Wednesday, April 14, 2021

My Spring Garden 2021

Spring has been so pleasant. The first blooms in my garden were hellebores also called Lenten Rose. A friend gave me this white variety maybe three years ago.

Small arrangements brought the outside in and were enjoyable. It was fun to experience cutting Lenton roses for the first time. I hope to use more in arrangements next year.

The sunrises in early spring were spectacular.

It was a good year for camellias and mine have gotten huge. It is nice to have blooming flowers in winter that last into spring. 

I love it after a rain when the petals fall and decorate the garden.

Here is one camellia arrangement I made this year.

I bought three flats of pansies and I don't know when I have enjoyed anything more. They were so cheerful and lifted my spirits. It is now the middle of April and they are still performing.

This was a fun flatlay to do.

I haven't used this container in years but staying home during Covid inspired me to do more flower arranging just for myself. I also had fun drying blossoms for flay lay dish vignettes.

Sunsets beacon us through our neighbors trees in the spring

and my husband and I jump in the golf cart and go over two streets for a better view of the sunset.
Isn't this pretty?

My bridal wreath did not bloom this year as well as I wanted. I did all the pruning tips and fertilizing after they bloomed last year!

Azaleas did well this year. They just don't last very long.

I have several  George Tabor white ones. 

I think this is a pink ruffle azalea.

This was a fun and quick arrangement of azaleas in the garden.

Purple iris are sentimental 
for me because they remind me of my mother.

The moon fascinates me and I keep trying to get a good shot.

This is from my back yard.

My granddaughter Elise had fun arranging blossoms as artwork on the garden bench. 

It would not be spring if birds were not building nests. This wren has already seen her babies leave the nest. It was fun to watch the feedings but they left the nest very quietly and they were gone before we realized it.  
I also observed a mother Cardinal sitting on her eggs and once saw the eggs while she was taking a break. I didn't have my camera at the time and missed the opportunity. They also are now gone. I found the empty nest this morning.  My blue bird box was also raising a family and sadly I think they are gone too. But it has been exciting.

My amaryllis have bloomed their hearts out. I will miss them so much when they aren't blooming.

Pictures don't do them justice. I am sorry this has gotten so long. I am hopeful I will have some hydrangeas this year. The last few years have been sad without any blooms. I will do a new post when they bloom. 
Gardening is not a perfect science. I love growing flowers but the weather does affect the outcomes. Some years are better than others. I am thankful for my garden. It feeds the soul but only because the Master Gardener that made all the flowers has ordained His plan. As the old hymn In the Garden says, " I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses and He walks with me and talks with me and He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known."

Happy Gardening🌷🌼💐


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice, long lovely and very beautiful post. I love your garden -- it's enormous and I'm sure it requires a good deal of upkeep but it does pay off in beautiful bonuses! I've been buying pansies, too -- they are favorites. The hellebores/Lenten Rose are stunners. This post is a treat in every way. Happy weekend.

  2. Beautiful Bonnie, and those amaryllis, wow! My camellia bush was abundant with blooms this year, such a treat! Your sunrise/sunset pics are so pretty...enjoy your beautiful garden!

  3. Your Spring garden is just lovely Bonnie. I am biting at the bits to have time to get outside and do a little gardening. Either the timing doesn't work out or the weather isn't working out. Either way....I am ready to dig in some dirt. Hugs and blessings to you dear Bonnie. Cindy

  4. Bonnie, so gorgeous! You've had a wonderful spring showing! The photo of the dropped camellia petals is an artist's inspiration. I love that you've been able to enjoy your blooms inside (that flatlay is so lovely!). I share your sentiment with irises, and am so happy my transplants to my daughter's garden seem to be thriving. They will bloom in their 3rd year around Mother's Day here in our region. Thank you for sharing your walk in the garden.

  5. Gorgeous photos and kudos for leaving your leaves protecting the beds as well as the caterpillars, bees, and other beneficial bugs. We are still facing 10 days of freezing temps and 'snow' in the everything is not blooming in Chicagoland...loving a glimpse of what will come to be...! Sandi

  6. Oh Bonnie, I enjoyed touring your flowering gardens and neighborhood for sunsets. I have never used pansies for indoor arrangements but that'll change now. I've always love camellias. My MIL had ones reaching to the sky as yours are and the show of petals on the ground is nature's art, so beautiful! The iris makes me think of my mom and sister, momma named her Iris because her eyes were so blue they were almost the same color as your iris. You do create such lovely floral arrangements to enjoy inside. What joy your garden must bring to you............

  7. Do you realize how blessed and fortunate you are to live where you can grow such gorgeous flowers? I live in west Texas and the fierce winds blow all spring until around July then maybe just maybe I can grow a few flowers! The wind mostly burns them up or insects ruin them!

  8. Bonnie, this post is glorious from beginning to end. Your garden is stunning and holds such a beautiful variety of amazing plants. Your Bridal Wreath is a favorite and yours is large and reminds me of my moms - her favorite. Love your arrangements also. Your garden shows your love and care. I so enjoyed my visit with you and your garden today.

  9. Bonnie, I have been anticipating this post and it did not disappoint. The hellebores are just gorgeous as is that huge camellia. I love seeing the petals on the ground. The blue and white flat lay with the pansies is so stunning. You should do more of those. Sunrises and sunsets continue to intrigue me, each one is so different. The amaryllis are amazing, what a show they have put on. My favorite is Elise showing her artistic side as she uses the garden bench for her canvas. I love everything about your garden, wish I could see it in person! Have a beautiful Thursday!

  10. Bonnie, this is not only beauty for our eyes but food for the soul. Your garden is outrageously beautiful. Your hellebores is one of my favorites. Mine have been beautiful. The camellias are out of this world. You cannot imagine how I would love to have amaryllis. Too cold here but Mother had them inside. My bearded irises are not blooming. They have boomed every year..transplanted from Mother’s. The sunrises, sunsets, moon shots are perfectly beautiful. A well loved garden Bonnie. Loved seeing your granddaughter. I think of that hymn almost every time I go in my garden. “He walks with me and talks with me.”

  11. Bonnie, what a wonderful and beautiful spring post! I adore your helleborous, I was able to buy two this year as a "potted plant" - a white one and a dark pink one. We've planted them in our Southern California garden, not sure if they will grow...but I'm sure hoping!

    Everything looks so gorgeous, the camelias are amazing! I love that hymn too. xo Lidy

  12. Thank you for a stroll through your garden Bonnie! I agree with Rita about the shot of your camellias with the shed blooms and petals! I got my start of Lenten Roses from my MIL's garden so they remind me of her. They are slow to spread but are low maintenance and are nice to see blooming in the cold winter months of January and February. Love your flatlay! I missed picking up some violas this fall to enjoy through the winter and early spring months. Looking forward to you joining us Monday. ♥

  13. The only thing blooming in my garden at the moment is the tulips!
    It was a joy visiting your spring garden. Everything is just lovely.

  14. So beautiful Bonnie. I love this time of year. So many blooms and color. Always a pleasure to stroll through your gardens.


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