Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Peonies and Wedding China

I love my wedding china, crystal and silver patterns just as much now, as I did forty-two years ago.

China is Platinum Renaissance by Francisan, Sterling flatware is Buttercup by Gorham, Crystal by Francisian and I am going to have to admit I can't remember the pattern name. Those of you that are younger, write your pattern names down. I know you think you will always remember but you won't!!!

The peonies and roses are from my daughter's garden. I was thrilled they survived four and a half hours of travel and still looked nice.
I looked online but did not find the name of my crystal. I know it has been discontinued for some time.
Her roses are beautiful too. In the Mood is the name of the rose.

Does anyone know the name of this peony? My daughter has looked for her tags and can't find them. It is beautiful and continued to open wider each day. Not sure of the name of the fushia one either.
I have enjoyed watching the buds open on the white.
Thank you, Amy, for the beautiful flowers!

View another post featuring my wedding china, crystal and sterling here.

I enjoyed reminiscing about my wedding selections and creating this tablescape.
Peonies growing in my daughter's garden. She lives in north Alabama and peonies do well there. Our climate in south Alabama is too warm for peonies.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful tablescape. The china is soooo pretty. Wow! No way I would guess you had been married that long. You look much too young. I have been distressing over the lines that seem to be more everyday. Ughhhh. I wish I had not used the baby oil and iodine back in the day.

  2. Alabama peonies are already blooming? I so look forward to my Maine garden being filled with their beauty in a month or so. Those lovely blossoms make any table more beautiful as yours so well prove. Everything about it is perfect. BTW, did you get my email?

  3. Hi Bonnie, Beautiful peonies and so wonderful to have your daughter share her flowers! My MIL moved last year and I miss having access to all her hydrangeas and blooms in her 20+ year old garden. Your wedding china is so elegant. It's so true that you forget the names of your patterns. I forgot the name of my Lenox crystal pattern that was retired but fortunately found a piece in the back of my china cabinet that still happened to have a tiny sticker on it :) If you take a photo and email it to Replacements they will identify if for you!

  4. Beautiful post, and I am watching my green shoots coming up on my Peonies
    So hap-py it is at last SPRING!!

  5. Your china and table setting are beautiful!! Do the plates not give the pattern name on the bottom with the makers details? Sometimes they do, sometimes not. The peonies are just stunning, your daughter is so lucky to have them growing in her garden and how kind to share them with you! xx

  6. Just beautiful, Bonnie!! Your crystal looks just like mine. Elyse by Tiffin. Love your china pattern, too. Mine is too plain - Solitare by Lenox - just too formal for me, now. Rarely use it. Wish I could grow gorgeous flowers like you. Are peonies pereienals(sp) ? Maxine

  7. Hi Bonnie, what a beautiful table you've set with your lovely and timeless china pattern. I can see that our crystal is very similar. How sweet of your daughter to share the bounty of her garden with you for that gorgeous centerpiece. Thank you for sharing such a pretty table with us. xo

  8. Love your tablescape. So pretty and elegant! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Your china is gorgeous Bonnie! I still love mine too, but it isn't nearly the WOW factor yours is! Your daughter's flowers are fabulous, your table is just stunning!

  10. It never occurred to me that there would be a difference in climate within the state, but I guess that makes perfect sense! Geez...glad your daughter was able to get those flowers all the way to you without much wear and tear. They're beautiful!!! Nothing like peonies in May!

    You have every reason to love your wedding china as much today as you did 40+ years ago. The pattern is absolutely timeless and utterly elegant in every sense of the word.

    You're right about recording the maker and pattern!!!!!! As I continue to age and accumulate more "stuff" around here, it gets harder and harder for me to remember by heart. Writing it down is the best remedy for when it's time to sell it or give it away.

    Beautiful table, Bonnie!

  11. I like your wedding china pattern too! The pattern is so elegant and classic. It looks good paired with the silver chargers. My pattern is Shanendoah by Noritake. I'm not sure if I spelled that right. I really only use it during the holidays though.

  12. Bonnie, Your china is beautiful! It is a good idea to write down the names and other facts about your china and especially the crystal as it is not marked like the china! I have been trying to identify my mother's crystal, so far without luck. Our peonies won't be out until mid June. I'm still waiting for the lilacs which are late this year. Like crystal, peonies can also be difficult to identify! Your daughter's bush is so full and beautiful. Linda

  13. Such beautiful flowers and the china is so elegant.

  14. Oh my goodness, Bonnie your china, crystal, and flatware are GORGEOUS!!! I love it all, but I'm really drawn to that crystal; the facets are just beautiful. Everything you chose is so elegant and timeless. The peonies and roses from your daughter's garden are so, so pretty. I'm hoping to plant some peonies in our garden eventually.

    Thanks so much for your visit and comments, and I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's son. It's so hard to watch someone go through the loss of a child. I hope the rest of your week is good, Bonnie.

    Hugs to you,


  15. Gorgeous table, Bonnie! Your china is so elegant! I haven't read all the comments, but if no one suggested emailing a photo of your crystal to Replacements, try that. They have helped me identify unknown patterns. I wish peonies would grow here in central Texas -- so beautiful! And we must have married around the same time, as we'll celebrate 42 years in December.

  16. Beautiful china...love it. Your table is gorgeous.

  17. Bonnie, it's all gorgeous! I love all of the choices you made for your wedding china, crystal, and silver. The roses and peonies are gorgeous too. Wish peonies would grow here. They are some of my favorites.

  18. I love your stemware and the china is gorgeous. It is still to early for peonies here, I would love to be able to pick a big vase full to grace the table for Sunday.

  19. Bonnie - your table is so beautiful, as are your wonderful photographs! I made a quick search and I am pretty sure that your crystal pattern is "Mademoiselle", but you can do a search on Replacements to see for yourself. I love doing research and I am always happy to try to identify pieces for friends like you!! Your china is swoon-worthy - I love it!! P. S. My dear mother always wanted to grow peonies, but they would not cooperate in south Georgia!

  20. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love your china and photos. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  21. Hi Bonnie,
    First of all thank you so much for coming by my blog and for your sweet comments.
    So nice to meet you here in blogland, and I grew up not too far from Alabama,.....I was born in Pensacola, Florida, and Yes, I think we do have a lot
    in common. Was so happy you became a follower and look forward to getting to know you more.

    Your china, crystal and silverware are all gorgeous..........I love the versatility of it and it's elegance. This was a lovely table you set, and loved the
    flowers..........I would love peonies but have never seen a real one, but from the pics I have seen I know they would be one of my fav flowers for sure.
    That is so nice you can get them from your daughter.............They and the roses made a lovely floral for your table.

    Well, will try to find out where to follow and sign up.............
    Blessings Galore,

  22. Nice table arrangement, Bonnie! I’m so impressed that your daughter gave names to her flowering plants. Anyway, it's great that the peonies survived the long hours of transfer. The petals usually get brownish when they're kept too warm for a prolonged period of time. However, they look fresh and vibrant in the pictures. Cheers!

    Bethel Woodard

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