Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Blooms in my Garden

 Please join me as I stroll through my garden. Smell the fragrance and see the new blooms that have blessed me this week.
I believe this is a Queen Elizabeth rose. 
A red knockout rose.

Caladiums and a white hydrangea that I am so pleased that lived and is blooming.
One of two white hydrangeas that were planted two years ago and is blooming for the first time.
 An old wrought iron porch column adds a touch of blue in my garden.
 Delighted to spy this ladybug in my garden. They are gardeners friends because they eat other bugs that damage plants.

 I have over 80 hydrangeas and most of them I have rooted.  See other hydrangea posts here and here.
 My oak leaf hydrangeas  were moved a few years back and they are finally getting adjusted to a new spot in the garden. The blossoms are huge.
The agapanthus are beginning to unfurl. 
It is such a delight to have hydrangeas blooming this year. Last year I did not have a single blossom. A late freeze is the only culprit anyone can figure out. 
 Autumn joy sedum are so easy to root and will do well in the sun or part shade.
 Elephant ears are trusty perennials.
 Pink spirea is a delicate perennial that is lovely cut for arrangements.
Hostas are another shade perennial that are faithful to come up each year. I have several varieties and I love this light green color.
I am growing milkweed for the first time to attract butterflies. Hopefully some monarchs! It has been fun identifying butterflies. View post here on the varieties I've enjoyed in my garden.

 In about a month the phlox will be blooming.
 I moved these benches from the back of the garden recently. The concrete bench I had here was moved to another spot. I'm enjoying the white color that lights up the garden in the evening and early morning as well as their comfort for seating.

I enjoy planting pentas each year because butterflies love them.  This has been the most beautiful and pleasant spring I can remember. The mornings have been slightly cool and it has been delightful to sit on the porch with my morning coffee enjoying the birds and flowers with no humidity. I know it can't last but I am so grateful to have had a long spring.
What do you have blooming in your garden?


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  1. So beautiful! Especially the very pretty roses!!

  2. Good morning, Bonnie! I enjoyed my stroll through your beautiful garden this morning! The roses, hydrangeas, pentas, milkweed are all so beautiful and appear to be thriving! My hydrangeas planted several years ago did not bloom last year, but they are blooming this year. The blooms on my oak leaf are also huge! I would love to sit on your porch and enjoy a cup of coffee! Happy Monday!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Bonnie. Your oak leaf hydrangea looks amazing! Mine always has brownish spots on the leaves but it still blooms beautifully. Do you have any idea what causes those browns pots? Anyway, after seeing your agapanthus, I think we'd better get some. I would love to hang out in your beautiful gardens. :)

  4. Oh Bonnie, I just love those white benches, so pretty against the green backdrop of gorgeous foliage! 80 hydrangeas, wow! Your home must be full of blooms all summer. It looks like a wonderful peaceful place-

  5. What stunning blooms! I am loving that shot of your two benches also, what a great spot to sit and bird watch and chat with loved ones. So glad I got to take a bloom tour with you. Have a great week!

  6. Your garden is just beautiful. The white benches look so inviting. I can see why you are enjoying your morning coffee amongst the flowers. What a lovely way to start the day. I love hydrangeas too, although I have never rooted my own. You have now inspired me to give it a try.

  7. Oh Bonnie, your garden is breath taking! I love it all. I so want to sit around your sweet garden and have tea or coffee! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Your garden is gorgeous and looks like the perfect spot to sit and relax.

  9. Beautiful blooms Bonnie. You must enjoy sitting on your pretty white bench and take in your garden's beauty. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. Love seeing the ladybug. It would be a blessing to tour your garden with a nice cup of coffee. xo

  10. Good Afternoon Bonnie,
    Your gardens are so beautiful and the joy that you surely must receive from them is endless.
    I cannot even imagine having 80 hydrangeas in my garden! I am wondering if you dry them too?
    I would love to sit here and listen to the birds and the wind rustling through the Forest.

  11. Bonnie- your garden is absolutely beautiful. Seeing your agapanthus reminded me that I didn't replace mine this season.
    I love everything Bonnie-
    Have a great week.


  12. I loved touring your garden. Each and every photo was a delight! I would be in 7th heaven if we could grow Hydrangeas like that. I have 6, but not those gorgeous pink and blue varieties. I have plans to plant milkweed as well, but imagine my delight when a huge Monarch visited my garden today. I even managed to snap a photo. Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  13. Your garden is perfection! I love the roses but hydrangeas are always my favorite! So glad you linked up to Dishing It! & Digging It!

  14. Oh Bobbie, your gardens are absolutely stunning. The roses are beautiful as well as the hydrangeas. I have no hydrangeas at this house and am wanting to start adding some. I'm going to read your other posts about the hydrangeas in just a minutes. Love your post.

  15. I adore your roses and statuary Bonnie! Thank you for being a lovely flower that joined our garden party.

  16. Your garden is beautiful. I am so happy that everyone's hydrangeas seem to be blooming this year!

  17. Bonnie, Your flowers are gorgeous and everything looks so healthy. I think we are all looking forward to a happy hydrangea year after the last few with no blooms. My peonies are about to pop too. And yes, I am enjoying this lovely, cool Spring! Don't you just love the Autumn Joy sedum? The color change in the autumn alone is one glorious reason to have it in the garden. Thank you for the lovely tour! Linda

  18. Hi Bonnie,

    I truly enjoyed the stroll through your garden! It's just beautiful, as always. We, too, have had a gorgeous spring; everyone here has talked about it for weeks. Because of the cooler temps., the flowers have had a longer bloom time. I wish it could be this way more often.

    I love hydrangeas, and I think it's marvelous that you have over 80 -- wow!! A lot of people I know have trouble getting theirs to bloom in this area. As lovely as they are, I think the hydrangeas can be a bit persnickety. I think the key seems to be finding just the perfect spot to plant them. All your flowers and foliage look so pretty; I'll be planting my porch planters this afternoon. I can't wait to have some flowers on the porch again. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Bonnie, and sending "Thank You's" to the men in your family who have served, and continue to serve, our country. God Bless!



  19. You have so many beautiful plants and flowers in your garden! I love the pretty statuary and bird house you've added too. I remember the first few years we lived in our house, I was feverishly trying to add to our property. I have a lot of nice ones and few that failed too. But, I've since learned that is par for the course. It has been a nice Spring here in GA too. Lately, the temps have been climbing though and I feel summer right around the corner.

  20. Thanks for inviting us to your garden, Bonnie, it is so lovely. You must spend every available moment out there.

  21. I was delighted to walk with you and tour your gardens. Your flowers are beautiful Bonnie. I love hydrangeas and had them all over in my yard at my last house but no luck with them here. To sunny I think. Hope you had a wonderful day today. A little late but wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and the beginning of a great summer…………hugs.

  22. You do indeed have a beautiful garden. We have had late freezes two years in a row, so my hydrangeas haven't bloomed in that time. This year, I think the shrub is making up for lost time, it is blooming profusely!

  23. Thank you for the stroll around your garden, Bonnie. You have such a way with plants, I must say, and everything shows, with your loving touch! I finally have hydrangeas blooming, and I'm thrilled. My youngest son also planted an oak leaf hydrangea, which will be fun to watch grow. I had to remove three knockout roses as they were diseased, which has been a real problem in Texas.

  24. I love your pretty and serene garden Bonnie. Over 80 hydrangeas is amazing! I took a cutting of three of my MIL's a couple of years ago when she was moving and they are blooming for the first time this year too, including a grocery store one I planted after Easter a few years ago.


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