Friday, May 23, 2014

Flower Arranging at Garden Club

 My garden club has a May luncheon and members bring arrangements they have made to share with nursing home occupants. For fun, judges are appointed to select a winner.

 Most arrangements are from garden flowers but this year our meeting followed Mother's Day and Wal-Mart had marked the Mother's Day flowers half price.

This arrangement won first place. I didn't get pictures of all the arrangements and missed the announcement of the other place winners.
We bring the arrangements in containers that will not be returned and will be easy to transport. Many are very clever. The rocks were attractive and anchored the container as well. Pretty iris with two shades of purple.  A colorful ribbon tied around the jar added just the right finish.

I like the contrasting foliage used in this arrangement.
 I love this arrangement with pink spirea, hosta leaves, asparagus and leatherleaf ferns.
This is my arrangement that I used roses from Walmart on clearance from Mother's Day and foliage from my garden. Just because you are in a Garden Club doesn't mean you  know or follow all the correct techniques. This is just what I threw together with what I had.

 This was a great price to buy a dozen roses for $4.90. 

The first step is to strip the foliage and cut the stems at an angle. Then condition in water. 
I used half a block of oasis that I had soaked overnight and taped to a shallow bowl. Oasis comes in blocks and can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and some grocery stores. The turntable is handy for turning the arrangement as you place the greenery and flowers.
Two strips of tape will anchor the oasis and keep it in place. Begin with the foliage and cover the oasis. Florists have greenery in oasis done ahead of time especially for holidays that they will have large orders to complete.
 Begin with the center flower at the height you desire. Adjustments are easily done by cutting the stems shorter. I cut this rose shorter as I started filling in with the other roses.
Pittosporum and holly fern were cut from my garden so this arrangement  only cost around six dollars if you figure in the cost of the oasis which I already had.
Completed arrangement. If I did another arrangement using this foliage I think it  would look better to buy a bundle of baby's breath to add some softness and a pop of white color.

It was fun to see everyone's arrangements and special to see the faces of those that received them.

I may not be able to do much blog visiting in the coming weeks because I have grandchildren visiting. I am very blessed and looking forward to their visit.


  1. Hello Bonnie, what a lovely thing you do to cheer up some old folks. Loving your tutorial and arrangement, I wouldn't change a thing, it looks very tasteful and classic. The winning arrangement was lovely too I thought. Have a fantastic time with your grandchildren. Much love, Linda x

  2. Your arrangement is very pretty, and so are all of the others. What a lovely way to celebrate your luncheon and then to share the flowers and the love! Great idea I say! xx

  3. All of the arrangements are very pretty and I'm sure folks were thrilled to receive them! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Bonnie:@)

  4. Thanks for sharing all these pretty's a wonderful idea the club has. Also, thanks for the turntable idea (never thought to do that). Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  5. What a lovely idea for a garden club meeting! I wish we had a neighborhood garden club but I will say that my friends that are in them say they never talk about gardening, just socialize and drink wine! It was fun seeing so many different arrangements and yours is so pretty~I appreciated the details as I rarely do more than pop flowers in a vase or vessel~ and Brilliant to use those pretty greens from your garden! Happy Mem Day Bonnie!

  6. Thank you for sharing all the pretty arrangements, Bonnie. What a deal on the dozen roses for $4.90!! I enjoyed your tutorial on arranging the flowers, too. xo

  7. I love your arrangement! I thought it was one of the prettiest ones. I'm glad you shared the tutorial. I always forget about using oasis for fresh flowers. I tend to just plop them in a vase of water. That's why yours looks so good!

  8. Oh they are all so pretty! Love the arrangements. Love fresh flower. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. This is a wonderful idea for the creativity outlet it provides the ladies who style the arrangements and for the "love factor" in taking the flowers to nursing homes! I would love to be a fly on the wall for that!!! I'm sure the ladies (and gentlemen!) appreciate it more than you will ever know.

    Enjoy those grandkids!

  10. Bonnie, This is a beautiful post. I love your glad you took pictures and shared these..
    Love, Mona
    oh, yes...have a fun time with your grandchildren..


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