Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Day in PARIS

Jardin Des Tuileries 

Vue De La Grotte du Jardin Du Luxembourg. My daughter has a beautiful original watercolor of this scene so we were pleased to see this today! It is lovely.

Jardin du Luxembourg

A handmade ship being sailed in the pool. 

Notre Dame in Spring.

French children at play in park across from Bon Marche.

French table setting in Bon Marche.

River boat on the Seine with Pont Alexander bridge and Eiffel Tower in the background. Cloudy day until late afternoon the sun finally begins to peak out here.

French lunch on Rue Cler.

And there are 309 more pictures made on my grandson's birthday on a cloudy day in Paris. Hope your birthday was nice, Noah!


  1. I'm so proud of you for posting this on the road. I am thinking of you hourly, wondering what amazing thing you are doing.

    The pictures are wonderful! I loved seeing the Luxembourg garden.

  2. Lovely pictures, you really get a sense of the vibrancy of the place. I hope you are having a lovely time, love Linda x

  3. i saw your posts at laura's and i had to come over and do some sleuthing to find your france posts. rome was linked, but paris wasn't working for me. i will be heading to paris for my first trip in about a week, so i am glad to see your posts that show flowers in early april! i hope it will be nice weather and there will be flowers in bloom, like those gorgeous tulips!

  4. That handmade ship on the Luxembourg pond? Now THAT was a work of art! Your photos are making me smile, each and every one.


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