Friday, November 22, 2013

Fourth Year Blog Anniversary

This pic was my header when I started my blog November of 2009.
 I have been looking for it for days and have lost it on our computers somehow. I found this paper copy finally. This arrangement was done by one of my garden club friends. I have enjoyed looking back on my blog and remembering posts. Blogging is like journaling your life and it is funny how you have to look back on the pictures to jog your memory.

Blogging has been such a rewarding experience. I enjoy the friendships I have made and would love to meet all of you personally. Thank you for your encouragement, inspiration and helpfulness. Do you recognize I was reading Pat's blog, Back Porch Musings?

Since it is nearing Thanksgiving and I am reflecting on beginning my blog I had to giggle looking back at the first blog post I did. It was so short but I felt like I had done a term paper! Did you feel that way too? Read that post here. I was so excited to receive four comments! Do you also remember that feeling  that there were really people out there reading your little blog?

This is my first tablescape in 2009. It was just out there in the blogsphere because I did not know about blog parties and how to meet blogger friends. I soon caught on.

Tablescaping has been an enjoyable part of blogging for me. This pic was from last years Thanksgiving. As you can see I used the same vintage plates as my very first tablescape on my blog. I added a rattan charger instead of a placemat, different flatware, added a table runner and changed the centerpiece. View last year's Thanksgiving here.

I have blogged about gardening, birds, food, travel, family outings, home tours, antiques and my garden club. Hope you will join me for many more posts.

 Monica@Texas Fiesta Ware Fan won my anniversary giveaway  a few years back. I hope she won't mind but I would like to tell you her husband has recently had a bone marrow transplant. I don't know details but I know this is a hard and long hospital stay. I know you would want to pray for her and her husband and maybe encourage her. If you want an address to send a card you can email me. You can read the blog  post I wrote about that blog anniversary here.

Now, as we near Thanksgiving and I reflect on starting my blog I want to say how much I want to live my life  every day with Thanksgiving. I am very thankful to all of you who have supported me. Your comments do encourage me and are greatly appreciated. I also appreciate every follower and invite you to become a follower if you are not already. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Bonnie@livingwiththanksgiving

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  1. Oh dear Bonnie, congrats sweet lady, you were a pro at tablescaping all the day from the start of your blog,ging, now 4 years...congrats!!! Your table for Tksgiving past is gorgeous!!! You are a wonderful, sweet, kind and talented blogger I often am inspired by you. Thank you for sharing always, hope you continue for ever, lol! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Congrats on your Blogaversary Bonnie! Happy Thanksgiving Week-enjoy:@)

  3. Oh- my very best wishes amd congratulations on this, your 4th Bloggaversary! That is so wonderful!

    May you continue to blog post and enjoy - and may you and yours have a truly wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving and holiday season.

    With a name like YOUR blog has I know this is a special holiday for you - Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Bonnie, Happy Blogiversary!!!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog..
    That is such a huge a accomplishment...4 years. Wishing you many more fun years...
    I love looking back over my earliest posts too...
    Love, Mona

  5. Hello Bonnie,
    Congrats on your blog anniversary!!!


  6. What a milestone Bonnie! Congratulations on all you have accomplished as a blogger. It's fun to share and have friends here and I think your tablescapes are beautiful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Anniversary! This is the perfect time of year for you. Just a note - Monica's husband is doing so well! All of the prayers and good thoughts seemed to have helped. I know that she will appreciate that you mentioned them. Love those vintage plate - wow!!

  8. Congratulations! I didn't even know blogs existed 4 years ago! It is definitely an on line journal, and my daughter told me the other day how glad she was that I was doing it so she could always have it at her fingertips! Now that is a reason for blogging!

  9. Oh Happy Bloggaversary!!! I so remember my first post too. It was pretty pathetic and my pictures were terrible. It 's amazing what other blogs and bloggers teach us isn't it. Congratulations on a milestone and hope you have many many more anniversaries. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, marty

  10. Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary. I think we've all learned from each other along the way. '-)

  11. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Bonnie! Four years is a good long time to maintain a blog, but somehow it seems to go by quickly, doesn't it? Your Thanksgiving table is so pretty and I love, love those dishes!! I always enjoy reading your posts and looking at your pretty pictures. I especially love when you share pictures of your gorgeous yard and flowers.

    I've enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs these past few years; you've been a good blogging friend. :) Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving, Bonnie!

    Warm hugs,


  12. Happy Anniversary, Bonnie! I is such a pleasure to have *met* you through your blog. Congratulations on four years! I LOVE those rattan chargers and I am happy to have read in the comments that Monica's husband is doing better. Who could have imagined when we started this blogging adventure the wonderful people we would come to know? I believe the prayers for one another make all the difference... Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week and many, many more blog-aversaries... blessings ~ tanna

  13. Hi lovely lady.
    I also would like send you Congratulations on your four years of your blog, You and others have always put a smile on my face with your sweet comments about my tablescapes. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless

  14. It takes everything I have to not delete my entire first year of blogging. Small photos, crazy fonts but it is like you said a true journal and wonderful memories of how far we have come. :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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  16. Congratulations for you blog anniversary and Happy Thanks Giving

  17. Absolutely beautiful! :) the perfect thanksgiving recipie is about the perfect atmosphere which is more important then the actual feast;


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