Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dreaming about Provence

 What triggers a memory? Many times a color or scent brings thoughts to my mind of places and things I've seen. Early one morning as I strolled through my garden the subtle lavender shades of the hydrangeas set my mind back to memories of Provence. My mind has been on lavender for several months now after seeing a beautiful picture of a lavender field because I know the lavender blooms in June. My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Provence in April, 2011. Before the trip, I ordered the book shown in the photo above. On the cover is a gorgeous lavender field in front of Sénanque, a Cistercian monastery at Gordes in Vancluse.
I remembered I had a lovely french dishcloth that I bought at a street market in St. Rémy with a scene of a lavender field.  

In fact, I had two pretty dishcloths that inspired a vignette in my garden.   I move this bistro table and chairs around in my garden frequently. A vase was chosen and hydrangeas clipped for a small arrangement. 
The aroma of lavender is truly a mood enhancer. I use lavender hand soap everywhere in my home. I remembered a sachet of lavender buds I had and added them to my vignette. All the while, I am dreaming one day to see the lavender blooming in Provence. You see, our visit was in April and the lavender blooms in June. 

And to finish my little vignette my Provence book with the lavender field on the cover sealed a wonderful memory. On our trip, totally unplanned we came upon this very abbey and I gasped in delight when I recognized it from my book.
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Does this street market make me look fat?

Next week, I am participating in a Patriotic tablescape blog hop with a group of talented tablescapers. I hope you will come visit. My table is Tuesday.


  1. Bonnie, the light and shadows in your garden are lovely. Your hydrangeas are beautiful and the bistro table and chairs are sitting perfectly amongst the blooms. I also love Provence and visited in 2012, I think. We were there in the fall and missed the fields of lavender, I would love to return just to see and smell those fields. I also keep lavender hand wash, soaps, and candles. I have beautiful memories of all of our trips, and I enjoyed hearing about yours. Happy Friday, it is rather cool here this morning and I love it!

  2. That has such a lovely feel to it! Beautiful flowers -- I adore hydrangeas -- and with that little table and chairs it does feel like a garden in France. Someday I'll visit Provence but until I do, I think this photo captures what I think and hope this area would be! Are you going to do post anything for Paris in July at Tamara's blog this year?

  3. Bonnie, a lovely post. I, too, dream of Provence. Although, we have never been there - we do plan to go. There are many places in that area I would love to see and one is the little village of Mougins. I can only imagine that the fields of lavender would be a glorious sight. This post made my heart especially happy this morning. Wishing you a beautiful day and weekend.

  4. Oh how beautiful Bonnie and lavender hand soap is going on my must get list! Provence is such a magical place, how lucky to stumble upon the abbey from your book! Your garden is stunning with the dappled sunlight, what a delightful spot to enjoy~

  5. Oh Bonnie, I love your post on Provence, it triggers my memories and trip to the South of France. I think I have the same tea towel. I on'y wish I could have been there right before the Lavender was harvested. We did see some but it was beginning to loose it's color. I love how you move your bistro table and chairs for tablescapes with your beautiful hydrangeas in the background. I do that when my roses are blooming. I think it is awesome you found the Abby in the book. Happy Weekend Bonnie. We are visiting our kids through the weekend.......

  6. A very beautiful memory and a beautiful vignette in your garden. I love everything lavender. Your bistro table and chairs are perfect for moving around in your garden. This was a very delightful post. Added joy to my day.

  7. Bonnie I love your bistro table nestled among your hydrangeas....and in my mind's eye, I pictured it sitting among the lavender in Provence. Sigh! I am so grateful to have met you through our blog hops because, after I started following you, I have fallen in love with blue and white....and with Provence, which I hope the Captain and I will visit during the lavender blooming month of June. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. How lovely and such sweet memories that you have shared . Girl, loving that darling table and chairs and beautiful blooms . I know that must have been a wonderful trip down memory lane for you as you created such beauty . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  9. The beauty of your lavender flower garden, Bonnie ...
    Purple is very elegant and amazing in my opinion.

    Greetings from me in Indonesia

  10. I always love visiting your beautiful garden, Bonnie. Your setting of the table with the hydrangeas is so dreamy and peaceful. I love the scent of lavender, too, and even have it for my dish soap. I'll look forward to seeing your tablescape tomorrow.

  11. I’ve had a hard time commenting but found I can do it from my phone. I do hope you get to see the beautiful lavender fields in person someday.

  12. Bonnie, I hope you are enjoying the summer. Provence is gorgeous. Your bistro set looks so lovely within your gorgeous hydrangeas. I love, love those blooms. I have two on each side of our door. I wish we had more shade, so I can add more. It must have been heavenly to see the lavender fields in Provence. Memories are such wonderful treasures.


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