Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow in the Forecast Tuesday for South Alabama

It snowed at our house in 2010. Snow is so rare it created quite a stir.

 Schools were closed but we didn't lose power.

It didn't last long but it was exciting and pretty. Snow is forecast in our area Tuesday. It will be interesting to see how much we get. I know this is baby stuff for all of you out there with over a foot or more of snow. I didn't wear my heavy coat last year at all and it has been so long since I wore anything but very light weight sweaters mine are all out of style. I hope we do get snow for all the kids who have not seen it to enjoy building a snow man, throwing snowballs and playing in the snow. 


  1. I loved your post. It's so sincere.

    Please visit my blog - yesterday - Sunday- I shared a little video of our snowstorm. Snow isn't rare here at all. You gotta see how we live here, it's hilarious. : - )

    Stay warm and safe, my friend.

  2. No snow, but for the second time in a week Houston is preparing to shut down because cold weather/ice is expected. This city just doesn't do well with cold!

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    We have a forecast of 40% chance of snow here in N.C. tomorrow; but I have my doubts. :) So far this year, we had one little snow that never stuck to the ground. I wouldn't mind a pretty snow myself, but I know the poor people in the northeast and midwest are probably sick of snow this year.

    I love the pictures of your house with snow all around -- so pretty!! Have a wonderful evening, Bonnie.



  4. Wow, it must be cold over there if you are forecast to get snow so far south, that is very rare I should think. I hope that you stay snug and warm whatever happens! xx

  5. Your pictures of your house are so pretty with the snow. Living in So CA we never get snow only once that I remember 51 years ago.It sure was a cold winter but just moving back from Chicago seemed like a heat wave.
    Stay warm.

  6. How fun! I hope you get some and everyone enjoys it and stays safe:@)

  7. So pretty , Bonnie..... I can't wait to see all of us Southern girl's snow covered houses and yards... We don't have any snow yet but they have predicted 1-3 inches...I surely hope so..
    Love, Mona

  8. I remember our snow in Charleston. It came the day before the shuttle disaster. I had jury duty in the city and didn't have a winter coat. As I drove past our neighborhood elementary school, all the children were outside running around in the snow. The principal thought it was just too good of an opportunity for unusual fun to pass up. Our boys loved it! Of course, it had all melted before school was out that afternoon. As I type this, I am happy to report that I now own three winter coats. I'm not happy to report that we have more than a foot of snow and the high today is predicted to be 4 degrees. Right now, it is -4!!


  9. I just LOVE the front of your house, Bonnie! Are those scrolled wrought iron pieces on the windows purely decorative? They're really neat! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like those. My parents' home has some wrought iron "burglar bars" on the lower windows, but they're not nearly so decorative and fancy. I also really like those pediments over the windows. Someday I'm going to have an expansive covered front porch like yours, too. We have a Colonial-style house, and it is just BEGGING for one!!! It would be SO nice to be able to put a wreath on the OUTSIDE of the door for once!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the snow!

  10. Hi Bonnie! I hope you are warm and safe, sweet friend. Hugs to you!

  11. I saw all the snow and ice the south was faced with today -- every dangerous! I'm glad you did not lose power, Bonnie! Hopefully normal winter weather will return soon!

  12. Amazing images of the Winter wonderland, wow! I guess snow is not stopping any time son in the USA. Keep safe and warm. Thanks for visiting my Little girl, you are so sweet.


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