Saturday, April 3, 2021

Blue and White Love

Spring has arrived in South Alabama! My azaleas have been blooming for two weeks and they have been enjoyable. I hope to do a post soon about my garden.

Fresh spring flowers growing in your garden  and beautiful weather inspires you to set a table outdoors. I also wanted to use several new gift items. I was thrilled to receive a number of milk glass pieces that my daughter-in-law brought me recently that she found at an estate sale. It was perfect for this table. I will use the compote for flower arrangements often. 

The raised grape clusters are different on each piece. I googled names of milk glass patterns and found out there is a world of information out there. That research will have to wait for another day but my interest is piqued. There are no markings on my pieces.
 Everything you see in the centerpiece arrangement is from my garden. I started with pittosporum, dusty miller, and a perennial fern for greenery. Then added white azaleas and bridal wreath. Simple and easy. 
I used my Horchow blue and white plates and each plate has a different pattern. Last week was my birthday so I received these budding leaf napkin rings in the mail from my son and family and I absolutely love them. The gold popped on the navy napkins.

The tablecloth I ordered from Pier 1. I'm still mourning the loss of their store closing in a nearby town.

It was a nice surprise to learn how cold milk glass keeps iced tea.  
My birthday felt like Christmas this year. The sweet tea towel on the tray was also a gift from my daughter. 

When I bought the wrought iron console table years ago I pictured using it for food when entertaining but I have not done that much since it was always full of plants. 
However, I wanted to show you the beverage set as well as the flowers I found on the way home from my birthday celebration at my daughter's home. 
Costco has the very best quality roses and good prices. They also had two bunches of larkspur. Three bunches would have been perfect but I was happy to find any.

I have had larkspur growing in my garden in years past and am planting some more this year. It has held up nicely for over a week in this arrangement.

It was fun to set a spring table using my new gifts and play with flowers. 

" I must have flowers always and always."Claude Monet.

 I feel the same way!! 

Blessings to all today! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Bonnie! Your blue and white table is beautiful with your flower cut from your garden. Your flowers from Costco are so pretty too in your blue and white vase. Our azaleas are covered in buds along with the spirea and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they didn't get frost nipped from our freezing temperatures this weekend. Happy Easter to you ♥

  2. Happy Birthday Bonnie, your blue and white table is singing Spring! Love all the gifts you received, your children certainly know what you love! I agree with you and Monet, I too must have fresh flowers always and always! Spring is truly beautiful in Alabama this year and your garden setting is so welcoming and pretty. Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Dear Bonnie, I too am a lover of blue and white, so classic I think. What beautiful gifts you received and I know you must have had a fun time putting this lovely table together outside. Beautiful flowers from your garden. The milk glass with grapes, just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely flowers in your garden post. Sending a belated Happy Birthday as well as Blessed Easter Wishes........Hugs.

  4. Good morning, Bonnie and Happy Birthday to you! It looks as though your day was quite special. I love milk glass and have a few pretty pieces. I have a punch bowel set with the grape leaf pattern that I adore. I agree with you about mourning the loss of the Pier I stores, the online is not the same. Know I will be looking forward to your garden photos. Azaleas are something I miss from the south. Wishing you and yours a lovely day and may Easter blessings be yours.

  5. Bonnie, I am sorry I am so late, but the day has been wonderful, but with little time to even sit down. I love blue and white and your table is so stunning and classic. The milk glass is pretty and such a nice surprise for your birthday. The roses and larkspur make a lovely arrangement. I can’t wait to see your are ahead of us! Beautiful post, my friend!

  6. Gorgeous, Bonnie! Happy belated birthday. It looks like a wonderful celebration, and being a year past the pandemic with vaccines makes it that much more to celebrate. I knew you loved milk glass and wasn't sure if these were already part of your collection when I opened the post. So fun to add, and so pretty to use! I love your compote and garden arrangement. The tablescape elements are also treasures, including the newest rings. {sigh} to Pier 1, but the cloth you nabbed is one of the best items I've seen offered online!

  7. This is just gorgeous, Bonnie. I'm a big fan of blue and white and this table is divine! I hope your Easter was very happy!

  8. Gorgeous table Bonnie. Love the milk glass. How sweet your daughter gifted you those lovely items. Blue and white is a classic. Happy belated birthday. I, too had a birthday on April 1st. Beautiful florals really make the table pop. I hope you had a lovely Easter.

  9. Happy Belated birthday Bonnie....And your outdoor blue and white table is lovely. Love the milk glass, so pretty. I am so envious of your garden flowers....there is nothing like cuttings from your own garden. I also like that more and more people are getting their shots, I hope herd immunity is coming soon.
    Hugs and Blessings

  10. Happy birthday dear Bonnie. I love blue and white and as always your table setting is divine. Love all of the pictures. The white milk glass....Oh I do love it. I am a bit jealous over your beautiful flowers. WOW! I have so been wanting to get outside and work a little but haven't been able too. Beautiful post Bonnie. I do hope your birthday was special. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Thank you each and everyone for your gracious comments. They are very encouraging to me.
    We had a lovely Easter as I am sure you did also.
    Spring is so beautiful and my wish for you is that everyday is joyful. I am so thankful for every day.


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