Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paris, On MY MIND!

Oh, I hope "Midnight in Paris", wins tonight. I love the opening scenes- they are so beautiful and meaningful to me. I recognize and can name the location of most of the scenes. My husband and I have lost track of how many times we have watched this movie. It inspired my husband to read one of Hemingway's books and I enjoyed reading more about many of the artists and writers depicted in the movie. I have a special affection for Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams.

Some of my favorite Paris snaps.

Fingers crossed for "MIDNIGHT IN PARIS" and "THE HELP!"


  1. Hey there, Bonnie! So nice to 'meet' you.

    I have been to Paris just once and cannot wait to go there again...Sigh.
    Loved 'The Help', too. It deserves to win, for sure.
    Than you so much for visiting me and leaving such a thoughtful comment. You made my day!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  2. Oh, Paris on my mind too. "So close, no matter how far..."

  3. Photos are splendid... Perhaps some more?

    Have a nice week!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow me back.
    Thanks, Mary Alice

  5. My two favorites, too!
    I would also like to see
    War Horse; looks amazing!

    Love these beautiful pics!

    xx Suzanne

  6. Hi Bonnie, very nice to meet you. I am your newest follower. I saw The Help and thought it should have won. I haven't had the chance to see Midnight in Paris yet, but I hope to. Paris is lovely. My husband and I have been there.

  7. LOVE you photographs. That top one is great and the men playing chess etc are a special love of mine. Actually, I'm almost one of the boys at the p├ętanque courts at Luxembourg Gardens!
    I think we will have to meet one day. Isnt' this fun!!
    Bon weekend,

  8. BTW, i signed up to follow on LInky and have no earthly idea bout that, then scrolled down and saw the Google one. Did them both!

  9. Well, I know what I need to rent! I loved The Help but haven't seen Midnight in Paris and I am sure I would love it just because of Paris!!!!


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