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Rose Medallion China usually has a gold circl( the medallion containing a bird and a flower, as well as picture sections that alternate between people scenes and floral designs with butterflies and birds. The number of panels is often determined by the size of the piece. Source of definition found on Goggle by JoMaloney.

The top two shelves have some old pieces. The two larger plates on the bottom shelf are 1980's reproductions. You can certainly tell the difference. On the back of these plates there is a sticker saying Made in China. These are not real Rose Medallion.
Since a collection is three or more pieces I'll also count my demitasse cups. I never thought of myself as collecting anything but I do have three or more of several items.

Rose Medallion china was a popular chinese porcelain import during the 19th and 20th centuries. There are similar patterns for china that are sometimes mistaken for Rose Medallion china such as Rose Canton. It does not have people or birds. If just people are pictured the pattern is Rose Mandarin. Any Rose Medallion china that was made before 1890 does not have any mark of origin on it. All china made after this date that was imported into the United States had to have a mark of origin because of the new tax imposed on imported goods, part of the McKinley Tariff Act that became law that year. The words"China" and about 25 years later,"Made in China" appear on the bottom . Rose Medallion is still being produced today. The two top plates are the oldest with no mark.

I think I am the proudest of this old cake plate because I found it at a flea market in New England when I wasn't  looking for anything in particular. It has China written on the bottom. 

My tole trays are mostly from the 40's or 50's. All of my trays are in my kitchen except for this one. It fit perfectly in my guest room.

The stone fruit in the alabaster urn is also collectible. It is very heavy and antique dealers do well with stone fruit. If you find any at garage sales buy all they have. Individual pieces begin around $20.00. I was so fortunate to buy the urn and all the pieces but one for $25.00. I don't think I will find a deal like that again.

After seeing all my tole trays my daughter- in- law's mother gave me this delightful  vintage tole watering can. Needless to say I was thrilled. This picture was made a while back and I now have a third grandchild.

 I was excited to find out about Privet and Holly's Collection Party. It is so much fun to see what everyone collects and learn all about the items. I hope they have this party again because I realize I have more to share. Check out the collections show and tell here.


  1. Both your old and new pieces of Rose Medallion are lovely, Bonnie. You've done some valuable research on the subject, as well. I honestly don't know much about my blue/whites except that I like them! *grin*
    I love your tole trays are gorgeous! The color of the one in the bedroom is so pretty and goes so well with the toile. Hope you'll come for a visit again sometime.
    ~ Sue

  2. Your collections are beautiful, Bonnie! The Rose Medallion pattern is really lovely...it makes such a pretty display in your home! I love the tole trays and such a deal on the stone fruit! Thanks for stopping by my collection post and for your sweet comment!

  3. Such a fun collection . . . I especially like the tole trays.

    I am coming over from Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

    Glenda (link #27)

  4. Oh what lovely collections you have!

  5. Beautiful collections, your Rose Medallion china is gorgeous.

    I've popped over from Privet and Holly.


  6. Bonnie, what fun
    to learn about your
    Rose Medallion china!
    I'd never heard of it
    before, but I would
    certainly be drawn to
    it, as well. Also love
    the toile pieces and
    the little urn with the
    fruit is right up my alley.
    Thank you for joining
    my collector's party!
    What a treat to peek
    in your window and see
    a bit of what you collect.
    I really enjoyed it!
    xx Suzanne

  7. I love your tole trays..I have collected them for years and they always catch my eye when thrifting if I am lucky enough to spot one..thanks for a great blog...and for visiting me...

  8. Your collections are beautiful.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Bonnie you have lovely things and a beautiful home, love Linda x


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