Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Provence- Part Deux

Our first full day began with Sunday Brunch at Chateau Roussan in St Remy. Beautiful and delicious.

 We couldn't believe it but somehow we got lucky and had the best table in the room every time we ate. The view was incredible.

 The french press coffee, bread with very special jams and jellies, chocolate croissants, fresh fruit and cheeses were such a treat.

On the road now leaving St. Remy for a day of visiting little towns mostly perched villages. Our first planned destination was Isle sur la Sorgue. Sunday is market day there.

We are driving along and all of a sudden we see a herd of  sheep taking up the entire road. All traffic stops and waits for them to precede. Of course, I begin making pictures from inside the car a little too quickly afraid I might miss them so they are a little blurred.

It was a lot of fun watching them and thinking -this is a new experience for us.

What a luxury it would be to have these wonderful markets to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread, fresh fish, sausages, clothes, linens, pottery and flea market finds.

The smell of lavender was intoxicating.

The video below is not good quality but I wanted you to get a sense of a brief encounter I enjoyed. As I walked along a market vendor was singing a french song and he had a wonderful voice. I kicked myself because I had not taken the time to really learn how to take a movie on my camera but I really wanted his song captured to enjoy again. I began to film him and he realized I was and wanted me not to. I hope you can visualize what a neat experience 
it was. This is also the first time I have inserted a video.
 Finally we get to the flea market I had heard so much about.

 L'Isle-sur-la Sorgue lies on the river Sorgue which once powdered 70 waterwheels that pressed oil and grain. Now, nine wheels remain but they are idle.

I was in a state of delight as I strolled through the market eagerly awaiting what I might find next. Of course, I wanted to find a lovely french treasure but that was not to be. We started out on the wrong side of the market and spent all our time looking at the fresh food only to reach the flea market area and it was picked over. I will know next time. 

Part Duex was to be our second day but there are so many more pictures that will have to be on another post. Can you feel my excitement? 

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  Voila! A gift to you from FRANCE!

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  1. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing them. I hope you have a bit more luck at the market next time round!

  2. These are just fabulous photos and I can absolutely feel your excitement! And joy! I'm excited and joyful just reading this blog post! Oh, how I hope (and pray!) that we can get to France before we leave for home in October. Of course, I want to visit the countryside like you did, not just Paris, but perhaps I'll just have to start with Paris!
    And, yes, I absolutely would love to have you over for coffee/dessert when we get home/before Tom deploys to Afghanistan! Maybe you can be one of my yardsale buddies!
    Hugs/blessings/thanks for the French inspiration,

  3. What wonderful photos~ love the sheep crossing the road, I would have taken blurry photos too in my excitement :-) I always love seeing outdoor market shots~ love your photo with the radishes & asparagus lined up like art, and the quintessential French man sipping wine!

    P.S. My dovecote is home to bluebirds each spring. There are photos of them on my gardenia/white post~

  4. Just wonderful atmospheric photos Bonnie, you have transported me to Provence! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  5. Oh, what gorgeous photos! Yes, it would be delightful to have those open markets. So wonderful to be outside enjoying natural light instead of indoor grocery store lighting. Thanks for taking me along on your trip via this!

  6. I need to make Provence part of my next trip to France. We went to Nice and Monte Carlo a few years ago but that was as close as we got. I feel transported.
    What lovely photos. I adore the abandoned wheel and the picture of the tree lined street. What a marvelous trip.

    Yes, we had a full suitcase of American goodies we were bringing to Italy for my husband's cousin so we had plenty of room to bring back goodies! I always pack an extra soft side too because I know that I will buy and everything was stuffed to the brim.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.

  7. Love your new header Bonnie, it's so pretty! Thanks for the lovely comments, enjoy your Sunday, love Linda x

  8. Seeing your photos rekindles so many memories of Provence. You went to the places I love, and I have some treasure from each of the sites you mention.

  9. What a wonderful adventure. Thank for sharing it with Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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