Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enlarging a vintage map

In 2010, I viewed a blog with a vintage Paris map framed and I loved it.  Learn how you can print out vintage maps.
The blogger Kristine from the in Australia explained how she printed out the map( see link below). It was too complicated for me so I gave up the idea for a while.
This is my map three years later and the pic above is my bedroom now.
This is Kristine's bedroom with the inspiration vintage map and the link below explains her process of making the large scale map.

I must also credit inspiration from Debbie@confessions of a plate addict.

Thank you Debbie for giving me me an idea to try.

 I knew that Office Depot did large posters so I asked if they could print out a large map from the internet and was very pleased that they could print it to fit my frame  purchased from Hobby Lobby. It took three years to come to fruition but I am happy with my Paris map. I have walked the streets of Paris on three occasions  loving every minute  and now I can follow our footsteps on this map and remember some very nice experiences. 

This is a close up of the map. The map was less than $20.00 and fortunately I was able to buy the frame for 50% off for only $40.00. You can google vintage maps and find a treasure chest of maps to enlarge and frame that don't have a copyright. Vintage maps are very popular in interior design right now.

Before pic. A work still in progress.
This is the after pic with the Paris vintage map and a small bedding change. Didn't realize my nightstand was so messy. Just everyday life-no staging.

 I love Paris.

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  1. I love it...something I have wanted to try, too! Thanks so much for the shout-out! Hugs...Debbie

  2. Your map looks great! P.s. no mess that I can see on your nightstand, it just looks lovely to me! xx

  3. So awesome. If you buy a map like that they are so expensive!

  4. Excellent addition to your beautiful room, Bonnie. I especially like that it holds special meaning for you, not just for decoration. =) blessings ~ tanna

  5. It looks absolutely wonderful! How lucky to have been to Paris several times! Pinning to remember to try getting an oversized print made!

  6. That's so funny that you mentioned about the "messy" state of your nightstand! I would never have noticed,'s not EVEN messy, girl!!! You're hilarious!

    I love old maps and would love to print one out and enlarge it for our library. I don't have the patience for much of anything these days, so it will probably never happen, but I LOVE yours! Great job!

  7. Wonderful idea! The map of Paris looks so beautiful above your bed, Bonnie. It must give you sweet dreams about your visit there.

  8. Beautiful map and beautiful bedroom, Bonnie!! I have always been fascinated with maps, especially the vintage ones. I have noticed their popularity at the moment and would love to frame one for our home. I may do that very thing when I get our "new" guest room put together. I think yours turned out beautifully.

    It's great to know that they can be printed out at Office Depot; I would never have thought to ask about that. You were smart to think of it!

    This is a great idea, and I'm glad you shared with us Bonnie. Have a good evening. :)



  9. Beautiful results Bonnie. I actually hope to re-visit my map tutorial this year in more detail for my readers. LOVE the look of your map and thanks so much for linking back to me :-)

  10. I love old maps and am always interested in how they are used. Yours appears to be perfect in your bedroom and adds that little something extra.

  11. Whoa. That bed is beautifully huge! Well, I adored the vintage map, really, and it takes me a minute how to say it yet I believe that it is one of the gorgeous accessories in the room!

    Sebastian Chuter


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