Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend at Daughter's House

We arrived at my daughter's in the rain. 
Couldn't resist this shot as she gathered fresh basil from her garden.

 Her menu: Grilled salmon,  Garden peas and Corn Succotash and fresh peaches and tomatoes from the farmers market.
 SIL grilled the corn for the succotash and salmon on his green egg and thankfully the rain stopped just in time.
 Several varieties of tomatoes and juicy peaches were delicious.

 Amy enjoys cooking and doesn't mind going to extra trouble. She is adding  fresh basil that was so fragrant to the succotash in this pic.

My plate ready to go to the table.
 Flowers from the Farmers Market, too. Oh, I wish our farmers market would carry summer flowers.
Her garden basil was unusually fragrant. I love the smell of basil and taste too.

 Granddaughter playing dress-up.

Great frittata and fruit for breakfast the next morning.

 Succulent spare ribs for dinner were cooked on the green egg by our son-in-law.
 Delicious salad
 Eggplant casserole
My plate with the addition of spicy peaches. YUMMY! We eat very well when we visit. Stay tuned for pictures of her new garden in my next post.

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  1. I love when my daughter cooks for me :-)
    Everything looks so delicious and fresh!

  2. Mmmm, it all looks delicious! Your grand daughter is beautiful. :)

  3. Even better than the fabulous looking food was the darlin' in the pearls and gloves! What an interesting and lovely lady!

  4. Oh my, so much yummy food! I have already eaten supper and have a full tummy, but your photos are making my mouth water :) Looks like you had a lovely time. Hugs to you!

  5. What a treat for you! Everything looks so delicious! That first snap of your daughter looks like it came from a magazine. She is very pretty and your little granddaughter is adorable! Love her dressup clothes!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. hi Bonnie,

    Lovely that you could enjoy the delicious meal cooked by your daughter.
    Your grand-daughter is sweet in her pearls and pretty skirt.
    Happy week

  7. What a special treat! Time with family with delicious food and beautiful people.

  8. Your daughter is a wonderful cook, so many delicious looking things to eat!!! xx

  9. It all looks delicious Bonnie! I'd want it to rain just so I could carry that fun, blooming umbrella... adorable photo of your daughter! Super cute granddaughter too :)

  10. It all looks great but the salmon is making my mouth water. Cute shot you got there of your daughter! Grandgirl is so darling. My grandgirls love playing dress up at Nana's house. Looks like you all had a great time! Nothing like our family. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Hi Bonnie, Your daughter and SIL are sure great cooks, all the food looks delicious! Such a lovely daughter and granddaughter too. Thanks for the visit with your family.
    Hope you are having a great summer.

  12. A dose of heaven right here, Bonnie! So glad you enjoyed such a wonderful time with your family!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  13. Your daughter and granddaughter look so pretty. That is a great shot of Amy. Your granddaughter all decked out in pearls and gloves is a treasure.
    What a treat to be spoiled by wonderful homemade cooking. I can see why you want to visit, Blessings

  14. Great picture Bonnie, it makes me smile. Hope you are having a lovely time? Love Linda x

  15. Isn't it wonderful to have a daughter cook for you? Everything looks so tasty and beautifully presented. Your granddaughter is so cute!...Christine

  16. I loved seeing pics of your daughter with the cute umbrella and your dressed up granddaughter. You daughter and SIL cook so well, Bonnie. They make a good team! The food looks mouthwatering!!

  17. If my kids fed me like this when visiting, I would NEVER leave!!! Maybe that's why they just toss a bag of stale Fritos and a flat soda in a corner and tell me to "dig in!" ;-) The food is beautiful, and so is your daughter. I'm glad you had a good time!

  18. Wow, you really were wined and dined! All the food sounds so good and perfect summer dishes, I can tell your daughter and son in law love to cook! Grilling the corn for the succotash, yum! We have a Big Green Egg and the grilled food is always delicious~ I can't wait until my granddaughter can play dress up, how much fun! Love the umbrella too!

  19. Hi Dear Bonnie,

    Your daughter is such a cutie, and so is your granddaughter!! Amy definitely looks like a wonderful cook -- all this food looks delicious! There is nothing much better in life than fresh food right off the grill or stove. One of the true joys of summertime. I know you must really enjoy these special visits with your daughter and her family.

    Thank you so much for your recent visit and kind words and prayers for my father. I just spoke with my mom, and he seems to be improving. I can't access my e-mail at the moment, so I really hope you see this comment. :) Have a lovely weekend!

    Warm Hugs,


  20. How wonderful to have all that delicious food prepared for you! Your daughter is a cute as can be with her umbrella, and your precious granddaughter is a real beauty! So delighted to get to know you and your family! ~Jane

  21. Oh it all looks so delicious! I know y'all enjoyed being there. It's always a treat to get together with family and someone else cooks!

  22. How great that your daughter loves to cook...she seems like the most gracious hostess! The food looks so wonderful !! Love the pic of your daughter in the rain and your granddaughter is adorable.

  23. What a beauty! That photo looks perfect and could be in Sunset Magazine for their entertaining stories. Everything looks yummy! How fun.

  24. Bonnie, every meal looks delicious! Your daughter is following in her mother's footsteps. I know you must cherish these times together. Your granddaughter is adorable.

  25. I have to say, I LOVE your daughter's style!

  26. Oh this was not a post to view when I was getting hungry for dinner! I want corn now :) I always grow basil too and enjoy it so much in the summer. Your daughter and grand daughter are beautiful. Lovely post and delicious food shots :)

  27. how cute is that first picture with the umbrella, that's adorable. i love that umbrella, it looks like stained glass or something.

  28. How cute are the women
    in your family? And obviously
    fantastic cooks--this looks

    xo Suzanne


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