Friday, March 18, 2016

Whining about Losing Picasa

After hearing about Picasa going away I have been looking for alternatives to watermark photos and create mosaics. This mosaic was made in Picmonkey. It is going to take me a little while to learn all the ends and outs. I've been whining about having to change.
Linda @Life and has posted about Picasa replacing Google Photos here and gives sources to alternatives for watermarking. I appreciate Linda very much. She has helped me out with problems on my blog several times. Check out her services.

I did an overlay here which was supposed to be different. I have not gotten the hang of the cursor yet.  Picmonkey has great tutorials right on their site so I will be watching them again. Just for curiosity sake how many of you bloggers use Picasa?   What editing sites do you use? I also would love to know who uses a Mac? Iphoto has great editing tools but watermarking seemed complicated so I never mastered it. I got it to work this week but will have to practice and figure out some things. 

On a more positive note: I think I have a bluebird family nesting in my birdhouse! So happy. Living Thankfully, Bonnie

P.S. - A few days later. I have decided to take the attitude that this was a wake-up call because things change and you need to accept changes. Forgive my whining. I can do this. I realize I am going to need some help and take some time to organize my files on my computer better or I won't be able to find anything. It's funny, do you remember Picnik? I liked it and it went away and then I went to Picasa! 

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  1. Thank you Bonnie for the shout out. I know many people will be sad Picasa is going away. So happy you are trying PicMonkey. It can be quite fun and as you stated, they do have tutorials. Enjoy! Love your bird mosaics.

  2. Once you get used to Picmonkey you will love it. If you didn't purchase the 'membership' it is WELL worth it. I didn't buy it for a long time and it is amazing how much faster it is once you purchase it. I think it was $30 for the year or something. Good luck- it is a fun tool to have. Hugs- Diana

  3. I'm sorry you will have to go to Pickmonkey. I hate change too once I get used to something for a while.

  4. Bonnie, I am just sick about Picasa going away. I love their editing tools!! I do my watermarking on Adobe Lightroom (part of Photoshop group). We have taken two Photoshop classes, and I never got the hang of editing my photos with their tools. I'm pretty angry with Google at the moment. I've been using Picasa to store, edit, and load my photos onto my blog posts for five years, and I feel like it will take me forever to learn a different way. :(

    Let me know what you end up using, Bonnie. Hope you have a great weekend!



  5. I use Picmonkey Bonnie a lot and added the upgrade. I've tried other sites but all the best features are with the upgrades. I use a mac and I love iPhoto, you can do a lot there. I usually have so many photos I don't use a watermark although I have made one in Picmonkey where it's not so complicated. Your photos are beautiful, I can almost hear the bird singing. Sure enjoyed talking with you last week……..
    Have a great Saturday.

  6. I think when Picasa is no longer available it will be time for me to quit blogging...I do not handle computer changes well, at all.

  7. I like Picmonkey myself, but I don't think it does as much as Picasa, but then I really don't know because, while I do tend to get upgrades, I don't think I ever use them much. I hear you though about not wanting to change. I knew I was truly an old person when I started complaining about change. ;-)

  8. Picmonkey was too hard for this old bird. I used Picnik on Flickr, but when Picnik went away (and was replaced with a knockoff version, one I didn't like so much), I did not renew my subscription. Then, Picnik returned with Ribbet. It had everything. Now, a subscription in needed, and only basic elements are free (I haven't subscribed yet). Ribbet doesn't have a watermarking feature. As for Picasa, it's just one more Blogspot-related service that has gone away. I wonder is this is a portent for the blogging side of Google? (I find Wordpress too difficult, too.) Your photo collage is so pretty--I adored seeing your blue bird!

  9. I've been using picmonkey and find it very friendly. You'll pick it up in no time, Bonnie.

  10. Bonnie,

    I do occasionally use Picmonkey and have liked what I do there..I haven't bought an upgrade but maybe I should. All these changes seem to just confuse me about blogging. I have so many thousands of pictures that I can't even imagine trying to do something with thanks for the link to Linda's blog post....
    Picasa has been my right hand photo place since the beginning.....

    Love, Mona

  11. hi Bonnie, I use a Mac and I edit in photoshop and Picmonkey. You can download watermark pro to use along with iphoto, that way everytime you export a bunch of photos they are automatically watermarked, so it's fast and easy. I think you'll love Picmonkey too, once you get used to it, I LOVE it! Your photo collage looks great!

  12. Bonnie, I can't help but chuckle as I just told someone the other day that about the time I get used to do one thing it CHANGES on me! GRR.............LOL! I love that photo collage. It is stunning! Happy Easter. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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