Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Porch is my Favorite Room


You will find us on the porch most of the time with the ceiling fans going.
With a blue slate floor and blue ceiling and the fact that  I love everything blue and white it became my color scheme for the porch.  A much needed find were the accent pillows from Pottery Barn that were on sale.  Actually, all the furniture pieces except the end tables fortunately were on sale.
For the last few years, I've used white flowers on my porch.White hydrangeas, white geraniums and white impatiens fill blue and white chinoiserie and cobalt pots. 
I also have mirrors on the porch.  I think mirrors are great in every room and an outdoor room is no exception. I enjoy the mood they invoke and how they reflect the light. The mirrors at each end of the porch open up the space and make it seem like an extension of the house. (NOTE-Not sure what is going on with Blogger and the spacing today!)
I felt as it the metal wall sculpture was not heavy enough for the large brick wall so I added these leaning wooden shutters. Do you think they look better leaning or should they be hung? Excuse the bug repellent. My eyes struggle with the small thumbnail pics as you load onto your blog and I loaded the wrong pic.

My little bistro table is just right for eating when it's raining or too sunny on the patio.
Our ceiling is haint blue which supposedly tricks bugs into thinking it is the sky, however, the wasps are not fooled.
I'm loving white hydrangeas the last few years and planted these size pots outside. They survived and I am very glad.
My chaise lounge takes up space but I love it for comfort. Comfort has been my main goal for our porch.
Gardenias have the most ethereal fragrance and this time of year I'm enjoying bouquets inside and outside.
Our hummingbird feeder is close enough to enjoy the hummingbirds while on the porch and  can also be seen from inside the kitchen. 
It took a number of years to get comfortable seating and fabric colors to match for the porch. Finally, that has been accomplished  and my porch makes me happy.  I am cringing now, but decided to show you the evolution of the porch. My first purchase was the sofa and being marked down twice and the right size and comfort I bought it, but the fabric did not match my chaise lounge and it wasn't my desired color scheme. 
This is the sofa before I had slip covers made in a blue indoor outdoor fabric. Also, you can see a small coffee table and one end table that have been replaced with better proportional pieces.You can also see everyday living in this pic. LOL!
If I wanted to take the blue slip covers off and use terra cotta accents for fall and winter I could. Life is so full I haven't done this so far but  knowing the option is there is nice. However, I would need a slipcover for the chaise lounge to coordinate or a new pillow.
So here we are today with a larger coffee table and end tables with my chosen color scheme and comfortable seating. Also a smaller table for more room.  A great place for a nap, reading or blogging. 
Watching the birds and butterflies dart about, hearing the wind chimes tingling as I dream and scheme of new things to add to my garden my porch is my favorite place to be. What about you? Do you have a favorite place outside?
So glad my hydrangeas are blooming this year. Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

St. George Island

The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Summer Luncheon

 High school classmates gathered in my home recently for a summer luncheon. Everyone brought a dish and we enjoyed a delicious meal together and great fellowship.
 I am so thankful my hydrangeas bloomed this year. These lush new blooms take my breath away. 
 The flower colors inspired me to use my purple stemware and blue and white pottery dishes. You can view another tablescape with these dishes and stemware here. I usually take many more shots of the table but I was quite busy with the flower arranging not just for the table but throughout the house.

This is my favorite time of year to entertain when I can cut flowers from my garden and fill the house with arrangements.

Three square vases full of blooms in varying shades sitting on mirrored tiles were the centerpiece. 

I had a great time making seven arrangements. It has been such a blessing to me to have blooms  to cut this year in my garden since it has been slim pickins the last few years.
 A simple white pitcher filled with blue hydrangeas on the  kitchen island. 
Small arrangement in a mason jar.

 The aqua flowers on the tole tray were the inspiration for using the aqua mason jar as a vase on the kitchen buffet.
 Guest bathroom with shades of pink and lavender.

The master bath rated an arrangement too.
 Are you doing any summer entertaining? Do you like to make flower arrangements? Hydrangeas make it easy.

Nothing like a pot luck meal!
I am thankful for these high school friends.

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