Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are you planning a Romantic Valentine Dinner?

I know Valentine's Day is several weeks away but I am already thinking about setting my table and what food I will serve. I found these glasses and napkin rings at Pier 1 recently and they said Valentine to me.

Last year on Valentine's Day, anticipation played a special  part of the evening being romantic and special.

 I made a big deal out of a romantic dinner at home with just the two of us. My husband knew I was making a big deal out of it.  This is the food I served.  
This pic is for you Cathy. I remember you asking what I served. When I posted the table last year I didn't show what we ate.

 Last year's tablescape can be viewed here.

Five years ago I began blogging. My FIL died early February,  afterward my husband and I both got sick, it snowed in south Alabama and housebound I did a novice Valentine post.

 I played with the dishes and came up with this:

I asked the question last year: What are you planning for your husband for Valentine's Day?  After 42 years of marriage I think I can humbly say I have learned a few things. One is to plan things to do together. The other is to surprise your husband with something romantic occasionally.  Don't always expect him to do all the planning and take you out. Tell him you are planning a romantic dinner at home or plan the dinner out yourself. . Anticipation is the key with you..... and your family. You will enjoy planning little details hoping to please.

If you are still interested here are a few suggestions:
 Get a baby sitter early because the good ones get taken quickly or put the kids  to bed early if they are small. If they are older tell them you and Daddy are going to have a romantic dinner in the dining room and treat them to having their dinner on trays while they watch a favorite video. They will be excited and will cooperate if you handle it right. You could even have your dinner on trays in your bedroom while the kids have the den. I am sure you have great ideas. I just wanted to suggest you serve your husband this year. Make him feel special! HE IS!

Stay tuned for 2014's Valentine Dinner.

In regards to marriage, I was very impressed with a recent blog post titled, Why is Marriage So Hard? I highly recommend you read this well written and heartfelt post. Read Edie's post here.

Living thankfully, Bonnie

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  1. They are both so pretty, Bonnie. Great finds and just in time for Valentine's.....Christine

  2. Your new accessories are very pretty, I hope that you have a lovely meal at Valentine's! xx

  3. Bonnie, you are such a wise woman. I'm taking your advice to heart for this Valentine's... and, trying to keep it in mind for lots of ordinary days, too... we so often take for granted those closest to us. I know your husband appreciated this beautiful table and meal last year and is looking forward to the treat ahead of him this one!! He is a lucky man. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Wow...I just read Edie's post with earnest. I never thought of marriage as being hard until I read that!!! I've always thought some parts of it to be a challenge, but never anything really insurmountable. In my younger days I sure thought it was hard. So much so that I couldn't stay married. When I found "the right one", though, it became much, much easier because I focus on us as a couple but don't let my individuality get skewered in the process. Ramon and I make it a point to be courteous and respectful toward each other (he even still says, "Excuse me" if a big burp escapes in my presence!). He kisses me & says, "Thank you" after each and every meal...even if it's just a bowl of cereal. He opens car and building doors for me, walks on the side of the sidewalk nearest traffic, calls me at home numerous times each day from work, plans activities that can include us both, thanks me when he looks in the drawer or closet and sees freshly washed/ironed clothes, and when I was down with my surgery, he REALLY stepped up to the plate. The same goes for me to him. After 23 years together, I actually DO thank him for bringin' home the bacon and for working like a dog so that I can stay home and play in the dishes. (Although that's obviously not ALL I do around here!) I offer to toss his towel in the dryer on cold mornings for when he gets out of the shower. I LISTEN when he wants to discuss something serious. I make a big, huge, hairy deal out of getting all dressed up for him to go we're going on a date for the first time. I even keep all my "female products" in my dressing room since I know it makes him uncomfortable. (Weird...he's a doctor and that stuff makes him uncomfortable!) :-) We rarely fight, and when we do we consciously fight fair. We even went to a marriage counselor early in our marriage to learn HOW to fight fair!!! It was weird, but it sure made a difference! Any time we think we're slipping, we call Dr. Benson to get right back in there pronto.

    I'm not saying I have the perfect marriage by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it comes pretty close by my own standards. I can't think of another single person on this earth with whom I could or would want to share the life I've shared with Ramon. If there's anything hard about it at all, I would have to say that it's knowing that we only have a scant 30 or so more years to be together on this earth. That makes me very sad.

    You betcha I'll be making him a nice dinner and doing something special for him on Valentine's Day! He is going to return the favor a week later when the restaurants aren't so crowded. I'm looking forward to both celebrations! Thanks for getting the discussion started. In writing this, it makes me appreciate even MORE what my husband and I share.

    1. Alycia, you are truly blessed, I so enjoyed reading your comment and it gave me some ideas of tyhings to do for my husband. Thanks!! We have been married for 46 yers but I think I can always do things better.

  5. I'm thinking about that too! What a lovely table setting!

  6. Oh, your little table looks so pretty and romantic! I love that buffalo check tablecloth. Your food looked so good too. I have no idea what to we'll do for us for Valentine's Day. I may have to copy you and set a sweet little table and have a romantic dinner.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I always surprise my husband with some Dark Chocolate candy,(his favorite) and a nice wine and we usually sit on the patio and just visit and catch up after dinner. In the desert the weather is usually pretty good and it's so nice to be sitting under the stars. I love your idea of a nice romantic dinner. Maybe I'll plan one for the patio and then have candlelight too. Sounds very romantic. Thank you so much for such a gracious comment you left on my post. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Bonnie, You had a very beautiful tablesetting last year and it was gorgeous! I can only imagine what you will do this year. Getting an early peek of your Valentine’s table with those gorgeous ruby red glasses and napkin rings I’m sure it will be lovely, everything you do is beautiful!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend............

  9. What a lovely table setting and how sweet to plan such a special night for you and your hubby. Valentine's Day kind of goes by unnoticed at my house since I am single and my daughter is out of the country for 6 months. I'll have to find someone that could use some cheering on Valentine's Day and make it special for them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I may just take your suggestion and do a romantic dinner for the 2 of us. We have been married for 46 years so I am anxious to read the post about marriage. I know it can be hard at times but working through the difficult times binds us closer. I am off to read it now. Love your checked tablecloth and the new glasses and napkin rings you found. I will have to take a run to Pier 1!!!!

  11. Beautiful that plaid tablecloth!

  12. Oh Bonnie, the glasses and napkin ring holders are so pretty and simply perfect for Valentine's Day. I am like you and have already been thinking about what I will make for Valentine's Day. Have a lovely Monday, sweet lady! Hugs

  13. Bonnie, you have beautiful things and know just how to arrange them.

    That doesn't look novice to me from your 2010 post.

    Have a blessed week,

  14. Bonnie, these glasses and napkin rings yell Valentine's Day to me too. How fun to plan the night so far in advance and tell the kiddies that it is time for the two of you. Once mine got old enough, they decided it was for them too! I try to get them some chocolates now every year too!

  15. Oh, I love that tablecloth! Your dinner looked delicious. This looks like a wonderful way to spend Valentine's night. Your new stemware and napkin rings are so pretty. I'll look forward to seeing them on this year's table. laurie

  16. I worked on a few Valentine things in the car as we drove to Utah. I am doing laundry from vacation, but then I am starting to set out some Valentine decor.

    Those napkin rings are so pretty. I might just head over to Pier 1 to look around.

  17. A very pretty table! And I adore that tablecloth!

  18. Wow! You don't look old enough to be married for 42 yrs! Your Valentines table setting and meal look wonderful. As much as you probably don't want to hear this, because it may sound like I'm ditzing the holiday, but we don't make a big fuss over Valentines Day. We did get engaged on Valentines Day way back in 1986, but since our wedding anniversary is so close to that date, we tend to do more for that instead.

  19. Bonnie, I love your new glasses and napkin rings, it's always amazing to me how adding just a couple of new items can dress up your table and bring new life to your dishes. Your photographed meal looks delicious and I love the beautiful bokeh!

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