Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amalfi Coast and Positano, Italy

Driving along the Amalfi Coast was breathtakingly beautiful.

 At one of the lookouts where we stopped for a view wedding pictures were being taken.
 My pictures do not do the view justice.

I cringed many times as we rounded the  steep narrow curves.
 The houses along the hilltops are colorful and close together. Space is at a premium here.
 Keep in mind I am making these pictures out of our mini van window as we ride on the curvy roads.
 This church was beautiful.

Motor scooters are everywhere and they scare you to death whipping in and out of traffic.

 When we arrived in Positano the shops had lovely clothes. We didn't have time to try on clothes so I settled just buying a scarf at this shop.

 I bought truffles canned in a jar at this delicatessen. After eating a dish in Florence with truffles I wanted to bring some home to try.

Anticipation is building as you sense the ocean views ahead. Not to mention wanting to sit down at this pretty table.
 After strolling through the town you eventually end up at the bottom along the water.
 It was so colorful with the flags flying and the pretty blue water with so many boats.
 I couldn't resist photographing the locals enjoying their conversations.
 Lemons are the local crop and you find everything has something to do with lemons.

The afternoon scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast was exciting and downright scary a few times. The shops in Positano were beautiful but our time in the town was short because we had a long drive back to Sorrento.

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Next post: Sorrento, Italy

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  1. Bonnie, I sure did enjoy those photo's of your trip to Italy! I felt like I was there. Especially liked the "locals" visiting with one another, so natural. Very beautiful!! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Bless you.
    Joy! Debbie

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of the Amalfi coast and yes, some of the roads over in Europe are very scary.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Positano was one of the places I wish I could have seen when I went ot Naples. Looks beautiful!

  4. Bonnie, Thanks for letting me be an armchair traveler! Visiting Italy and particularly the Amalfi Coast is on my bucket list. I always enjoying seeing all the open air markets, goods & local produce!

  5. Oh Bonni, what awesome photographs of your trip! Oh my, all along the Amalfi coast is just truly a joy to see! Would go back in a heartbeat! Skipping a beat is what my heart did too along those roads!! Yikes!

  6. Your photos are wonderful, and this looks like an amazing trip!
    Mary Alice

  7. Bonnie, I love all these beautiful pictures! Amazing sites! The lemon stand really stole my heart. That picture would become an enlargement for me on my wall! Have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Your photos are beautiful and remind me of the twisty, steep roads we traveled on Capri. We didn't make it over to Positanno where you were, and wish we could have. Thanks for the photos!

  9. Amazingly beautiful! The pictures of the figs and lemons made my mouth water! We are going back to the south of France in the fall and may have to extend our trip to visit this beautiful coast!

  10. Oh, how lovely! We got to stay in Positano in a quaint little ocean view place that had a dresser that looked just like the one in Beauty and the Beast. You are having soooo much fun! Makes me want to go back!

  11. Hi Bonnie, I read everyone's posts last night, and today I've gone back to leave comments. I hate when I get behind on my visits. :)

    I really enjoyed this post -- loved ALL the pictures. I love the cafe table with the colorful drinking glasses, the harbor with all the boats and national flags, the pretty clothes at the boutique, and the WONDERFUL fabrics with the lemon patterns. Gorgeous!! I'd love to have some of that fabric because lemon is one of my very favorite flavors in the world.

    You were so fortunate to get to take this trip, and I know you made the most of it and enjoyed every minute. Thanks so much for sharing the highlights with us. If I go to Italy someday, I'll have a better idea of which spots to visit now. Have a wonderful weekend, Bonnie!

    Big Hugs,


  12. Oh another great travel post! I'm living vicariously through you now! I've never been to Italy. It looks beautiful. It looks crowded too. Loved hearing about your experience there.

  13. Oh the Almalfi Coast is on my bucket list. I loved living vicariously through your gorgeous images. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Those vistas are absolutely beautiful. No wonder the Amalfi coast is so famous. Kudos to you for taking those photos out of the window as I think I would get motion sick with all those twists and turns. I wonder if the bride and groom are locals or if this is a destination wedding. I would definitely be buying some of those lemon print cushions and cloths.

  15. My Cousin's friend has a family home in Positano. I have never been. My favorite's are Capri,
    Sorrento and Venice. Great shopping and food. yvonne

  16. Hi there, just catching up! So lovely to see more of your pictures from Italy, they bring back such lovely memories for me, thank you for sharing. Hope that you had a good weekend. xx

  17. Hi Bonnie, your photographs are wonderful and I’ve scrolled up and down enjoying them. My husband and I visited the Amalfi Coast, spending three nights in Sorrento and taking the local bus to Positano to spend the day. It was such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing this. It brings all my memories flooding back.
    I attended the bloggers meeting in Fairhope last week. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you.................
    Happy Spring.

  18. Oh goodness Bonnie, what a magnificent place! I think all your photos are just grand, you captured the feel of it for me, and I wish I could shop at that lemon stall! So colorful, and the boats! Loved the bride!!

  19. How gorgeous Bonnie, I am green with envy. Hope you had a fabulous time. With love, Linda x

  20. oh my gosh, what did you buy? i think i would want everything you photographed in all the shops! things with lemons on them, they looked beautiful and i don't even like lemons! just the scarf? does it have lemons?? how long were you there for? this is on my list, it has been, but it's bumped up now!

  21. I know why you were holding your breath driving along the coast. it is scary!

  22. Wow, looks so different in the sunshine! lol It was all rainy when I was there. I love your pictures, just beautiful! And the color of the pretty!

  23. Your pictures are so wonderful!
    I'm Italian but I've never been to Costiera.
    Seems you've had a great time!
    Thanks for sharing

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