Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remodeling Our Kitchen-Part 1

This is our kitchen before our remodel started. It takes a lot of time and thought before you take the remodeling plunge. You have to decide what you want; determine approximately how much it will cost and finally consider the disruption and inconvenience of doing without your kitchen for a considerable length of time ( which is always longer than the contractor estimates). My goals were to replace the sink with a larger farm sink, add a new gas stovetop and vent hood, build in a microwave drawer, replace countertops while making bar one level and eliminate bar sink. It was especially important to me to lighten up the room by painting all the cabinets and trim white. Last but not least, I wanted to add more storage.

Some of my goals:

We have lived in this house sixteen years and have rarely used the bar sink. Eliminating it increased our countertop space and allowed the installation of a drawer microwave. 

It was simpler than I thought.  After the sink was removed and water line capped off we had only to install a new circuit breaker for the microwave and modify the cabinet trim.
An extra bonus here was that under the microwave a deep drawer could be added. Believe me, I have it full of dishtowels and placemats now.

There are many unexpected things that come up. For example, dry wall in the garage had to be cut to install wiring for a new circuit breaker. I didn't realize it would be that complicated.

Do you see the portable phone and cords for the computer? All that clutter drove me crazy! My electrician installed a plug inside the cabinet for my husband's lap top. I love all that hidden away. Instead of buying new stools a local welder cut bar stools down to standard counter height for only $60 each.

The purpose of the blue painters tape was to visualize where and what size things would be.

Process of bar being cut down.

Notice the taupe cabinets and wood trim. Our home sits on a very wooded lot with trees in the front and back of our home so it is a dark room. Lights are necessary even in the daytime. By painting all the crown molding, doors and cabinets white, I felt as if the room would take on a lighter look. Light makes a huge difference for me.

To install a new gas cooktop, the vent hood had to be higher to meet safety standards. That meant the cabinet above the hood also had to be modified. I wasn't crazy about giving up a shelf but rearranged some things and it has worked out. So, the search was on for a new stainless hood and a gas cooktop. All these things had to be purchased and specifications given to the cabinet man before cabinet modifications could be made and estimates given.

I planned a niche for olive oil and condiments and had to decide on the size based upon the size of the stovetop. 

Next, the tile was ripped out, cabinet modifications made and gas line installed. The house is built on a slab and the gas line had to be run down through the attic. It was lots of fun around here! 

Extra supports had to be added for installing niche.

Pan heights had to be considered and height of gas grates in deciding on where niche would be placed. So many decisions!

New vent installed and niche supports completed.

Here, I am trying to decide if I wanted marble or plain white subway tile. Surprise! We discovered  that the fuse box was under the old tile. Luckily,  it didn't affect anything.

 I say again, so many decisions. Did I want the deeper farm sink? I actually bought one that had a smaller bib and did not like it at all. Fortunately, they took it back and I only had to pay a restocking fee but it did cause additional anxiety and  several trips out of town. Some of you may remember I have taken several blogging breaks so now you can see why.

Since a farmhouse sink is deeper the drawers shown here will be lost and new doors would be needed that would be shorter.  I also needed a new disposal which, of course, required new plumbing. By the way, when you install new counter tops the dishwasher has to be removed and then reinstalled after the countertops are finished. 

At this point, with cabinets and drawers removed, you can visualize better. I had many questions for the cabinet maker. We decided that it was less hassle to make a new cabinet for the sink than to modify the old one. I could add feet on this cabinet to coordinate another new cabinet and update the look.

I might point out here, there was a lot of painting that took place. Painters worked for two weeks and the cabinet doors and drawers were moved to painters workshop to be spray painted. In addition to the kitchen, all the den shelves, mantle and wainscoting were painted white. 

A sneak peak of the almost finished work. 
Do you like my new feet on this cabinet and the farm sink that I finally decided on?  I love the faucet I chose and have enjoyed the soap dispenser so much! The cabinets are now painted white, the mosaic  removed and new subway tile installed.  Many discussions with the electrician and cabinet maker in this area- another goal I had in this remodel was to gain storage. An idea to install open shelving above the sink was abandoned because of awkward angles and the position of the overhead light. More on that later.
It's been a while since the work was done and it would have made more sense to post as the project was ongoing. But as you can imagine, I was overwhelmed, even coordinating the work myself when my contractor became ill. No way could I have dealt with all the problems and blogged about it, too. Thank you for reading and stay tuned to part 2.


  1. Bonnie, you have survived! I can't wait to see the total reveal, it is beautiful what you have shown! When your kitchen is torn up, it feels like your life is in turmoil! You have made excellent choices and I know you will enjoy your kitchen updates! Love your farmhouse sink!

  2. Bonnie,
    Oh an extensive remodel is indeed a major event and takes nerves of steel.
    You are hanging in there and just look at the results! Surely you must be getting closer to floating on cloud nine.
    Love your farmhouse sink-I love mine too-one of my favorite things about my kitchen!

  3. Girlfriend, you get an A+ in my book for hanging in there with such a big project! Everything is coming together and beautifully so. I am in LOVE with your faucet! It's all looking great. Love your taste. Looking forward to seeing more. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Can't wait to see the ultimate reveal! Have a lovely day ♥

  5. Bonnie, now I see what you've been up to! Remodeling always is exhausting and stressful but the results so worth it. I love everything, all the changes are gorgeous and something you will enjoy for years. We did the same thing last summer and I love the change. I also went with white cabinets and had my sink cabinet modified, wish I had done what you did and had a new one built with the feet. I can't wait to see more! Also love the blue and white in your kitchen............Beautiful Bonnie.

  6. I love how it looks so far! I can't wait to see the full reveal. I love the new sink and would love to have one in my kitchen...maybe someday!

  7. I can't wait to see the rest of the remodel project. Everything you have shown looks beautiful! It can be so tough surviving a remodel project, but you survived and you have a gorgeous kitchen to show for it! I hope that you have a very Happy Thursday!!!

  8. Bonnie,
    I love what you have shown us. I have been redoing my dining room myself...maybe I have lost my mind!!! I painted ceiling, walls, and furniture. It has been quite an undertaking and I am trying my best to get it all placed and I surely understand what you've been going through. I too did mine because of no windows in the dining room and wanted to lighten up..Maybe I will blog about mine soon...Can't wait to see part 2 of yours..

    Love, Mona

  9. Bonnie,
    It looks great! I am looking forward to learning about your microwave drawer, it might be a solution to a problem I have.

  10. Wow Bonnie, It's all looking so wonderful! I am so impressed with all your decisions that you made. I'm sure the light cabinets make such a big difference in your home's atmosphere. I'll bet it was really hard to do without your kitchen for those weeks, but the outcome was sure worth it.

  11. Oh my gosh...the sneak peeks are wonderful....I am loving everything you have done....I used to have a bar/island like your former leveling it, you certainly gained more space....can't wait to see more!!!

  12. Hi Bonnie,

    Oh my goodness, this is just beautiful!! It all looks so pretty! I love the choices you made on everything. I well remember all those decisions and how things come up unexpectedly. I also remember having our dishwasher moved out while the countertops were being installed. In hindsight, I wish we had gone ahead and put a new dishwasher in at that time so that everything would be new except the refrigerator. We ended up putting in a new dishwasher about two years after the kitchen re-model. It sounds like you had a lot of stress with this re-model, but it really is worth it in the end. I love your new subway tile and sink faucet -- just gorgeous!

    I can't wait to see the rest of your reveal, Bonnie. :) Such a gorgeous space you've envisioned for your home. Thanks for your visit today and have a wonderful weekend!!



  13. Oh wow, Bonnie! Such a huge project, and to have your contractor fall ill! Like you, we hardly ever use our wet bar (I use the sink to fill pitchers to water plants!). I've always wanted to rework that part of my kitchen, but I fear scope creep, where one thing leads to 50 more. We need a few updates, but nothing major. I think it could turn major very quickly. Looking forward to seeing your Part 2!

  14. Wow such a difference already, Bonnie. I bet that really was overwhelming to live through but so worth it. I love that wall of white tile and the farmhouse sink. Can't wait to see more.

    I think I'd like a farmhouse sink when we move. We'll have to chat about that. :)

  15. Oh my goodness Bonnie!
    I wish I could sit and have coffee with you so you could show me every single detail :).
    It is going to be wonderful You made so many wise space decisions.

  16. what a huge job....and I can image the stress that went along with it...the farm house sink is something I've always wanted, is all going to be sooo nice.

  17. Wow! It looks so pretty! I love your choices. That sink and faucet are so pretty. I love the view from your kitchen into your family room too. Nice and open!

  18. I absolutely love the changes you are making Bonnie. You were SO smart to just cut the bar stools down. What a savings! Thank you for being a faithful friend to TOHOT. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. Amazing exciting for you. I love our farmhouse sink. You are having so much fun with this! Can't wait to see it all finished. Thank you as always for sharing a piece of your life with us at DI&DI.

  20. Oh Bonnie, What a project but oh so worth it! I love your new farmhouse sink and the addition of the feet on the cabinet. Your new tile and white cabinet finish is so nice and bright. I can't wait to see part 2 and the whole reveal!

  21. Remodeling is not for the weak, that's for sure! Just think in a few short months, all this pain will be so worth it Bonnie! It looks like you've made some great choices, and I can't wait to see the final reveal! I have remodeled 3 kitchens, plus additions and bath remodels...the head carpenter had a heart attack during the last one, but luckily my contractor was able to finish without him. Hang in there!!!

  22. Redoing a kitchen is a real challenge but what a rewarding project when all is done. We do spend a lot of time there so the space should be as near perfect as any room in the house. I like the way yours is shaping up.

  23. Polish and epoxy are all the more expensive, additionally a great deal more durable than plastic. best kitchen faucets to buy

  24. Absolutely top notch job. I love your choices. That sink and faucet are so pretty.

  25. Amazing Bonnie. I can't wait to see the rest of your reveal

  26. Wow! It looks so pretty! I can't wait to see the rest of your reveal.

  27. It looks like that kitchen remodel took a lot of time and energy. Whenever someone remodels a part of their home, it always takes more time and effort than they think. Some unknown factors comes up, that costs a boatload of money. I like the neutral tone you have on the cabinets, it looks good. I like grey and it works well with other colors.


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