Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comfort Food

This is my husband's favorite soup called cabbage patch soup. It is that time of year when you want a hot bowl of soup and a slice of buttery toasted bread. For the recipe

Cabbage Patch Soup

2 lbs ground beef or turkey
3/4 large cabbage sliced
1 large yellow onion
4 stalks celery chopped
2 cans kidney beans
1 large can diced tomatoes
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 T. chili powder

Brown ground beef in separate skillet. Place cabbage, onion, and celery in large dutch oven and cook until translucent. Add water to cover and tomatoes, kidney beans  and seasoned meat and other seasonings. Simmer for 45 minutes. This makes a large pot and freezes well. You can cut down the recipe, of course, but if I am going to make it I like to have some to put in the freezer. 

Our favorite breakfast on cool days is cooked oatmeal with fresh fruit. I can't eat those microwave packets after the real thing.
What are your favorite comfort foods? View another one of my comfort foods here from a previous year.

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  1. Bonnie, we enjoy something VERY similar to your cabbage patch soup. It IS most comforting. I'm with you on the oatmeal... those instant packets just won't cut it. LOL! I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with "comfort". blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  2. Bonnie,
    Your cabbage soup sounds so good. I love soup when it starts getting of my comfort foods is grits..LOL a true Southerner here..
    Love, Mona

  3. My mother-in-law makes a rendition of this, and I love it. She always used to serve it on Halloween. Joni

  4. Homemade soup is always the best comfort food! Yours looks delicious.

  5. I just read this recipe to my husband because it sounded like something he would like and he gave it a huge thumbs up! So, I'm SURE we will be making this. He may even make it at the firestation too. They love meals like this. Thanks so much for sharing it. Your oatmeal looks delicious too. My oldest son (who is away at boot camp right now) loves fresh oatmeal like that. That is one of his favorite breakfasts. He is my healthy eater. My youngest likes poptarts. LOL!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    My husband loves all recipes with cabbage in it and yours being homemade he said is to die for. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new post the guys, hoping you have a wonderful weekend and a great week.

  7. Hi Bonnie! I just made this soup and it turned out great-thanks for sharing such a good recipe:@)

  8. Bonnie, I saw this recipe on Lynn's blog, it looks like the perfect comfort food! I bet it would be great with Italian Sausage too!

  9. Hi, Miss Bonnie!!!!! As the weather is VERY cold here now in the Kansas City area, I am looking for new soup options daily. I LOVE soup in the cold weather months, and I could eat it every day!!! I try to, actually! And I always make it myself...none of that canned stuff for me! I have homemade soup with a half sandwich for lunch most days since I'm here by myself. My husband is working at a new hospital now and home during the day sometimes (hooray!), so now I can feed him the same thing. He loves it!!! This is a recipe I am going to pin and try. It sounds really soul-satisfying!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, and enjoy your Thanksgiving week ahead!!!!


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