Friday, March 25, 2011

First Hummingbird of the Season

     Y'all I am so excited! Just saw the first hummingbird for the new season! Immediately got to work washing my old feeders and making sugar water. This picture is from last year and not very good. I am hoping to move the feeder closer to my porch window so this year I can enjoy them more. Recipe for sugar water: 4 cups water/1 cup sugar

I am adding this after previewing this post. I do not understand why the spacing is fine on the posting screen and comes out with letters from a word on two lines. Does anyone know how to correct this?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. All my spring flowers are in bloom and are such a delight.

The dogwoods are beautiful this year! For several years now they have not been very pretty.   Nature keeps us guessing. Last year this time the grass had not greened up, hydrangeas had not leafed out and the azaleas were not blooming. I don't have any pictures of dogwoods from last year so I am not sure about them. Usually we have one last cold spell that lasts a few days before Easter. It is going to be interesting to see what happens this year. The blooms can't last too long because we are having temperatures in the eighties for almost a week or more now.

John 14:6 defines my faith.

Hoping bluebirds will nest in our new bluebird box. They visited a few weeks ago but haven't been back. I will be disappointed if they don't like my birdhouse. The location might not be open enough for them but I wanted it in our view. I may have to move it to attract them. I love bluebirds.

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Joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday.

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  1. LOvely photographs. My mum lived in California for a while and I saw the hummingbird for the first time, I was totally transfixed. I loved your bluebird photos too, I have never seen one of those.Have a happy day, love Linda x.


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