Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Merry Christmas Tablescape

Merry Christmas everyone! It's beginning to feel like Christmas even in the deep south. It's cold enough to light a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows in the fire pit. We can wear our sweaters and coats today but it may be 70 degrees next week. 
But we can get out our Christmas dishes and set a Christmas table. Today, I am using my Spode Christmas china in my kitchen with a table set for four.
I don't know about you but setting my tables with my Christmas china jump starts all my decorating.

I had a vision for the flowers I wanted to use but could not be satisfied with any of my vases. Then I remembered my Christmas card basket and decided that could be my flower container. And... it said just what I wanted to say to you....Merry Christmas!

The rattan basket repeated the rattan on the chargers.

The flour sack runner was purchased this fall at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. I like the color and texture it adds.
My Christmas tree cookies are a family tradition and the one year I didn't make them I got in trouble. My original thought after putting the cookies on a Fitz and Floyd plate was I needed a candy cane vase but did not have any luck finding one. 

Needlepoint napkin rings with Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths were made by my husband's mother. Plaid napkins show them off I think.

The fragrance from the lilies about to open will be nice in a few days.
I am doing a program at my Garden Club next week on tablescapes. I will also be sharing another Christmas tablescape next Wednesday as I participate in a tablescape blog hop.

Lenox green goblets were found at an estate sale. This is the first time I've used them. 

Honestly, the container I needed for the flowers was right under my nose.... and it repeated the needlepoint theme as well as the rattan pieces. 
I always enjoy using my theme salt and pepper shakers if you remember the pilgrim ones I used at Thanksgiving. The kissing Mr. and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers have been around since our children were small. The grandchildren like them now. 

🎄Merry Christmas from my kitchen to yours. 


  1. Just beautiful Bonnie! Brilliant to use your Christmas card basket as vase for your flowers on your table. I love your sweet needlepoint napkin rings from your MIL. Your pretty spritz Christmas tree cookies make a beautiful and delicious accessory on your table with your Christmas Spode too. Your garden club is in for a treat next week with your tablescapes presentation. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas here too, with a chance of some snow or a wintry next this weekend. Looking forward to blog hopping with you next week. ♥

  2. Bonnie, your table is wonderful! WHen I first saw your post, I thought, "oh no, she's early!" but you're simply having more events and sharing your table fun! I love the new/old stemware from your estate sale - great shade of green. The napkin rings and s&p are the kind of nostalgia I love seeing in decor, mixed with more contemporary patterns too. The centerpiece is the perfect topper to the tabletop. Your ladies will surely enjoy this, I know I did.

  3. Love everything about your beautiful table . Love those dishes. Isn’t it funny at how we will be looking fir that certain thing to use and it’s right there all along ? The basket worked out perfect . And the kissing Santa is just the cutest . I love it that you’ve had the kissing Santa’s so long . Sounds like an heirloom to be handed down one day dear Bonnie . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh Bonnie, how beautiful! I have that china (and I love it) but I never thought of putting it with tartan napkins. It looks just fabulous! The green glassware is just perfect with it! It all makes me feel so happy -- I think everyone will enjoy being at this table!

  5. Bonnie, your table is lovely. The Lenox goblets are so pretty with your Spode plates.Your garden club will certainly enjoy and benefit from your special talent. Enjoy these special days.

  6. Bonnie, I can't tell you how many times I have an idea for a certain element for my table and then the light bulb goes off and there it is. Brilliant using your Christmas card basket and it is perfect. I love all the elements on your table, the Spode plates (they never go out of style do they?...I love mine) and paired with your pretty green glassware...your garden club will be pleased. Your Spritz cookies remind me I need to get mine made too.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  7. I love the traditional red and green and the emphasis you place on the green in your florals also. Pretty!

  8. Wonderful tablescape!!!Stunning flowers bouquet!

  9. Hi Bonnie, this is Becca from the Shenandoah Valley. Your table is beautiful and I love your Lenox goblets. Don't you love finding treasures at estate sales! Merry Christmas!

  10. Bonnie, I hope you will blog about your Tablescape presentation at your garden club, they are in for a treat! Your table is beautiful with the Spode and the fabulous estate sale Lenox goblets. The flower arrangement looks wonderful in your card basket and the lovely needlepoint napkin rings by your MIL are perfect! I would enjoy sitting at your table for a nice long chat!

  11. Your table looks so festive Bonnie..
    Merry Christmas.
    Love, Mona

  12. This is so lovely Bonnie! I love the plain white cloth to let the centerpiece and plate stacks shine! I have the same Christmas Spode, given to me by my mom's best friend when I got married. She told me that even though I didn't really want Christmas china at the time, I would love having it for the holidays! And she was so right! I never tire of using it every year it fills my cupboards Dec 1 and stays until early January. Your card basket is a fabulous vase for those pretty flowers, and how lovely to sit at your table and gaze at your tree! The napkin rings are very special too...Happy Holidays Bonnie,

  13. Such an elegant table, Bonnie. I love all the traditional details.

  14. Boonie, such a pretty and merry table. I love the traditional colors. You are so smart to use the card basket with your lovely florals. The napkin rings must be very special. The Lenox goblets are gorgeous! have fun with your presentation at your garden club. Merry Christmas.

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  18. Wow! I like your cookware set so much. Especially, I like the plates and the forks. Can you tell me, where did you get it? Maybe I will also buy it.


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