Sunday, May 11, 2014

I have Baby Bluebirds...... YAY!!!!

Remember my post a while back saying I was yearning for Bluebirds? I am so excited to report I have a bluebird family in my box.

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There are four baby birds in the nest. Their mother and father stay busy bringing them food. After researching habits of blue birds, I turned the box with the hole facing east for about three weeks in March. There were bluebirds flying around the yard and sitting on top of the box but I never saw them go inside but once. Then I didn't see them and decided they rejected my box.  I decided to move the box around so I could see the hole because it was prettier that way.  I thought I saw twigs sticking up and decided to open the box. When I opened the box I was very surprised when a bird flew out in my face and there were baby birds in the nest! I yelped in surprise and quickly placed the top back on the box.

I was afraid the mother would not return and am thankful she did. The top lifts off on this box instead of a side panel lifting out as I was accustomed to in my old box. You might can see the screw on the left and right that holds it on so it is a little trouble to unscrew the screws. Also, I have to stand on a ladder to reach the box. I had to place the box higher because of our sprinkler system. I wanted blue birds so much so I have really worked to encourage them to build at my house!

Boy, was I surprised and thrilled to see the bird and her babies! I believe this is the father with brighter coloring. I set up my tripod behind a bush and used my Tamron 18-270 zoom lens.

This is the female with fainter coloring.  Photographing birds is a challenge. If they see you they fly away and it is a must to use a zoom lens. This one was made without a tripod and you can tell a difference. 

The parent feeds the babies and then goes inside. Usually the other parent flies out as soon as one flies inside. I hope the movie we made works well. Excuse my husband and I talking at the end. We don't use the movie feature often and were not sure we were doing it right. LOL!!

I loved this shot! If they would get comfortable with me I could have a ball!

The movie for some unknown reason will not work. It is so interesting to watch the male and female going in and out feeding the baby birds. Wish I could share it with you.

If my calculations are right it is close to time for the baby birds to leave the nest.  It has been 15 days since I saw the baby birds.Wouldn't it be fun if I could capture the babies? I'll keep you posted.

P.S. The babies left the nest and I missed it. After seeing no activity the next day I looked again and the mother was sitting on the nest. I guess she is laying new eggs already or it is a different mother. It is going to be interesting because my reading told me they do not use the same nest.


  1. I'm always so nervous to peek inside a birdhouse just because of what happened to you! I would have fainted if a bird would have flown out! Bluebirds are so beautiful We have a box, but our dogs keep chasing them away!
    Such a pretty birdhouse you have. Lucky birds!

  2. Oh how fun! Your picture is great! We just hung a bluebird box yesterday. Hoping for a nest and a little worried about the hawks.

  3. I'm glad the bluebirds are happy with the home you've provided Bonnie! Enjoy the show:@)

  4. Your photos are lovely and I am so pleased that you got to have bluebirds nesting in your beautiful bird house. I hope that you get some more and that you get to see the fledging in the future. xx

  5. Love your bluebirds and the bird house is too cute! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Oh my heavens, how adorable! I'd be thrilled to have them in my yard, lucky you!

  7. Bonnie they came, how wonderful for you. Your photos are wonderful and the bird box is so lovely.Wishing you a happy week ahead, love Linda x

  8. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment on my bluebirds post, and letting me know about yours. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing your lovely photos. We placed our bird bottle facing east quite by accident, had no idea we were supposed to!

  9. this would fill my heart with joy!


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