Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kitchen Reveal

Kitchen remodel is finished and here is the kitchen reveal. 

You will see me playing around with centerpieces and accessories.  The flowers on the bar are the last hurrah of summer! I will miss my hydrangeas.
 Also, you will notice the ongoing challenges I am trying to figure out with photographing a dark room by experimenting with different camera settings and times of day with the best light.

I need the light over the sink to see but it doesn't look good in a picture. LOL!

I felt fortunate the bar stools could be cut down to counter height. That not only saved money but I really liked them and didn't want to change.  

As I mentioned in Part 1 of kitchen remodel my kitchen and great room are dark so changing the paint color from taupe to white made a huge difference in lighting up the room. 

The following pics show a little of the process of remodeling.
This pic shows cabinet modifications being made for vent hood and new drawer below microwave. 
The painting is finished and I love the new white color.
 I know you are surprised that I didn't change the florescent lighting while I was remodeling. I would have liked to have replaced the lighting but it was too expensive. We'll save that for another time.

Countertop being installed.

I prefer the one level bar. 

I have been pleased with the white quartz I chose for countertops.

Pic before: Bar sink eliminated and microwave drawer added with deep drawer below microwave.

The drawer microwave is a great space saver.

This is the finished new cabinet that repeats the 
feet on the sink cabinet. This new cabinet with deep drawers replaced the desk shown in next pic and gives me much needed additional storage. 
As you can see, I'm still tweaking accessories on top of this cabinet. You'll see several accessory variations in this post.

This was the desk before. Please excuse the terrible pic but I wanted you to see the before and after and this was the only one I could find. The desk was not used much and was a waste of prime real-estate.

This pic shows an proposed idea to add a small 
cabinet below the glass door cabinet for more storage.
I decided against it because it didn't look right and I liked having the whole countertop for serving. I used the new cabinet in my laundry room so it was not wasted. 

I am enjoying this cabinet and don't regret not using the cabinet made for additional storage. I use this space often to serve dessert and drinks.

Trying out different accessories.

Which accessory do you like best? I will enjoy changing them with the seasons.

The drawer knobs were reused except for new matching hardware below sink and on new cabinet. It would have been major to replace all the cabinet doors and expensive to replace the hardware too.
I am learning so much about photographing this room. Obviously, I should not have left the light on over the sink. 
There is also a story about the area over the sink that I alluded to in Part 1. This is a large space with ten foot ceilings and seemed a good place to add shelving and I have gone back and forth deciding whether  to add open shelving there or not. Right now I have an oil canvas hanging there that was taken out of a frame that I already had. I am continuing to look for another painting I like. It is also a place I could hang a wreath at Christmas.  The shelves can always be an option but I am living with it for a while before I decide and regret my decision. 
I love the convenience of the niche over the stove but sometimes the cluttered look bothers me so I might not like the open shelving. 

In my efforts to lighten up the room the oak kitchen table was chalk painted a few years earlier. The wall color was several shades lighter than the original taupe trim color and had been repainted a few years back so I didn't feel as if I could justify the expense of repainting it so I left it. I realize now, how much I wish I had painted all the trim white many years earlier and painted the walls a lighter color also. 

Close up of table.  I've had this table for years. It was stained oak with pressed back chairs. I replaced the chairs and they were originally black. Then I decided to have the chairs and table chalk painted.  I've done too much digging and weed pulling in the past to paint it myself but I found someone to paint it for me. This room has been a work in progress for a while now.
There is so much more to show you about changes made at the same time in the great room, laundry room and bedroom but I'll share them in another post.
Thank you for your patience while I rambled on!
Blessings to you, Bonnie


  1. Loving your kitchen! I am so glad for you. I'm guessing getting rid of that desk made you ecstatic, I know it would me. I'd kill for a microwave built in, but I had to settle for my butlers pantry.

    Congrats, it looks wonderful.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love your kitchen. The Blue Willow above the cabinets against the color of the walls is gorgeous. This is being pinned to my kitchen board. Looks like I need to repaint my cabinets and walls again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful, Bonnie! I immediately noticed the Blue Willow platters, my favorite pattern. Love the oil above the sink.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Bonnie, this looks so beautiful. I really appreciate all your thought process as you went through it. It's a struggle, I realize! I really think you will be happy to leave the area above the sink as it is, with the option of hanging a picture or wreath, etc., vs. open shelving. Your comment on the niche about over the cooktop supports that. Believe it or not, that area over the sink was one of the first that caught my eye when you posed the question of which accessories do we like! I like a clean look, and that really does it for me. Nice paint, trim, and that new cabinet for serving (where the desk was), along with replacing that bar sink - genius! Kudos on the design choices. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  5. Your kitchen is just beautiful Bonnie! I love everything you did and I think the feet on the cabinets were a great way to dress up the cabinets, especially the new one where the desk was. I think you desision to leave the extra storage cabinet off was right on, you will have more space for setting up when entertaining. We sure like a lot of the same materials and colors. I used the white subway tile and love it. Great choice for your countertops, they are gorgeous! Good to hear you were able to keep and use your bar stools. Great job Bonnie! Every morning when you get up and go into your kitchen you will know it was so worth all the mess of a remodel. That is the way I feel. Thanks for sharing

  6. Bonnie the kitchen is gorgeous...great job, my friend! Love the blue/white accents...The white Quartz! I know you will spend many happy hours preparing meals for your loved ones! I lost long comments three times. Will say more on text message!

  7. Bonnie,
    Your new kitchen is beautiful. You have such wonderful taste...
    I know you are enjoying it.Love, Mona

  8. Oh Bonnie I love your kitchen! How beautiful. LOVE the blue and white! I have dishes from my grandmother and my motherinlove that are blue and white and I treasure them. I know you are one proud lady! So proud for you friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. A kitchen reno is a major undertaking and your finished result is beautiful. I hope this will be a place of many delicious meals and happy memories. Thanks so much for sharing this at Celebrate Your Story and have a great weekend.

  10. What a gorgeous kitchen. You must be thrilled. I'm especially drawn to the blue and white.
    I'm by no means a photographer and still learning my new camera, but I live in Seattle, where it is dark A LOT. May I suggest an external flash? Thrifty Decor Chick did a post on a very affordable one, and it helps a lot ... especially for dark corners ... days, etc.

  11. Your kitchen turned out so well Bonnie, I know you are thrilled! Beautiful white cabinets and the classic blue & white ceramics are just the perfect accent! I love the painting over your sink, and the versatility of changing it out seasonally to something looks so pretty, and I think shelves might make you feel cramped- Cook up a storm and enjoy!!

  12. I love your kitchen! The blue and white touches look so pretty against the white. So happy for you and I know you will be enjoying this beauty for years to come!

  13. i really loved your this post thank you very much..

  14. Bonnie, Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!! It turned out beautifully! So many nice updates, and the extra storage is such a help, isn't it? Of course, I love all the blue and white; it's just classic. I was so glad to brighten up our kitchen by having the cabinets and trimwork painted; it makes for a much happier space. Our kitchen is also dark due to the trees out back and the covered screened porch off the kitchen. I understand how you feel about needing to brighten things up.

    You did a great job and I know you'll enjoy this for many years to come!



  15. I LOVE your kitchen, Bonnie! It just looks like a space that you'll enjoy for many, many years. It's so light and bright. I have to say that I adore the picture that you have hanging above your sink. That picture would make dish washing much easier to bear.

  16. Oh my Bonnie...the kitchen is magnificent!!!....Love, love it!....I so want white quartz countertops to replace my granite...Glad to hear that you love have accessorized your beautiful new kitchen so fabulously!...and great that you were able to have the bar stools shortened...I love them too!....Gorgeous transformation!!!

  17. Your new kitchen looks amazing! The decor, bright colors and kitchen island with bar stools give your kitchen a restaurant vibe. The plates hanging on the wall are a nice touch. I love how you still have the dining area next to the kitchen. It must be great to be cook and serve your meals in a large amount of space.

  18. I love the finished product of your kitchen remodel! One thing that really caught my eye was removing the bar from the island. I am not sure I have seen that before. I have seen people add one but not take away one. I love the look without it. Really opens up the space. Nicely done!

  19. This is a beautiful remodel! I have dropped over from Denise at Forest glad to have a new lovely blog to visit!


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