Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring Break Tea Party

This Grandmother enjoyed having all her grandchildren but one for a tea party. It has become a tradition to have a tea party when we visit. I always think I will plan ahead and have really nice food.

But that doesn't happen because there is always so much to do.

I had made chocolate chip cookies ahead of time and the kids helped make a pound cake. And we had leftover Valentine candy. 

Ice cream is not your typical tea party food but it was requested.
Texas grandchildren, Will and Elise.
We had a great time and that is what is important, making memories.
Alabama granddaughter, Sophie.

Jean Pièrre enjoyed the tea party, too. 

I wish I had made a picture of my daughter. She made the pictures and we were having such a good time I did not think to make one of her.

Texas grandson, Will, and my daughter-in-law, Sarah.
 I would not take anything for these tea parties with family. So glad to have it recorded with pictures. Thanks, Amy.


  1. Bonnie, lovely photos of you, DIL, and your darling grandchildren...all so beautiful and handsome. I love seeing the smiling faces around your table as everyone seems to be having a wonderful time. Elise really favors you. I would definitely say your tea parties are a hit with everyone, and from the looks of all the food I can understand why. Wishing you a most wonderful Monday!

  2. Oh Bonnie, I adore these wonderful pictures and what precious memories you all are making together. Nothing like a tea party. I just love the layout of goodies and of course those tea cups. Girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. How sweet Bonnie, such a wonderful tradition and definitely a life time memory maker! I have been promising my granddaughter that we will have a tea party, it seems like every weekend there is too much going on, but hopefully soon! So happy you had your Texas family come for a visit!

  4. How sumptuous and gorgeous! What a fabulous tradition. Each and every photo is a gem. (And I can see no one left hungry!)

  5. What memories you made with such a wonderful tea party, Bonnie! Your table looked so pretty, but the best was all those smiling faces of you, your darling grandchildren and your DIL. I know that your heart was full. 💖

  6. What a sweet tea party for these beautiful grandchildren, something they will talk about in years to come, I am sure!

  7. How sweet, Bonnie! Love that you have this tradition with your grands. I think Elise favors you in her looks! ♥

  8. Bonnie, What a wonderful tradition to have your grands! I have fond memories of my grandmother serving my sister and me breakfast in our play tea set when we visited her. ♥

  9. Such a fun tea party Bonnie. I adore the dishes. The grands shall treasure this memory for years.

  10. Bonnie - What a delightful and meaningful occasion - tea party wit Grandma....
    I love the tray holding your tea set...Is it an item that might still be
    available somewhere?

    1. I'm so sorry I am late responding to your question about the tray. It was a lucky find at Ikea.
      Thanks for noticing it. It is a very useful size. I hope you run across one somewhere.

  11. What a lovely idea! Your tea set is extra special!
    I use to have my boys drink hot cocoa in Christmas tea cups under the Christmas tree.
    Thank you for the memories of that!

  12. Thank you, Nancy. I do love the violet tea set. It was passed down to me from two generations in my husbands family.


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