Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Flower Photoshoot

 One day recently, I strolled through my garden and realized the camellias and daffodils were beginning to wane. It was going to rain and rather than abandon them to the mercy of the downpour I decided to cut them.

 I started pulling out vases and for a few hours had a delightful time finding just the right vase for each blossom.
 Then photographing them in different places in the house.
And remembering where you bought the vase....

Or who gave you the vase. This delightful vase was my MIL's.
 With different backgrounds

 I think this is my favorite pic.
I remember the name of this camellia which is called blood red. Sadly, I don't remember the names of all my camellias.
 This year the camellias in our area had a good year.
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 The white basket was a wedding gift and I remember who gave it to me after all these years.
I'm always looking for unique vases. Do you have a favorite vase?

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  1. Oh Bonnie, what a sweet post! What fun to snip, play and photograph! Your gardening skills are admirable, we just planted a bunch of different camellias in our back yard and I hope they will provide many colorful blooms through the years- I love your collection of mini vases, what a great idea to feature each special bloom in a unique vase!

  2. Hi Bonnie, you do have quite the collection of vases. I have simple clear glass ones and a few very different designs. The flowers are lovely and look fabulous in your collection of vases. Iknow the rain can really destroy the flowers. You can admire them in your lovely home. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  3. What beautiful pictures, Bonnie!! This was a good way to practice your photography (which is something I really need to do). :) Are the little white flowers Snowdrops? I love your pale pink and white camellias and the cheerful yellow daffodils. Yes, I do love unique vases, and you have a wonderful collection. Yours look lovely arranged on the silver tray.

    Thanks so much for your visit and comments, Bonnie. I really appreciate hearing from you! I hope you have a great week!



  4. Your garden flowers are just lovely, Bonnie, and you have quite a beautiful assortment of vases.I too have a number of vases and many are very special.
    We still have a good amount of snow but the warmer days have brought some melting.Spring is in the air, but we have a ways to go yet.

    It was nice visiting with you this evening.

    Blessings~~ Debbie

  5. Bonnie, Your spring flowers in their wee vases are thing of joy! Every time you share camellias, I want to plant some. My neighbor's are almost done with their flowering which are a pink/crimson shade but I'm partial to the white.

  6. What a sweet collection of vases Bonnie. I wish I had cut my daffs before all the rain and they are having a hard time lifting their little heads up now. I love the collection of spring flowers grouped together on the tray, just lovely. I love camellias but I"ve never had any luck here with them, to sunny. I have two or three vases that are favorites, my go to vases.
    Happy week, sure enjoyed our chat last week.

  7. Bonnie, I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful post as I had had my coffee this morning. Your camellias are breathtaking and I love your selection of vases. I haven't had much success with camellias. Wishing you a joy-filled week!

  8. Bonnie, this is so pretty! I'm sharing in a post today. :)

  9. Bonnie, your pictures are beautiful! I love your Spring flowers. Happy day! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. With the vibrant colors of spring, it doesn't take much to make things beautiful.

  11. Such beautiful spring blooms! Buying a bouquet of flower sis the only way I will see them for awhile, as my garden will not bloom till late May. We might get snow this week!

  12. Your blooms are gorgeous and the vases are beautiful, each and everyone!
    Your Camellias are gorgeous, gorgeous my friend.

  13. Dearest Bonnie, what a glorious post! Your flowers are simply stunning and their beauty was just what I needed this evening :)

    Oh, it's so good to pop in for a visit....I have missed you and your blog.

    Have a blessed week, my friend. Hugs!


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