Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Entertaining Ideas for Christmas

Join me today for some great holiday entertaining ideas. I'm part of a talented group of ladies in a garden club who know how to entertain.  A french cutting board styled with chicken salad with choice of croissants or crackers and crudites and dip sits on top of a gorgeous lace tablecloth. A small cake stand holding grapes also sits on the cutting board giving height and color.

Candles add that special holiday ambience.

Salty sweet magic cookie bars with pretzel 
crust came from Lynn @Happier than a Pig in Mud's blog. You can view her post here for the recipe.  Using a Christmas china tiered tray for the bar cookies added to the festive atmosphere.

Even the tops of the kitchen cabinets were decorated in our hostess home.

Simple candy cane candles made an elegant statement on the kitchen island.

Attractive decorations were used throughout the home.

This beautiful wreath greeted us and was made by our hostess, Gail. The following pictures were made in Gail's home the previous Christmas.

 A delicious Christmas luncheon.

Love the centerpiece and the food.

 Fabulous dessert inspired from Pinterest.

From left to right is Addie, 90 years young, Sherry, Nita, who gave our program and our hostess, Gail.
 Because we were having a wreath making workshop and our club is so large, tables were set up in Gail's garage. And Gail's garage is VERY NICE.

 I am the first on on the left followed by Peggy, Bonnie, and one of our charter members, Frances, also ninety years young. A great program by Nita on wreath making and creating centerpieces was enjoyed by all the members.

We learned so much about decorating trees, making centerpieces and wreath making.
Hope these ideas will spark one of your own for your holiday decorating and entertaining.

Merry Christmas,


  1. It looks like everyone had a great time and ate very well Bonnie! Thanks for the shout-out, Happy Holidays:@)

  2. What better way to get together for Christmas that a lovely luncheon. The menu is fabulous and the home of the hostess is so pretty, love the decorations. What a lovely group Bonnie, you look beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your party...........

  3. Those buffet tables were certainly inspiring, Bonnie. What a great way to stay connected with community and its people.

  4. I love getting together with people to make things but oh! What a combination! The table is simply gorgeous and all the food looks delicious and so festive. And so, too, is the home of your hostess. How fun to create in community with others and celebrate the holidays. It couldn't be better!

  5. Great ideas. Looks like a fun time...and that IS a nice garage. I want one. :-)

  6. Oh, what a wonderful time and event! So I was just musing with another blogger who is about my age, wondering how many years we will want to do this, and seeing your 90 year members, I think I want to be Christmas Crazy at least until I am 90! How inspiring.

  7. Bonnie, what a beautiful presentation of delicious food. You ladies know how to entertain and enjoy the food and fellowship! I must check out Lynn's recipe! Wish we lived closer to each other...Blessings

  8. WOW! All that food looks soooo good! I am starving right now too so looking at it doesn't help! The decor is simply divine! Love how the presentation of these good items look. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. So many beautiful things to see and eat too! You must have enjoyed it a great deal.

  10. What fun, fabulous food and a craft party! Everything looks so delicious, there is nothing more inviting than a table abundant with help yourself foods! Love the welcoming horn wreath! Thanks for the inspirations Bonnie!

  11. Everything is so beautiful, Bonnie..
    Love, Mona

  12. So so beautiful. Presentation really is important and such fun to do.

  13. What great Holiday inspiration and how great to share the times with a great group of garden club ladies!!!

  14. I always, always enjoy these timeless, gracious, gatherings during the Holidays.
    What a lovely group of ladies and I might add that you are beautiful!
    Happy Monday,

  15. I don't know how my wreath would have turned out, but I know I would have loved the company and the food which not only looked tasty but was beautifully presented.

  16. There are so many wonderful ideas in this post, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing Gail's lovely decor with us.

    Even the garage is pretty!!!

  17. Merry Christmas Bonnie. What a beautiful spread with so many lovely ideas. A tempting menu as well. Love the creativity. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. What a fun and talented group of ladies, Bonnie! I am always inspired by 90 year olds and I hope that I will be that active and lively one day. Thank you for sharing all this with us.


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