Thursday, July 17, 2014

Appetizers galore

 This post is a collection of mostly cheese appetizers I have served in my home or at my daughter's house. Simple brie, crackers and fruit come together easily and is always a welcome and easy appetizer.

 This is blue cheese and crusty wheat bread served with  garlic basil oil I made for my daughter. I was inspired to make the infused oil and a label for the oil from Jacqueline@Purple Chocolat Home several years ago.
 On this occasion left overs from a cheese tasting at my daughter's were enjoyable.

 This is a luscious assortment of cheeses served at the chateau we stayed in Provence several years ago, Chateau Roussan. View Chateau Roussan here. This tray was served as a dessert option. In France, they serve cheese after the main course.
 A tray on my patio of blue cheese, brie and goat cheese.
 Goat cheese was drizzled with fig preserves and served with bruscheta and yummy black grapes.
 Blue cheese on pears is delicious, simple and easy.
 Brie is popular at our house as I guess you can tell. This was at the beach and cherries were in season.
 Mozzarella on pita bread with store bought salsa from Costco. Served on fourth of July several years ago. View that post here.
Crusty french bread with brie and strawberries. It was interesting to find nine or so pictures of cheese appetizers in my stash of pictures. Pears, strawberries, grapes, cherries, figs, whatever you like, go nicely with cheese and crackers. Do you serve easy cheese and crackers appetizers with fruit often?

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  1. Oh Bonnie, all those cheesy displays look divine! There is really nothing better than some good cheese, a little bread and a glass of vino! Lovely photos and vignettes!

  2. Oh Bonnie, everything looks sooo good! Now I am craving cheese and crackers :) Enjoy your weekend, sweet lady!

  3. I need cheese! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I'm making my grocery list now.

  4. I'm a Brie freak, myself. Have you tried Gourmandise in the almond and kirsch? So good. Cherry Kay

  5. Such beautiful and yummy looking appetizers! You need to make up a portfolio using these wonderful photos and go into the catering business if you're not already doing that. It all looks so professional!

  6. Beautiful Bonnie.. I am really craving some fresh mozarella to go with our tomatoes.. Your combinations are so appealing.
    Love, Mona

  7. Hello Bonnie, this post is making me hungry! They all look lovely, but the one that appeals most, is the one with black grapes and the lovely clematis. I don't serve cheese and crackers often, but I think I should. We tend to be more into dessert here, but there is no reason we couldn't have both!
    Many thanks for your comments, it was a very beautiful island, with something lovely to look at around every corner. Have a relaxing weekend, love Linda xx

  8. This is my favorite kind of appetizer! Cheese - cheese - cheese! I've even thought about learning to make it myself, I love it so much!
    Your displays are gorgeous, and you were so clever o photograph them before they were gobbled up!

  9. Oh Bonnie! Is there anything that you don't do beautifully? I am SO hungry. :)

    Thank you for your kindness and friendship.

  10. Oh how pretty! I bet, yummy too! Thanks for your sweet comments always!

  11. All the cheese offerings look wonderful Bonnie! We love fig preserves with goat cheese and pear and blue cheese is a match made in heaven!

  12. I love all these ideas, Bonnie, and your pictures are so beautiful. I want to come to your house for appetizers!


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