Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weather Update

In the deep south today it has been all about ice. The temperature has been around 24-25 in our town in south Alabama. Not much going on because the roads are icy.

 We were warned about the wintery mix of snow and sleet. Living near the gulf we are accustomed to tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes so we know to prepare. Thankfully, we didn't loose power and are cozy in our home. Many people we know that live north  ( Birmingham, AL) of us were trapped  in their cars, parents couldn't reach their children from schools, and people spent the night at their places of work. Terrible horror stories. Atlanta was also hard hit with gridlock and people trapped.
 We aren't prepared for ice.
 I know this looks whimpy to many in other parts of the country.  Just showing the unusual for us. My sister lives 30 miles north of me and they had 2 inches of snow. Ours was just a dusting of ice crystals but the schools and many businesses are closed. Just too dangerous to be on the roads sliding around.
 This is ice and just look at the magnolia tree!
Crunch, crunch ........ but the pumpkins abandoned in the back yard hang on!!!! LOL. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow. So glad.


  1. Glad you are warm and safe. Hasn't this weather been awful, especially for those stranded in their cars or at work or school. We're safe and warm too , but I'm so ready for Spring. Hope your plants aren't damaged by the ice.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    It's so good to hear from you! I was thinking about you as I watched the evening news here and saw the situation in Birmingham. Icy weather is just no fun! We've had about two inches of snow here, but I think there was a bit of ice mixed in. Roads were slick here, too. My husband drives a Mazda Miata, and he said it was rough getting home yesterday. I'm glad he could work from home today!

    Your pictures are great, Bonnie. I love the bird house and the Camelias -- beautiful!

    Stay safe and warm, Bonnie



  3. Burrrr it looks so cold there, if it is any conselation, i loved the great pictures, all the ice hanging on to everything...Such great shots and looks so darned cold....glad you are good...

  4. We had 2 inches of snow…as opposed to the expected 6 to 8 inches…Down to 6 degrees tonight and icy roads tomorrow, but then we will have a warm up! :)…So sad to see the ice on the camellias!..

  5. Wow, the residents of your bird house will be cold, and surprised to see those icicles I'm sure!! I hope that you stay safe and warm. So funny that you still have pumpkins lurking around, they look so odd in the snow! xx

  6. It's a shame the kids didn't get to play in some snow. Glad you stayed put and things will be back to normal today:@)

  7. Crazy isn't it how the south is affected by serious winter weather, but it doesn't happen often enough for most cities to have equipment to deal with it. Oh well, it's OK sometime to be home and get caught upp, like on blog reading!

  8. Hi Bonnie, We got 2 inches of snow, it's black ice today with single digit temperatures this morning but warming up to above freezing this afternoon so everything should melt away. Ice is NOT fun and is scary which is usually what we get we they forecast snow. I feel bad for your poor Camilla, but the ice photo is beautiful. My sister lives in Atlanta, it took her 7 hours to get home from work but at least she made it and didn't have to abandon her car.

  9. I hope it warmed up nicely for you guys today, Bonnie. I know that you are not accustomed to getting and dealing with this kind of weather. Believe me...even those of us who have lived with it for years have a healthy fear/respect of it!!! Ice is the worst!

    Stay cozy, and have a wonderful weekend!


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