Monday, June 5, 2023

Monday Morning Blooms

I am honored to be invited to be a 'guest bloomer' for Monday Morning Blooms.  Pam, Mary, and Lidy are very talented floral designers that showcase their talent on the first Monday of every month. Click on the links below to view their beautiful posts.  The theme today is watering cans.
I am so happy to join them for this edition of Monday Morning Blooms.

My original plans for this post changed as the wonderful cool morning progressed. My shady garden works well for gardenias, hydrangeas, and other shade-loving plants. I had a delightful time cutting flowers and greenery and deciding where my table would be. The birds were singing, there was a pleasant breeze, and I was happy and thankful to see the fruit of my labor in my garden rewarded with lots of blooms. I wait all year for this time to arrange my own flowers instead of store-bought ones.
 I'm showing you a little of my garden to set the stage for some of my choices of flowers.

Agapanthus are scattered throughout my woodland setting.

Gardenias have a lovely fragrance and make a great scrub year-round in my garden. It has been very rewarding to root three bushes that are huge now. It is an older variety, and the blossoms are fairly large.

In keeping with the watering can theme, I wanted to use a tole watering can I was gifted some years ago as a vase. Thank you, Johanna. I feel especially grateful because it was her mother's. It has a small opening on one side. A gardenia, pink hydrangea, blue hydrangea, and some dusty miller would all fit.

My mother's smaller tole metal watering can hold agapanthus, solid leaf dusty miler, and hydrangea. If you haven't seen the solid-leaf dusty miller, it is awesome. It adds a pop of white in the garden that catches your eye and is a great filler in arrangements.

It took over twenty stems to make this large arrangement. I love my vintage can that I have had for many years. Gathering flowers and arranging them was so much fun.
 Greenery, especially variegated greenery, adds so much to the garden and to the arrangements. The texture and color contrast is pleasing. Acuba and Pittosporum are my 'go to's'. 

You can see the Acuba at the back of the hydrangeas. It also roots easily in water.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to enjoy the gorgeous day as I styled these flowers. God has blessed me with each one. Every day is indeed a blessing. I like to talk to Him as I stroll through the garden. It is a wonderful fellowship time.

After making these arrangements, I decided to make myself a refreshing compote of berries.

The embossed tablecloth was my mother-in-law's. Her brother brought it to her from the Phillippines in the late 50s. I noticed the label says "Made in Spain." I enjoy learning the history of vintage items.
 While I was smoothing the tablecloth out, it reminded me of a long bridal veil.

The napkin is equally beautiful.

I look forward to viewing Mary, Lidy, and Pam's watering can arrangements. Thank you, ladies, for inviting me to join you today! 
Click below to view their lovely posts.

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Living Thankfully, 


  1. Be still my tole-and-watering-can-loving heart Bonnie! Such pretty tole watering cans served on your beautiful tray! It’s always a treat to see what is blooming in your garden. I love the mix of pink, blue, silver and purple from your hydrangeas, dusty miller and agapanthus in your watering cans. And your sweet gardenia bloom too… I know the fragrance must be heavenly! Our gardenias just burst into bloom this weekend and I smelled them before I saw them when I stepped onto the porch. Your Aucuba provides such handsome foliage and backdrop to your beautiful hydrangeas. And what a treasure your mother’s tablecloth and napkins are! We’re so happy you could join us for some flower therapy and Monday Morning Blooms. Happy June. ♥

  2. Bonnie, I have enjoyed a walk in your beautiful garden as I drink my morning coffee. The hydrangeas are breathtaking. The French hydrangeas at my friend’s hydrangea farm were all nipped by several nights of freezing weather, so disappointing. The tole watering cans are stunning and hold special memories for you. I love the mix of hydrangeas, gardenias, dusty miller, and agapanthus. I know you love gardening and the reward for all of the hard work is to be able to cut flowers and arrange for a table outside or indoors. I also thought of a bridal veil when seeing your mother-in-law’s exquisite tablecloth and napkins.

    It is a pleasure to share blooms with you and thank you for joining us for Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a joy-filled Monday!

  3. Good morning Bonnie, what a treat to visit your beautiful garden and watch you clip flowers! The special tole watering cans are beautiful and the blooms you chose look so pretty in them. The large arrangement of blue hydrangeas is a show stopper! I know sitting at your little garden table is your happy place... so many incredible blooms reward your hard work. Fabulous Monday Morning Blooms!

  4. Oh Bonnie, you have such a stunning garden! Your blooms have made such gorgeous arrangements in your tole watering cans. You have such a lovely collection. The vintage tablecloth cascading down your table adds such a pretty touch. I have so enjoyed my visit today! Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  5. Your painted cans remind me of a dear friend now gone. She loved this artistry and had many different things decorated with the beautiful hand painted flowers. Thank you for sharing and sending me down memory lane.

  6. Good morning Bonnie! What a delight it is to join you today in your beautiful garden! Where shall I begin? I love love love that special tole watering can, made even more beautiful as it was a gift of the heart from your dear friend. Your flowers all look perfectly wonderful in each one of your watering cans, with those stunning blue hydrangeas in the back ground. Your tablecloth is so lovely, with the sheer parts really highlighting the design. What a gorgeous place to enjoy a glass of iced tea or lemonade and a little bowl of berries. Thank you, dear friend, for joining us today on our floral therapy day. Wishing you a glorious June! Xo Lidy

  7. Love the gorgeous arrangement in the tile watering can. What a most thoughtful gift!!! Gorgeous garden setting! Have a great week!
    Shirley @Housepitality Designs

  8. So enjoyed your garden and table, thank you for sharing!

  9. Such beautiful blooms and watering cans but- I love that tablecloth!

  10. Bonnie, beautiful garden! How wonderful to have an abundance of such gorgeous blooming plants. I love your outdoor setting, The table cloth is exquisite! Your watering cans the perfect containers for the blooms. Now you have me on the search for a tole watering can. Such a treat to see all of this. Thank you!

  11. Bonnie’s, your toile watering cans are gorgeous. How special to see your beautiful flowers presented in the lovely watering cans. Your gardens are beautiful. Hydrangeas are a favorite. I only have a few here. Such to treat to visit virtually.

  12. Oh Bonnie, I do love to stroll with you through your beautiful garden. You have so many blooms, especially hydrangeas, one of my favorites. I'm thinking of all my beauties we moved away and left, I miss my garden beds with mature plants. The tablecloth is so special and I know you must cherish it. I love the tole watering cans, they do make such great vessels for your flowers. Such a lovely post. Happy June sweet friend....

  13. Stunning Bonnie...I love your gardens...your flowers are amazing and the tole watering cans are giving me watering can envy. I lost one of our gardenia trees with hurricane Ian...and it was the most fragrant of all of them. Not sure what kind it was but I know I miss it terribly. thank you for sharing your precious memories too. hugs dear friend

  14. I love hydrangeas and yours are simply stunning. The arrangements are gorgeous and your garden dazzles. I love it to the max!

  15. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie! I enjoyed seeing all your Watering can bouquets! Such a beautiful collection. And taking a stroll in your gardens was an extra special bonus. Thank you so much!

  16. Oh Bonnie!!! Your garden is so glorious, and I can see you strolling through there talking to Our Heavenly Father. Aren’t your lucky to have those beautiful tole watering cans and the galvanized one? Your made stunning arrangements with your own garden flowers. Thank you for the beauty!


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