Monday, August 8, 2016

Bridal Coffee for my NIECE

It's summertime and there are wedding parties and weddings happening every weekend. Today, I am reposting a bridal coffee for my niece several years ago. The flowers are breathtaking and the food beautiful. Hopefully, you can get some ideas for entertaining maybe on a smaller scale such as the gorgeous limelight hydrangea arrangement and party food.

My sister's church has a lovely parlor where a bridal coffee was given recently in honor of my niece. Isn't this room beautiful?

As you can see this gorgeous arrangement was so impressive!

The food was beautiful and delicious. Real linen napkins and crystal plates!

My niece, Lauren, is wearing the white dress pictured in the center. Won't she be a beautiful bride?

Left to right: MOB, Bride and MOG

Exquisite stain glassed windows!

My sister's friends truly know how to give a party!


  1. Bonnie, what a beautiful bridal coffee! The limelight arrangement is breathtaking, and the food is beautifully arranged! The stain glass windows are amazing! So pretty! Happy Tuesday, Pam

  2. Hi Bonnie, This was a lovely parlor for the coffee and the ladies certainly presented the food and flowers beautifully. The gorgeous centerpiece is perfect here! So happy you reposted, I always enjoy seeing food presentations and flowers. Your niece is so pretty, I'm sure she was a beautiful bride.
    Have a nice day sweet friend…………..

  3. I love a beautiful, what's now often referred to as 'old school' style of celebrating. I think of it as classic, Southern hospitality. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie.

  4. What a lovely bridal coffee! The hydrangea arrangement is gorgeous, and the food looks most delicious! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  5. What a lovely celebration. I'm so glad you shared it again. I will be Pinning these pictures!

  6. What a wonderful bridal coffee for your niece! The flower centerpiece was magnificent and the food looked so delicious--I would love a recipe for every item they served.

  7. Bonnie, the Bridal coffee event was truly gorgeous. I love the flower display. An array of lovely food to warm anyone's heart and soul. What a blessing to enjoy and celebrate with these lovely women.

  8. Gorgeous Bonnie...from the food, church and bridal party!

    P.S. I got an answer from WP support about the crazy long images (like in Lulu's and Jenna's posts). It seems that Blogger has changed the way it pulls the RSS feed. Possibly Blogger support could help with the sidebar? On the WP side, the only option would be to reduce all images to thumbnail size. I noticed Kitty went to a text link on her sidebar to eliminate the problem.

  9. Good Afternoon Bonnie,
    This is so inspiring and so pretty! I am so glad that you shared with us, I love inspiration like this.
    Such a sweet Church Parlor and these stained glass windows, along with the hydrangea floral arrangements make a stunning statement.
    Thank you for your caring words on my daughter's health.

  10. Wow Bonnie, what an impressive shower that was for your darling niece! The church parlor with the beautiful stained glass windows made for a heavenly setting. The food and the flowers were spectacular. You sister's friends sure know how to throw a shower!

  11. How lovely! WOW! Love this Parlor. What a beautiful Bridal coffee for your beautiful niece. Yes...she will make a stunning bride for sure. I've never heard the term Bridal coffee! I love that term! Dang Bonnie, I need a bridal shower again after nearly 39 years! You think I could pull it off? LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. It all looks so lovely, the food, the decorations, the dresses. What a wonderful event. Congratulations to you all.

  13. Absolutely amazing! Your family celebrates so beautifully, Bonnie. I'm always inspired by the flowers and food. :)

  14. What an incredible setting Bonnie! Your niece is a lucky bride to be! What a spread!

  15. For sure my limelight hydrangeas have never been presented so beautifully!


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