Thursday, August 2, 2018

Iced Tea in the Garden

My limelights are blooming in my garden.  Tablescapers don't need an excuse to set up a pretend table but my table started out as a real table for guests. However, I spent so much time looking for my fourth napkin the opportunity to have guests was gone. The friends I wanted to invite were all engaged and it was already getting too warm to enjoy walking through the garden. 
So, I invite you my virtual friends to pick up a glass of cold Ginseng tea, a macaron and let's talk tablescaping.

Have you tried cold green tea? It is so refreshing! I found it in the cold tea section at the grocery store. Sweetened with honey it is very nice in the summer.

My tablescape was inspired by my garden limelights blooming and the changing color hydrangeas in my garden. The hydrangeas change from a blue color to a green with pink tips in July. For some reason this frenchy vase came to mind and then the ecru lace tablecloth. Where does your inspiration for a tablescape start? Mine usually starts with the centerpiece. 
Hydrangeas are so easy to arrange and it doesn't take too many to make a nice arrangement. I put the arrangement together in the kitchen where it was cooler while I gathered the other table pieces.
Next, while still in the kitchen, I tried my ecru lace tablecloth over my "go-to" white matelassé tablecloth. I love the softness a tablecloth adds to tablescapes and especially when the cloth is long enough to drape to the floor or in this case softly cascade on the grass.
My bistro table was a perfect size for garden  refreshments. 

 This is another bistro table setting in my garden. You can see the post here. My friends that were invited to my garden tour were so surprised I set a table for them. One of them exclaimed, "Oh, we never get too old to play house!" But, I digress.....

Macarons on a Bordallo Pinheiro plate add color to the table but I still can't find the other napkin. Does that happen to you?

I never did find the other napkin and by the time I made all the pictures, I drank all four glasses of tea I was so hot! So, if I am going to entertain in July, when my limelights bloom, I must plan ahead! LOL!

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  1. Oh, my....your garden tea looks just beautiful. I love your flowers....xo

  2. I have saved this to my Brunch Ideas Pinterest board. It is so lovely. Sorry you weren't able to have your guests, and it was their loss.

  3. Oh do I love this Bonnie and I would so have loved to have joined you dear friend. Everything is lovely. I am in envy of that darling dish holding those cute desserts! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Of course, I'll virtually join you for iced tea and a macaron at your beautiful table, Bonnie!! I love your goblets, your centerpiece and the gorgeous ecru tablecloth. I don't even need a napkin, but they sure are a pretty color.

  5. Bonnie, Iced tea and Macarons would be such a treat to enjoy in your lovely garden. Your centerpiece is so pretty and makes for a lovely table. I also love your goblets and the tablecloth is beautiful. Hope you find your other napkin, I have done the same thing too often.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Sweet Bonnie, what a delight to stop by for a visit. And oh, how lovely are your photos! I would love to join you for a glass of gold iced tea :)

    I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. Happy August! Hugs!

  7. Wow Bonnie, such a stunning floral centerpiece. I love the pretty tablecloth. I hope you find your missing napkin. yes, I have done that as well. Have a fabulous weekend.

  8. This is a gorgeous table, Bonnie. I love the limelights, especially in that vase. Beautiful flowers. I especially love all the green and the macarons and iced tea look perfect!

  9. I love the layered look of the tablecloths, especially draping to the ground! It all looks so pretty together, Bonnie. Your hydrangeas are perfect in that French vase, they and the tea glow in the light. My inspiration typically starts with a dish set, maybe just a salad plate, but will start coming together very easily after that, depending on the season.
    Speaking of season, it's very mild lately, but still humid - and wet! for July-Aug for us. My garden thinks it's early summer, I think! Have a great weekend, Bonnie, and thanks for the green tea [tip]. Very refreshing!

  10. Bonnie, I wouldn’t mind a little perspiration to sit at this lovely table drinking iced tea and eating one (or 2) of my favorite confections. The cloths draping across the grass are so elegant. The limelights make a gorgeous centerpiece! I lose my napkin rings all the time and even tablecloths! Happy weekend sweet friend,

  11. Beautiful Bonnie! I love the shot of the sunlight highlighting your hydrangea blooms and the the drape and folds of the tablecloth and lawn. I'm with Pam on enduring a little perspiration to enjoy the scenery in your garden along with a glass of tea. You have plenty of cool shade to retreat to! I am constantly misplacing napkins and napkin rings, it drives me nuts. :) Happy Weekend!

  12. Bonnie, this is so beautiful. You chose the perfect vase for your hydrangeas. Love the flowing tablecloth. I can just imagine how beautiful this is among all the blooms and other pretties in your garden. Many times it is the centerpiece that is my inspiration. Blessings to you Bonnie.

  13. I pretty much will do anything for macarons! And then when served on a pretty dish!!

    Lovely tea in your garden my dear!



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