Tuesday, November 26, 2019

This and That ~ Number 3

I am so thankful for all God's blessings. Thank you, dear readers, for reading my blog and for all the sweet comments. For those that haven't been able to comment I appreciate the texts and emails so much. I wish I could fix that problem.
 Thanksgiving is a special holiday to reflect on our blessings. There is an old hymn named, Count Your Many Blessings. If I started listing my blessings I would be here all day as I sure you would also.  One blessing I have had is a wonderful mother-in-law. She made the sweet handmade Pilgrim dolls in the photo back in the 70's.

Hopefully, this post will catch you up on a few things that have been going on in my life. 
 Thankfully recently, I was one of four winners of a Royal Wessex plate by Churchill from Mary @Home is Where the Boat is. Thank you so much, Mary. I think I can see a collection starting in the future.

Also, I was also blessed recently on an Instagram giveaway to win an April Cornell sponsored giveaway assisted by Pam@Everyday Living Blog. The Christmas napkins are beautiful!

It is so much fun to meet bloggers in real life. Linda@Lulus' Musings and I enjoyed visiting last Saturday in Houston. We could have talked all day. 

How many bloggers have you met in real life? 

 The reason for our trip to Houston was to celebrate my husband's aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary. I snapped this quick picture of them in front of the home they have lived in for 56 years. They now have downsized and moved to an assisted living facility.  
The venue for their anniversary party was a local restaurant where a lovely celebration was held. As is true on most occasions you don't want to interrupt to take pictures. I snapped some with my cell phone but could not capture the special couple well without spoiling their fun. It was such a happy and enjoyable occasion. 

And now, a totally different subject. I know you are wondering what in the world is this a picture of? Again, this is a hurridly snapped cell phone photo at Rosemary Beach on the Gulf Coast.  It has been on my mind so much. The sculpture is made up entirely of single-use plastics. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the ever-growing problem of single-use plastics. I hope you will take the time to view this with your Ipad and zoom in for a closer look. It is convicting to see so many familiar things that we routinely throw away.
Help stop the invasion of single-use plastics: 5 simple steps you can take now.
                  1. Use your own refillable water bottle 
2. Decline the plastic straw
                 3. Shop with a cloth or reusable bags, refuse the plastic ones.
                  4. Take your own reusable cup to the coffee shop.
                 5. Commit to reducing, reusing and refusing single-use plastics.
 This sculpture was very convicting to me. It has given me much to ponder and habits to change in my life.

Since I posted pics of my two grandgirls recently here, I wanted to share my grandsons. I am so happy anticipating all of our family together this year for Christmas at my house.
Thanks for reading a little of "This and That " going on at Living With Thanksgiving. Wishing all of you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day!  


  1. What a rich, beautiful post, Bonnie. The anniversary party looks terrific and oh, so special. And three cheers for Mary! The grands, of course, are darling. And that sculpture is powerful indeed. I'm trying to reduce/eliminate single use plastic as well. But what does one do with all the OLD tupperware and storage containers? I'm not sure they are recyclable. Wishing you and all the Morgans a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  2. Bonnie, this is such a beautiful post! I loved reading about all of your happenings. Congratulations on your recent wins! I’m so happy to read that all of your family will be home for Christmas. I know you must be thrilled beyond measure! I hope you a have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, sweet friend!

  3. So many lovely events for you Bonnie. Love all the pics. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.....

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie! Thanks so sharing plastic dumping awareness, I am passionate about this ever growing problem...the lionfish sculpture is incredible!

  5. Congratulations on all your wins. Wishing you and yours a HAPPY,BLESSED THANKSGIVING.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie, enjoy your plate and napkins! Such an interesting sculpture to remind us about single use plastics. Look forward to hopping with you Tuesday. ♥

  7. Bonnie, I love this post. The anniversary party looks like so much fun, I know they appreciated you coming. Your grandsons are so handsome and I know you are so excited that all of your family will spend Christmas with you and Mike! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

  8. Bonnie,
    Beautiful post and filled with the best things in life,
    I am happy for you knowing that you will have your family at your home for Christmas!
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend,

  9. Bonnie such a beautiful post! I love that you saved those pilgrims all these years. I have a few things I wish I had saved. Such a nice party. The restaurant or whomever set the table beautifully. I hate it when the party gets going and I have forgotten to take pictures but I understand there are times when you just shouldn’t. Your grandsons are so handsome. I love the older boy’s date’s dress. Just so elegant. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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