sign of getting older? I have fond memories of picking dogwoods in the woods around Easter as a child that I blogged about in an Easter tablescape here.
Easter is this Sunday. May this Holy Week be especially meaningful to you this year. Have a blessed Easter. He is Risen!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Celebrating Easter

Welcome to an Easter Tablescape Blog Hop sponsored by Chloe Crabtree @Celebrate and Decorate. The blog hop schedule and links to the participants are available at the end of this post. Chloe started these tablescape hops in 2016. Thank you Chloe, for all the hard work you do organizing these hops.

My childhood memories of Easter include straw Easter baskets filled with green paper straw and dyed Easter eggs, early sunrise services, starched stand out dresses, and new white Sunday shoes with lacy socks and sometimes a special hat.
Later as I grew older I came to appreciate the true meaning of Easter - the cross and the empty tomb.

The flowers growing around Easter in our state of Alabama are azaleas of various varieties and colors, dogwoods, and irises. It was a visit down memory lane planning my Easter tablescape using memorable flowers. 
I  love using my mother's ceramic rabbits which she painted herself. I treasure them along with my fond memories since my parents died over 35 years ago.

I was pleased to find some dogwoods in the woods near my home and azaleas from a neighbor since mine bloomed early. It is special for me to use the vase for the centerpiece that was a gift from my friend who passed away in early January. It is hard to see, but  I also have a few sprigs of bridal wreath in the arrangement. They bloomed early this year also. 

 I remember walks with my parents every year at Easter going to a particular spot in the woods to pick wild violets.  It was a treat to find ones with velvet petals. It was like finding the golden egg. I would consider my tablescape perfect if I could have a nosegay of wild violets on my table. But the memory and sharing that with you will have to suffice. 

My Franciscan Platinum Renaissance wedding china goes well with the spring garden flowers. The floral napkins complement the floral arrangement and little egg cups holding Easter eggs are placed at each place setting.
Green Depression glass sherbets hold raspberry sherbet garnished with sprigs of mint from my garden.

This view shows off the new abstract painting my daughter painted for me. (amschnorrenberg_art) I just love it!

I have fond memories of Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit gracing my mother's Easter table. I think they have so much personality. Mr. Rabbit's neon green coat was very stylish in the '70s!
This picture also has a good shot of the etched crystal glasses that were my father-in-law's aunt's. I believe they are Austrian. 
Are family pieces special to you? They are to me.

Azaleas not only have pretty spring colors but have a lovely aroma also. 
The sherbet started melting on me as the light was fading so there was no time to do the sherbet over for pictures.

Wishing you a blessed Easter. I've been singing the chorus to the hymn "At the Cross "as I set this table. The words go like this.....At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away. It was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day! 

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